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Totally UN PC Chuckle

31 July 2007, 10:03 pm. 1 Comment. Filed under Opinion.

Black Hurricanes

Well, it appears our African-American friends have found yet something else to be pissed about. A black congresswoman (Sheila Jackson Lee) reportedly complained that the names of hurricanes are all Caucasian sounding names. She would prefer some names that reflect African-American culture (such as: Chamiqua, Tanisha, Woeisha, Shaqueal, and Jamal).

She would also like the weather reports to be broadcast in language that street people can understand because one of the problems in New Orleans is that regular folks couldn’t understand the seriousness of the situation due to the racially biased language of the weather report.

I can hear it now: A weatherman in Houston reports:

“Wazzup, mutha-fukkas! Hehr-i-cane Chamiqua be headin’ fo’ yo ass like Leroy on a crotch rocket! Bitch be a category fo’! So grab yo’ chirren, yo’ Ho, be leavin yo crib, and head fo’ da nearest guv’ment office fo yo FREE shit!”

Courtesy of Mr. Ol’ Broad.


31 July 2007, 9:11 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Travel.

Is 10 hours in a car long enough? How do truck drivers do this every day? They’ve got my admiration, that’s for sure, but they don’t usually have a short person sitting right next to them, jabbering non-stop. The constant ‘what’, why’, ‘why not’ is enough to drive any extremely patient person up the wall, and I’m not all that patient.

We did make one stop, in Tupelo, MS. Yep, birthplace of Elvis. Why not! It wasn’t far off the highway, and I had to exit there anyway, even if it was in the opposite direction.


Impressed yet?

How ’bout this….


Uh huh, tiny room. Maybe this will do it…


Actually, I thought that was a pretty cool stove, but I sure wouldn’t want to cook on it. Shoot, if it doesn’t go in the microwave, I’m not sure if I’d know how to cook. :)

And here’s the outside….


No doubt about it, that’s a tiny house! And what was short person’s question? “Who is Elvis?” Oh well, at least she can say she’s been there. Maybe next trip I’ll take her to his REALLY tacky house…..Graceland. Honestly, I was more impressed with this one.

I Hate Those Damn Birds!

31 July 2007, 8:17 am. 17 Comments. Filed under Critters, The Peacock War.

This morning I woke up to the sound of a whole herd of squirrels in combat boots, right over my head.  I thought it might be the evil fowl, but when I came into the living room, there they ALL were, pretty as you please, crapping all over the front porch and eating my flowers.  So, we did the Peacock Dance for a while.  Front, back, front, back.  One of those birds is even more stupid than the rest of them.  I had the ‘water cannon’ on it for a good 45 seconds until it realized that being drenched wasn’t pleasant.  Stupid bird!

I have better things to do in the morning than to fight with critters, like keeping other critters from fighting.  The cats are making great headway.  Mr. Spot wasn’t too pleased that Hootie was drinking out of HIS toilet.  At least she finally got off the cabinet, and sadly spent the entire night stuck in my closet.  I saw Mr. Spot pawing at the door, and thought he just wanted to get in there.  Nope!  Out comes Hootie, aggravated to high heaven.  Tazz and Mr. Spot have been nose to nose a couple of times, with no major damage done.  Things are looking up?

I feel really guilty about leaving them again, especially since Miss Cindy (critter sitter) hasn’t met the two new arrivals yet.  But small child MUST go back to Texas, and I must be the one to take her.  We’re setting out in about an hour, after I wake her up, for the Houston area, to pick up her sister, Brat Jr. (birthday on Thursday…a whopping 15), and then on to Dallas.  Two days, max, then I’m right back here, dealing with window shades and movers, cats and peacocks.  Yeah me.  Ya know, I haven’t seen the goats.  Hmmmm…..

I’m thinking perhaps there should be some target shooting in my future as well.  


30 July 2007, 8:10 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Borders, Crime.

Illegal immigration to U.S. flourishes in desert

RANCHO EL COCHIFEO, Mexico (Reuters) – At the remote Ugly Piggy cattle ranch on the U.S.-Mexico border, dozens of Mexicans doze by an abandoned chicken pen in the searing desert heat, waiting for nightfall to cross illegally into Arizona.

Every day, thousands of people come to isolated farms and villages in the Sonoran Desert to slip into Arizona, despite searing summer heat and a huge U.S. security crackdown.

I’ve never been one to wish ill on anyone, but I gotta tell ya, my sympathy for these people has seriously waned.

Immigration experts say the latest initiative, a 38-mile (61-km) “virtual fence” of towers, radars, cameras and sensors about to come into operation along the border near Tucson, will not make a significant difference in the number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. Southwest.

38 freakin’ miles? That’s it? What happened to THE border fence? Where is the billions of tax dollars going, if it’s not to keep our nation safe from invaders?  Gun turrets and machine guns would go a long way to end this.

“They will just change routes,” said Arturo Obregon, head of the Mexican migrant protection agency Grupos Beta in El Sasabe, a town used by immigrants as a starting point for the 45-mile (72-km) journey across the desert.

So, where is the fence that SHOULD be blocking the new route?

“I will get through, mentally I feel unstoppable,” said Jose Magarino, 25, waiting to cross the desert and wearing a Rambo T-shirt saying: “No Man, No Law, No War Can Stop Him.”

Well bud, this is a war! Legal VS ILLEGAL!

Following the failure of President George W. Bush’s immigration reform proposal in Congress last month, U.S. policy is centecentredred (centered?)on tighter border security rather than giving immigrants more options to find jobs legally.

Why the hell should we give these law breakers the option to find jobs legally? They BROKE THE FLIPPIN’ LAW!

Latin American illegal immigrants are willing to risk heat of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (49 degrees Celsius) in the cactus-studded desert — where snakes, scorpions and black widow spiders prowl — to enter the United States in search of higher wages and a better life.

A better life? Yeah, right…all the while, refusing to learn the language and turning many parts of our country into a third world nation. If they want a better life, why try to turn our country into what they left behind?

“It doesn’t matter how difficult the terrain, people keep coming. Only something outrageous will stop them, an electrified fence guarded by soldiers across the entire desert,” said Raquel Rubio-Goldsmith from the University of Arizona.

Here’s something outrageous: DON’T HIRE THEM! If you do, go to jail! Employers who enable the illegals are just as guilty as those breaking the law sneaking in through the back door. Or, how’s this for outrageous: Charge them as enemy combatants, or shoot them in the ass! After all, they ARE an invading force.

“The problem is that for every 10 people who are caught crossing the desert, another 50 are coming up from Mexico and Central America,” said Amado Marcelo Cuello, a Red Cross volunteer in the northern Mexican town of Altar.

The U.S. government says it will have “operational control” of the border by 2013 by extending a high-security fence and using more “virtual fence” technology.

We have to wait seven years for ‘operational control’?  What the hell does that mean? I don’t bloody well think so! NOW! Stop them now! And throw out those who are sucking the life out of OUR nation.  I’m totally fed up!

This Must Seriously Chap The NYT’s Hide!

30 July 2007, 7:14 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Iraq, Opinion.

I read this column this morning, but with all that’s been going on today, didn’t get to link it. So, just in case ya haven’t read it, here it is.  (yes, at times, I can be quite juvenile)
A War We Just Might Win

VIEWED from Iraq, where we just spent eight days meeting with American and Iraqi military and civilian personnel, the political debate in Washington is surreal. The Bush administration has over four years lost essentially all credibility. Yet now the administration’s critics, in part as a result, seem unaware of the significant changes taking place.

Here is the most important thing Americans need to understand: We are finally getting somewhere in Iraq, at least in military terms. As two analysts who have harshly criticized the Bush administration’s miserable handling of Iraq, we were surprised by the gains we saw and the potential to produce not necessarily “victory” but a sustainable stability that both we and the Iraqis could live with.

After the furnace-like heat, the first thing you notice when you land in Baghdad is the morale of our troops. In previous trips to Iraq we often found American troops angry and frustrated — many sensed they had the wrong strategy, were using the wrong tactics and were risking their lives in pursuit of an approach that could not work.

Today, morale is high. The soldiers and marines told us they feel that they now have a superb commander in Gen. David Petraeus; they are confident in his strategy, they see real results, and they feel now they have the numbers needed to make a real difference.

Go! Read the rest!

Panic Attack!

30 July 2007, 3:35 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Critters.

Short person and I were getting ready to head out for a while, when I realized Tazz was missing. We searched this entire house. Closets, cabinets, under everything. No Tazz! I grilled short person about whether or not she let the fuzzball out when she went out hunting peacock feathers. She insisted Tazz didn’t get out the door. The headache started building! Instead of letting it get the best of me, we went on about our business.

Naturally, the minute we walked back in the door, the search began all over again. 30 minutes later, and a ‘headache THIS BIG’, we found her.


Despite the bad picture, taken by my cell phone, you might be able to tell this is a box full of stuffed animals. The only reason I found her is I saw them moving. In my experience, stuffed critters don’t usually move.

Mr. Ol’ Broad would have killed both of us. That’s his baby. :)

I need a nap!


Tolerance and Peace

30 July 2007, 10:33 am. 4 Comments. Filed under Religion of Pieces.

Shut down by September 27 or else…: Islamist threatens to bomb Rainbow Centre

KARACHI: A pamphlet from a man threatening to blow up Rainbow Centre unless it shut down by September 27 was distributed Saturday night, sparking panic in the ground-floor business owners and people who live in the flats above.

“If the video business does not shut down in two months, there will be an explosion so big that the entire world will remember it,” said the A4 size open letter, written in crude Urdu handwriting and signed by ‘Fatah’. “Even if I do not remain, the voice of Islamic Shariat will never die.”

The open letter also issued a warning to the city’s cinemas, cable operators and public bus drivers who play loud music. “All of Karachi’s cinema hall owners are requested to shut down otherwise after July 27 any one of them could be blown up with a bomb at any time,” the letter said.

“Cable operators should only air Islamic channels and if any vulgar programmes are broadcast in any locality of Karachi, the cable operator’s office will be blown up,” it added.

The letter’s writer said that vulgarity and obscenity had become exceedingly common and that the various forms of the media were showing dancing and singing. He appealed to people to shun these forms of entertainment and for those he threatened to desist from their work.

Ok, so who is it that gets to decide what is ‘vulgar and obscene’? Personally, I find a lot of what is on the radio and TV in the U.S. vulgar and obscene, should I threaten to blow up people? No, I don’t think so, but then, I’m a Christian, NOT a Muslim.

The pamphlet was reportedly distributed to all the shops on the ground floor of Rainbow Centre by two children, aged seven and nine, said Waqas Khalid who works at shop No. G-39 and Nadim of shop No. G-112. The children did not know what was written in the letter, added Waqas of shop No. G-111. As the salesmen read it and the news spread, shopkeepers grabbed the children and questioned them.

The children, who are from the neighbourhood, said that they were given Rs 100 each by a tall man with a big beard. He was wearing a shalwar kameez and skull cap. He gave them the pamphlets and told them to just throw it into each shop.

What a shock! Using children to do their dirty work. Kind of par for the course, isn’t it.

Rainbow Centre union president Salim Memon said that while he agreed that there should be an Islamic system, threatening people with bombs was no way to impose it. One of his colleagues, Muslim, added that some people thought that distributing a letter like this was a “short cut” to heaven. Rainbow Centre will tighten security but are also deciding whether to continue work as usual or shut up shop.

Just what is ‘an Islamic system’? Well, that’s where you get things, like your head, cut off if you don’t follow the oppressive rules and regulations of Islam.

Nice folks. (obvious sarcasm)

Fred on Eminent Domain

30 July 2007, 8:51 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

Eminent Domain

Last week, California officials in National City voted unanimously to use eminent domain to take over more than 600 properties—including a nonprofit youth center dedicated to keeping local kids out of gangs and off the street. They plan to give this land to local private developers for a group of condominiums.

It’s said that a man’s home is his castle, but across America some property owners are being rooked by local bureaucrats and politicians and having their private property confiscated by local governments for the supposed public good.

Most people probably think that if they buy a home or a small business that they will get to keep what they purchased. After all, the Fifth Amendment guarantees that “private property [shall not] be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

But in 2005, the Supreme Court, in Kelo v. New London, held that the government could take private property – even a person’s home – and give that property to a large private corporation for that business’s private use. As Justice O’Connor wrote in her scathing dissent, “Under the banner of economic development, all private property is now vulnerable to being taken and transferred to another private owner, so long as it might be upgraded – i.e., given to an owner who will use it in a way that the legislature deems more beneficial to the public – in the process.”

Read on…

So, How Did You Spend YOUR Morning?

30 July 2007, 8:46 am. 9 Comments. Filed under Critters, The Peacock War.

I spent my doing the Peacock Dance.  You know, the one that has an ol’ broad running back and forth between the front yard and the back deck, donned in Thumper jammies, flapping ‘wings’, taking up arms (shooting the ‘water cannon’).  In the midst of said dance, I was also trying to keep cats from spitting all over the house, making kitty slobber part of the decor.  It’s not even 10 a.m. and I’m pooped.


And here’s a gross one for ya.  The last two nights I’ve had a cat paw inserted into my mouth (while asleep mind you) that had obviously seen recent activity in the litter box.  YUCK!

Morning Coffee 7/30/07

30 July 2007, 8:15 am. Comments Off. Filed under General News.

Iran criticizes U.S., Saudis arms deal

Mohammad Ali Hosseini’s comments followed reports last week that the U.S. planned to sell Saudi Arabia an estimated $20 billion of sophisticated weaponry, including advanced air systems that would greatly enhance the striking ability of Saudi warplanes.

“What the Persian Gulf region needs is stability and security,” Hosseini was quoted as saying on the Web site of the state broadcasting company. “Americans have been trying to disturb it by selling weapons to the region.”

How ’bout a little pot and kettle action here. While I do not think the U.S. should be selling arms to any Muslim run country, I do believe that Iran should look no further than Iraq and what THEY are doing before talking about ‘destabilizing’ the area.

Tournament “all in la familia”

Chris Garcia said he’s learning more by playing in a Hispanic league.

“In college it’s all about who’s bigger, stronger and faster,” he said. “Here it’s more creative.”

He’s also picking up more Spanish. He knows some from his grandparents.

Though there is a bit of a language barrier, that doesn’t matter when they’re playing, he said.

Why is there an ‘all Spanish’ league of any kind in the U.S.? Is there an all English league in Mexico, or South America?

Cities sue gangs in bid to stop violence

FORT WORTH, Texas — Fed up with deadly drive-by shootings, incessant drug dealing and graffiti, cities nationwide are trying a different tactic to combat gangs: They’re suing them.

Fort Worth and San Francisco are among the latest to file lawsuits against gang members, asking courts for injunctions barring them from hanging out together on street corners, in cars or anywhere else in certain areas.

Um….why don’t they just arrest them? Although suing is an interesting idea.

PA Prime Minister: Resistance against Israel is legitimate

Palestinians have a legitimate right to resist the Israeli “occupation”, even if the term “resistance” does not appear in the new Palestinian Authority platform, PA Prime Minister Salaam Fayad said during a press conference in Cairo on Monday.

Fayad, who is representing the Palestinian Authority during an Arab League conference in Egypt, explained that the term “resistance” was excluded from the platform because it was too often associated with “armed struggle.”

The ‘armed struggle’ I guess would be the constant attacks against civilians? You know, those folks who gets on a bus full of school kids and blow it up.

Hate-crime arrest in Quran incident at Pace University

A 23-year-old man was arrested Friday on hate-crime charges after he threw a Quran in a toilet at Pace University on two separate occasions, police said.

Stanislav Shmulevich of Brooklyn was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and aggravated harassment, both hate crimes, police said. It was unclear if he was a student at the school. A message left at the Shmulevich home was not immediately returned.

I wonder if he would have been arrested if said book was the Bible? Somehow, I doubt it!

Corruption ‘mars Iraq rebuilding’

The US agency overseeing reconstruction in Iraq has told the BBC that economic mismanagement and corruption there is equivalent to “a second insurgency”.

The chief auditor assigned by Congress, Stuart Bowen, said the Iraqi government was failing to take responsibility for projects worth billions of dollars.

And just who is coughing up those billions for the rebuilding?

Fatal ending to Ariz. exorcism response

PHOENIX — Officers responding to a report of an exorcism on a young girl found her grandfather choking her and used stun guns to subdue the man, who later died, authorities said.

The 3-year-old girl and her mother, who was also in the room during the struggle between 49-year-old Ronald Marquez and officers, were hospitalized, police said Sunday. Their condition was unavailable.

I’m not sure what I think of ‘exorcism’, but I’m pretty sure it would be fairly difficult to ‘prove’ a 3 year was ‘possessed’, unless her head was spinning. There’s that special place in hell for grandpa!

No Fraud?

30 July 2007, 7:28 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

Whose Ox Is Gored
After Bush’s victory, liberals shouted “Voter fraud!” Why have they changed their tune?

Just before the 2004 election, the influential blog warned of a “nationwide” wave of voter fraud against John Kerry. After the election, liberal blogger Josh Marshall urged Mr. Kerry not to concede because the election had been “too marred with voter suppression, dirty tricks and other unspeakable antics not to press every last possibility” of changing the outcome. When Congress met in January 2005 to certify the election results, Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) and Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D., Ohio) challenged Mr. Bush’s victory and forced Congress to debate the issue. Months later, Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean maintained that blacks had been the victims of “massive voter suppression” in Ohio.

But now liberals are accusing the Bush Justice Department of cooking up spurious claims of voter fraud in the 2006 elections and creating what the New York Times calls a “fantasy” that voter fraud is a problem. Last week Sen. Patrick Leahy, the Judiciary Committee chairman, claimed that the administration fired eight U.S. attorneys last year in order to pressure prosecutors “to bring cases of voter fraud to try to influence elections.” He said one replacement U.S. attorney in Kansas City, Mo., was a “partisan operative” sent “to file charges on the eve of an election in violation of Justice Department guidelines.” But the Kansas City prosecution was approved by career Justice lawyers, and the guidelines in question have since been rewritten by career lawyers in the Public Integrity section of Justice.

Rest the rest.


30 July 2007, 7:25 am. Comments Off. Filed under 2008.

I just heard on Steve Gill’s show that he has spoken to Fred’s bunch and Spencer Abraham is NOT going to be the campaign manager.  Evidently, Abraham has some expertise in grass roots, so FDT is going to be picking his brain in that area.

Personally, if Abraham is such a polarizing figure, Fred might want to find someone else to get the ‘grass roots’ motivated.  We shall see.

Fred’s non-Campaign Campaign

30 July 2007, 7:13 am. 1 Comment. Filed under Opinion.

Steve Gill

Over the past several weeks the Fred Thompson non-campaign campaign for President has gained momentum with top flight advisors coming on board, impressive poll results in key primary states, and enthusiastic crowds in Alabama, Texas and California urging him on. Yet, an increasing number of political pundits, media types, and Thompson supporters (known sometimes as “Frednecks,” “Fredheads,” or “Frederalists”) have questioned why Thompson is delaying his “official” entry into the race. Some have even speculated that he is having second thoughts about running at all. While other candidates clamor for attention, it seems that most eyes are turned expectantly toward Fred.

There were early news reports that his campaign would begin on July 4, but that date was never seriously under consideration by the Thompson “testing the waters” operation. In fact, many “delays” in the Thompson announcement have been based on erroneous dates tossed about by those who were not actually “in the know.” It now appears that Thompson’s campaign for President will officially get underway sometime the first week in September.

Read on…

Movie Review & Stuff

29 July 2007, 10:07 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Critters.

Short person and I spent the evening watching The Last Mimzy.  All I can say is…..  HUH? What a strange movie.  The concept was interesting, but I seriously doubt Homeland Security would just let those kids take off in a big ol’ truck.   There was something offbeat about the whole movie.  I’m not sure if it was the directing, acting, or editing, but something was just ….. off.

Naturally, a movie that takes less than two hours to watch ended up taking closer to four.  Thank goodness the ‘pause’ button was invented!  We had to go outside and look at the moon a couple of times, and check out the stars.  “Why are the stars so bright?”  Well, because there aren’t a lot of city lights to block the light.  “Why?”  Because we are out in the country.  “Why are we in the country?”  The questions continued in this vein until I pointed her back towards the door.  sigh….  No, I didn’t smack her, but the temptation was strong.   

Then, there was the constant coaxing of Hootie to come down from the top of the cabinets.  She’s been there all day.  I finally had to put her food and water on top of the refrigerator.  She just came down a few minutes ago to take a few swipes at Mr. Spot, and Mr. Spot being the kitten he still is, despite his size, just had to chase her under the bed, sit there and stare, and honestly, I swear I could hear him chuckling.  Males!  

So, we finally got through the movie and I’m just as baffled as I was when it started.  I found some of the references a tad odd, like the “universe speaking” and the Tibetan stuff.  Oh well, it was entertaining, and kept short person semi entertained for a while.  Maybe I should watch it again when there won’t be constant interruptions?

Liberals Explained

29 July 2007, 10:40 am. 5 Comments. Filed under Feckless Weasels, Moonbats & Other Animals, Opinion.

This is as good an explanation as any.

This Explains Liberalism

Today’s older liberals are the hippies from the 1960s. These people are the ones who protested the war in Vietnam, had love ins and smoked dope while adding little to the value of society. Attired in their tie dyed jeans and driving their VW Beetles, they caused social discord** everywhere they were. Those people had to eventually grow up (or older at least) and they had to get jobs to pay their way through life (those who did not live on welfare). They infested academia and became professors so that they could fill the mush brained youth entrusted to them with liberal pablum. They ran for office so that they could force their social policies and failed liberal ideology upon us.

No doubt there will be those who disagree, but hey, there are always are ‘dissenters’.