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Andrew Klavan & Bill Whittle – What is Truth?

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Wild Bill – Battle Lines USA

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TRIFECTA – Gee, Officer Krupke…

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You’ve got Humvee, a Helo, a Drone and an M-16

ZoNation – It would be Insanity…

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… to Nominate Mitt Romney for President Again!

Thinking ‘Out Loud’ 8/19/14

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A simple fact:  Hamas does not want peace.  As with most raving lunatics, and spoiled brats, they want what they want, and to hell with everyone else, no matter who it harms, as in using women and children as human shields.  Israel just wants to be able to live in peace without rockets being fired at them on a regular basis, by Hamas, or whoever else has decided they want to destroy Israel, which is the majority of the Muslim world.  Honestly, I don’t think they even know why they hate Jews so much, but it’s bred into them from birth, so that’s how they live…or don’t live, as the case may be.  If you aren’t a muslim, or if you aren’t the “right” kind of muslim, you must either adhere to “their” type of muslim, or die.  Gosh, makes so much sense, doesn’t it.  Nope.  the muslims in general, and Hamas in particular in this instance, do NOT want peace.  So, why are people wasting their time and energy?  Wipe out the scum, give Gaza back to the Israelis, so those muslims who do live there can have some peace in their lives, as they did before Israel handed that strip of land to the crazies.

Speaking of crazies, a Swedish woman, in her own country, was attacked by the lunatics for wearing a Star of David.  She’s Jewish.  Wearing a Star of David isn’t unusual.  I wear of Star of David, with a Cross in the middle.  No doubt, if I walked through that neighborhood, I’d be attacked as well.  Why?  For wearing the symbol that promotes the love of our Lord, and His statutes, of course.

And oh yes, let’s not forget that ISIS…ISIL….whatever the flock they call themselves, have threatened to drown Americans ‘in their own blood’ if the airstrikes kill anymore of the followers of their brand of crazy.  I have a better idea.  How about we carpet bomb the areas that this bunch of filthy pigs have invaded?  Yes, there would be collateral damage, but those that survive would no longer have to worry about being slaughtered by these scum suckers.  How many Yizizis and Christians have been slaughtered for their faith?  Does that current resident even give a ****?  Nope.  But he has to look like he’s doing something, so….we have a few bombs dropped, and all is suppose to be well.  Thousands are still starving and dying of thirst, even though humanitarian aid has been dropped on the top of that mountain, but even that won’t stop the barbarians from hunting them down to crucify, behead, and shoot them.  Carpet bomb!  Destroy the whole lot of them.  Obama left a vacuum in Iraq, ISIS filled it.  Now he needs to fix the problem he created!

Now THAT is funny!
grumpy jackson

Has anyone in the Senate noticed that Harry Reid is a blithering idiot?  If the Dems had any sense, which they don’t, they kick his sorry hind end to the back of the line, and put someone else in his place…at least until the Rs take over the Senate in November.  :D

All those thugs from New York, Chicago, and elsewhere need to be kicked out of Ferguson, and the Brown family needs to wait until ALL the facts are in from the investigation before squawking to the media, who, as is typical, gets the facts wrong.  Officer Wilson is being vindicated by eye witnesses, and all this destruction, ruining local businesses that employs local residents.  Jackson and Sharpton need to shut their pie holes, AFTER they tell the crowds to go home, and wait for the investigation to be concluded.  Threatening to riot until a man is arrested and convicted, without the facts, is just plain anarchy.  But then, I guess that’s what the professional rioters want?

While we’re on the subject of Ferguson, it’s been confirmed that the officer involved was injured by a blow to his head, fracturing his eye socket.  Thankfully, the officer has left the state of Missouri, likely for his safety, and the safety of his family, even though, in my opinion, he is NOT the culprit in this entire situation.  If a 295, 6’4″ bull is charging me, I’m going to shoot him as well.

Wild Bill – Stop Calling it Foreign Aid

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The “Peaceful Protestors”

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Now, I realize that the majority of the folks of Ferguson, MO aren’t involved, but they sure are doing anything to stop it, are they.  Here’s some evidence of all that peace, with an interactive map.  Then there’s the second autopsy, by New York’s former medical examiner, and a physician, Dr Michael Baden, requested by the Brown family.  I’m fairly sure the rioters aren’t pleased with the results, and will likely continue their “peaceful protests”.


You’ll note that there are no entry wound in the back, contrary to what one “witness” has been saying, nor was it likely that the kid was giving the universal symbol for “don’t shoot”.

I grieve for the Brown family.  The loss of a child must be the most difficult experience anyone ever has to handle.  I do not grieve WITH the protestors.  They have done NOTHING to see that justice is done.  Instead of letting the investigation go forward, they have behaved like animals, bringing injustice to the community.  Are they going to pay for the damage they’ve done?  How many have been arrested for their actions?  No where near enough, IMHO.  Have they been shot, like the mad dogs they are, stealing from businesses that had nothing to do with the incident?  They should be laying on a slab.

We are no longer a country ruled by law.  Common sense laws.  The criminals run rampant, attacking innocent bystanders and the law enforcement is hesitant to do anything to stop them.  Why?  For fear of being labeled racist.  Race has nothing to do with criminal activity.  It doesn’t matter what your skin color is, if you break the law, you should be treated accordingly….white, black, brown, yellow, or pink with purple polka dots!

Being poor doesn’t give you a license to destroy what others have worked hard to achieve.  Everyone has the same opportunity to succeed, or fail.  Whether or not you take advantage of those opportunities, is up to you.  Learn to speak proper English, and you’ll have a greater chance of finding a job, where, if you work hard, will be able to climb the ladder to success, whether it’s janitorial or I.T.  And I must remind you, success doesn’t mean millions of dollars  in the bank, or a big fancy house, the latest $300 sneakers, fast cars, and lots of “ho’s” hanging around.  Success is measured by your ability to live a life that your children won’t be ashamed of.  Success is treating others the way you want to be treated, respecting rational laws, paying your bills, raising healthy, happy, God fearing children, so they can follow in your footsteps, living in a land that is free from strife.

These thugs, mostly from outside the community, in Ferguson are creating an atmosphere of strife.  Why?  Because a white law officer shot, and killed, a black teen?  No, that’s not why.  It’s because they want what someone else has and are not willing to do the hard work it takes to achieve it.  They are pushing racism, and their poverty pimps egg them on!

We are concerned about muslims terrorists, and rightly so, but we should also be concerned about the terrorism that is going on in a small town in Missouri.

Wild Bill – Dirty Democrats of Texas

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2 Chronicles 19:6-7 (GNV)

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6 And said to the judges, Take heed what ye do: for ye execute not the judgments of man, but of the Lord, and he will be with you in the cause and judgment.

7 Wherefore now let the fear of the Lord be upon you: take heed, and do it: for there is no iniquity with the Lord our God, neither respect of persons, nor receiving of reward.

Shoot The Looters

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I have to ask, just how many of these criminals actually knew the kid, Michael Brown? Taking advantage of a tragedy to steal and destroy is the current mindset of mobs.

A black Ferguson resident spoke with News Channel 5 TV in St. Louis.
He said, “Why were the officers standing back? Why don’t they shoot these looters?”

On Friday night several Ferguson area businesses were hit by looters.

** Liquor Store Looted
** Sam’s Meat Market
** Chinese restaurant (for second time this week)
** Beauty Supply Store Looted
** Electronics Store Looted
** Domino’s Pizza fire – May have been inside the business
** Bus Stop Vandalized
** At least one person shot
** Bottles Thrown at police!

Via Gateway Pundit(I’m telling ya…this guy, Jim Holt, is better for any REAL information on the current situation than the current crop of  so called news shows.)

After a night of calm, the mob mentality has returned. I don’t think these are mostly resident of Ferguson, MO. As one person I saw in the idjit box say, these thugs are coming in from the outside, to take advantage of a tense situation.  I’d like to ask the same question….Why don’t they shoot these looters?  They are destroying businesses in the community, which will financially impact the community.  These scum suckers don’t care.  They seem to think they are owed something they didn’t earn, creating more tension.  The police backing off isn’t helping when it come to the destruction.  Who’s bright idea was that anyway?

Shoot the damn thieves!

Wild Bill – Poisonously Picky

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The Great Eight – Dancing Toward Armageddon

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ZoNation – Democrat Cities are Dangerous Places to Live

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Bill Whittle – The Struggle For Stupidity

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Emotion VS Facts

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I haven’t said much about the situation Ferguson, MO and the shooting of Michael Brown, who, by all accounts from family and friends, was such a sweet kid. Well, I wouldn’t expect for his family to see him as anything else. I’m sure if such a situation occurred, I’d say the same thing….probably…maybe…not sure. I’m too honest. :?  The problem with all this hoopla…. apparently this young man wasn’t the angel his friends and family have made him out to be. As more information comes out, we’re learning this sweet young man wasn’t so sweet. He was a suspect in a strong arm robbery.

Taking cigars from a convenience store, does not warrant being killed.  Even I know that!  I think there is much more to this altercation than we know.  We know the officer was treated at the hospital after being punched in the face.  One witness, who seems more credible than Michael’s buddies, stated there was serious tussle going on, while the officer was in the car, and a shot was fired.  We have also been told that Brown finally turned around with his hands up, before he was shot.  Now, that sounds highly suspicious, but as been stated repeatedly, we do not know all the facts.

The people of Ferguson have been holding peaceful protests during the day.  Outside agitators have been holding riots at night, smashing windows, burning down buildings, and stealing.


The families of anyone who has been killed can understand the pain the family of Michael Brown is feeling.  Using a death to riot, destroy, and steal does not honor the dead.  It places a divide between a once close knit community.

And what the hell is up with the protests in New York?  It looks like this is no longer a community against the police, but black against white as well.  When a white person is standing in solidarity with the peaceful protestors is beaten, this whole situation becomes something else entirely.

Let’s get all the facts.  Go home.  Mourn the death of a young man in peace, criminal or not.  Leave the police officer alone.  Let the justice system work.  Stop the rioting, stealing, and destruction.  Such actions do not help to solve an obvious problem.  Unemployment among black youths is extremely high.  Destroying businesses will raise that unemployment rate.  Other businesses will leave the area from fear of future violence.  No business, no jobs.  But you can’t fix stupid, and those who are doing the damage are more than just stupid.

On the bright side, poverty pimp Al Sharpton, didn’t get the cheers and praise he was likely expecting.  Seems Obama wasn’t a favorite either.  *snort*

Gateway Pundit lives in the area and is getting more information than the news outlets, and is releasing news before the news.  Heh.