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Must Be Shared!

26 June 2007, 10:09 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

A few hours ago, I was sitting here, trying to keep my internet connection when I saw car lights in the drive.  Since we don’t really know anyone down here, other than folks I’ve met through some of the work that has been done, I couldn’t imagine who might be driving way out here at 8:40 in the evening.  I turned on the spot lights (it’s really dark out there at night) and here comes this young man up the walk.  He looked vaguely familiar, but I was having trouble placing him.  He looked at me and said “you don’t have any idea who I am, do you?”  Well, that was true, I couldn’t figure it out.  He said, “I own the gun shop.”  Oooooooooh….  the young man who had the little boy in the cage (playpen) while he was working and his mother in law was doing inventory.  REAL nice family.  Very friendly.  I asked him if he was here to take it back (what I had bought from him about a week and a half ago….I’m sure you can figure out what it was).  He said, “No ma’am! I wouldn’t do that.”  They say ma’am and sir a lot down here, and also call you by your title, Mr. or Mrs.  I have missed that.

He said, “Ya paid me too much money, and I want give it back!”

I nearly fell on the floor.  He asked me if I could just write him a check for $100 less, and he’d give me back the one I had written him.  Well, yeah….I could.  I had to know what made him come all the way out here.  I would never have known the difference.  He told me, “I just wouldn’t have felt right.  My daddy taught me to be honest, and I think that applies in business too.”  Ya could have kncoked me over with a feather.

Needless to say, when I, or Mr. Ol’ Broad, are in need of those types of supplies, we’ll be doing business with Tally’s.

We talked a while longer.  He told me about the road trip he, his wife, and their little boy took for about 10 days, just driving in the southwest area of the country.  He told me about driving in El Paso and Del Rio, where it’s almost impossible to find someone who speaks English.  He said he watched people on the other side of the Rio Grande, look back and forth, and if there was no Border Security Agent in sight, they just walked across, pretty as you please, with no one stopping them.

He also told me of a comedienne he had heard once who had come up with the perfect solution to the problem.  You grab the first one coming across, and offer him a job.  His job will be to prevent anyone else crossing.  The first who does get across will replace the first one in that same job, and will be sent back to where he came from.

Ya know, that is a REAL simple solution.  Doing the jobs Americans won’t do!

An Apology!

26 June 2007, 6:18 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

To Senator Bob Corker:

In the only way I know, I do sincerely apologize for calling you a ‘feckless weasel’.  Obviously, I misunderstood your vote on the floor of the Senate today.   

My anger was so great at the many ‘ayes’ I was hearing, I can only assume that my old ears heard an ‘aye’ after your name was called.

Kate  (aka Ol’ Broad)

Having Connection Problems

26 June 2007, 5:26 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion.

For most of the afternoon, I’ve fought with my satellite connection.  I can’t figure out what the problem is, but it comes and goes.  Definitely not weather related today.  At least, not so far.  I’ve tried calling the company, and evidently, I’m not the only one having problems because the call wait is more than 30 minutes.  No, I did not sit on the phone listening to canned music waiting.  Luckily, right now, I’m having a good moment.

I went to sit on the deck for a bit, and fell asleep.  Ya ought to see my arms.  Pink is putting it mildly.

I may have been wrong about Bob Corker, because I don’t see his name on the list of 64 traitors (yes, Fred, I agree).  But I know I heard ‘aye’.  I’ll do some more checking.  If I was wrong, I do apologize, most sincerely, to Senator Corker.  If not, plan on a battle!

Post America

26 June 2007, 4:52 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Borders.

WARNING: Language

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H/T: Chicago Ray

Major Feckless Weasels!

26 June 2007, 10:32 am. 9 Comments. Filed under Feckless Weasels.

There were many Senators who said they were going to vote NO on cloture, so that piece of crap shamnesty bill would not move any further.

From Bob Corker’s website:

Friday, June 22, 2007

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Anticipating a cloture vote on the immigration bill on Tuesday, U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) today made the following comments:

“I plan to vote against cloture on the immigration bill, as I have already done twice during this debate. I believe a better approach would be a more modest bill that focuses on border security, employer identification, and putting systems in place that will put us in a position to actually enforce a new immigration policy.

“We have lost credibility in Washington on this issue, and I think before the American people will really ever get behind an immigration policy, they’re going to have to feel that Washington is truly going to follow through on what it says, especially in terms of securing our border.”

I just heard Bob Corker vote ‘aye’! I will do everything in my power to make sure he will NOT win re-election!  You’ve lost even MORE credibility!  What happened to the ‘will of the people’?  Well, this one small part of WE THE PEOPLE is totally fed up!  And come the next election, I’m pretty sure you’ll see even more who are fed up.

Let’s face it, all 64 of those senators have sold us down the river!  And I for one, am FURIOUS!


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Bush Gives Final Plug Ahead of Senate Immigration Vote

WASHINGTON — President Bush pumped up the rhetoric ahead of another key test vote in the Senate Tuesday on a fragile bipartisan compromise to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws.

“The immigration system needs reform,” Bush said at a briefing on immigration reform in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

“The status quo is unacceptable. … I view this as a historic opportunity to act, for Congress to replace a system that is not working with one that we believe will work a lot better,” he said.

Fine and dandy! How ’bout we sent a few hundred of those criminals to live on YOUR lawn. When they come in to take your stuff, trash your bedroom, eat up all your food, and insist you, personally, pay for their medical care, then we’ll see just how well YOU like it!

The outcome of the vote is anyone’s guess, though White House officials were predicting victory on one of the president’s top domestic priorities.

“We’re optimistic,” Joel Kaplan, Bush’s deputy chief of staff, said. “Our intelligence suggests that there will be the votes there.”

Well, I can assure you, if your senators vote for cloture, you might want to consider looking for someone to run against them next time they’re up for re-election.

He added that administration officials are lobbying hard to persuade Republicans that the measure deserves support. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff have led the negotiations. Bush thanked them for their effort.

It’s official! The President of the United States doesn’t give a SH*T about the American people! I never thought I’d agree with the Dhimmis, but there it is.  Don’t get use to it!

Republican Sens. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Jim DeMint of South Carolina and John Cornyn of Texas, all vociferous opponents of the bill, sought to portray the vote — a “cloture vote” designed to shut down a filibuster — as one of the last chances to bury a bad bill.

DeMint pleaded with his colleagues to vote against cloture.

Call, email, or camp out on their doorsteps, but make sure your senators know who they work for!

Bush fought off criticism that the bill gives amnesty to lawbreakers, though his definition of amnesty appeared to suggest the bill does just that.

We already have laws on the books that says you don’t get to sneak into the country, yet they’ve been ignored by our so called lawmakers.

“Amnesty means that you’ve got to pay a price for having being here illegally and this bill does that. But it also recognizes in our nation’s interest to bring people out of the shadows,” Bush said. “There’s got to be a way forward that recognizes there is a penalty for being here illegally, on the other hand, that recognizes that each person has worth and dignity.”

Uh…yeah? So, he admits it IS amnesty? Sorry to break it to you Mr. President, but people who are constantly breaking the law don’t have much worth in my book!

Morning Coffee 6/26/07

26 June 2007, 9:45 am. Comments Off. Filed under General News.

Senate Democrats hash out Milwaukee aid

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett had lobbied Milwaukee-area senators for weeks, arguing that state government should pick up more of the cost of choice. Senators spent hours Monday trying to find an acceptable compromise on the issue.

The only choice that Dhimmis really like is the choice to slaughter babies. When it comes to failing schools, and a choice to get out of them, that just doesn’t fly.

States’ post-9/11 grants unspent

Almost $5 billion of $16.04 billion in grants approved by Congress for states and Washington, D.C., from fiscal 2002 to 2007 remain in federal coffers, according to Homeland Security Department budget figures. That’s fueled concerns in the Bush administration and Congress that the government has been dishing out money faster than local governments can spend it.

Hmmm…what to do with all that money……hey! How ’bout building the freakin’ fence!!! If they are serious (snicker) about securing my homeland, then do it! Secure the borders, stop the invasion! DUH!

Former NSA chief doubts NKorea will give up nukes

Former US National Security Agency director Bobby Ray Inman voiced doubt Tuesday that North Korea would give up its nuclear arms, as UN inspectors arrived in Pyongyang after a near five-year absence.

“My scepticism comes from the fact I don’t think any country that has actually got nuclear weapons has given them up,” he told reporters during a visit to Japan.

Which is a darn good reason to make sure Iran doesn’t get nukes!

Al-Qaeda targets tribes in Baghdad hotel

A year ago US military analysts believed that the restless province of Anbar, west of Baghdad, was “lost” because of the scale of the insurgency against the US military and the feeble Iraqi Government. But after the formation of the Anbar Salvation Front, a group made up of powerful tribal chiefs, al-Qaeda has been all but driven out of its strongholds in the province and violence has dropped 60 per cent.

It’s amazing what people can do when they work together. Sadly, it pisses off the bad guys. If they can stick together, instead of caving in to them, then perhaps they can over come.

2008 Republican Presidential Primary
National Poll: Thompson 27% Giuliani 23%

Thompson, preparing to formally announce his candidacy, leads the pack in the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey with 27% support. That gives him a four-point advantage over former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani who is currently preferred by 23% of Likely Primary Voters. A week ago, it was Thompson 28% and Giuliani 27%. Two weeks ago, they were tied at 24%. Prior to that time, Giuliani had been on top in every weekly Rasmussen Reports poll for five months.

I think we’re ready! Let’s get this show on the road!

Marx loses currency in new China
Teaching socialism is mandatory, but learning it is monotonous for today’s students, who revere money more than Mao.

Classes in Marxist philosophy have been compulsory in Chinese schools since not long after the 1949 communist revolution. They remain enshrined in the national education law, Article 3 of which states: “In developing the socialist educational undertakings, the state shall uphold Marxism-Leninism, Mao Tse-tung Thought and the theories of constructing socialism with Chinese characteristics as directives and comply with the basic principles of the Constitution.”

Communism doesn’t work! They might as well give it up, and join the 21st century.

GOP senator says Iraq plan not working

“In my judgment, the costs and risks of continuing down the current path outweigh the potential benefits that might be achieved,” Lugar, R-Ind., said in a Senate floor speech. “Persisting indefinitely with the surge strategy will delay policy adjustments that have a better chance of protecting our vital interests over the long term.”

I’m all for a change of strategy! I’m thinking if the Iraqis can’t get their act together, pull the troops, and make the whole area “glow”! Just a little.

Donut Den offers muffins for Fred Thompson

Donut Den has an offer Fred Thompson may not be able to refuse.

The Green Hills eatery has posted a sign to offer the actor turned potential presidential candidate a free blueberry muffin if he announces his presidency.

Now how could he refuse such an offer. Shoot, I’m hungry enough, if they’ll send me a few, I’ll announce m’self! :)

Darfur hybrid force to be deployed by early 2008 – France

A new international force to end violence in Sudan’s Darfur region could be deployed early next year at the latest, French Defence Minister Herve Morin said Monday.

Morin also said that French troops will “probably” be the largest contingent of the 20,000-strong force to be deployed under the United Nations and the African Union.

So, I wonder how many more will die while they’re taking their time, pussy footin’ around?

Fred Thompson in Tennessee

26 June 2007, 8:37 am. 2 Comments. Filed under 2008.

Thompson treks back to Tennessee

Although often absent from his home state, former Sen. Fred Thompson returns to Tennessee today to attend a high-dollar fundraiser for his blooming presidential bid and tour a prospective site for a campaign headquarters in Nashville.

Thompson, whose campaign war chest is millions of dollars behind the top Republican presidential candidates, will look to some of his fellow Tennessee party mates to close that gap this evening.

At a closed-door fundraiser, Thompson will mingle with deep-pocketed Republican donors at the home of record producer and top GOP supporter Mike Curb.

Entry to the event will cost $2,300 per person, the limit an individual can donate to a presidential primary campaign. The fundraiser is closed to the press.

I wonder just how many folks coughed up that $2300 to munch on rubber chicken and fall asleep during all the pre-speech speeches? Obviously, I sure didn’t! :) Although, I guess if I was able to use 100 dollar bills for toilet paper, I might have considered it.

Thompson’s return is the first public trek back to Tennessee since he campaigned for now U.S. Sen. Bob Corker last fall.

Thompson’s work as a lobbyist, an actor as well as a frequent contributor to various media outlets has often kept him away from Tennessee.

For example, as the state Democratic Party pointed out earlier this year, the former Senator is not registered to vote in Tennessee. He currently casts ballots in Virginia.

And their point is? I’m a Texan, I live in Tennessee. Obviously you vote where you actually live. If I was going to run for a national office like POTUS, I’d go back to my roots. Makes sense. Hey, if they’re going to gripe about such a small thing, how ’bout slapping down Clinton. She bought a house in NY just to run for the Senate.

But the potential presidential campaign of the Lawrenceburg, Tenn. native shows signs of returning to his Volunteer State roots.

“He gets home to Tennessee quite a bit, actually,” said Bob Davis, the chairman of the state Republican Party and a former Thompson staffer.

I hear from the folks around here who actually know the man, he’s genuine. A really nice person who doesn’t take crap from anyone, politely. :) Works for me!

Since there is no media allowed at this upcoming function, we’ll just have to see what happens.