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NOT a Happy Camper

7 July 2007, 7:52 pm. Comments Off. Filed under The Peacock War.

I made it back with no major problems. I didn’t even go shopping this morning. I was quite proud of myself, and so was Mr. Ol’ Broad! :-)

When I drove into the drive I noticed something that seriously bothered me. I was a little tired, so didn’t stop to check it out. After I got the car unloaded, I went out and looked at the plants. Let’s just say that being gone for a few days was not conducive to healthy plant growing.



use to look similar to this


Granted, they hadn’t gotten that big, but they were at least thriving.

This….TWIG….sticking out of the ground, was at one time a tree


It should have eventually had blossoms like this



Naturally, there was also damage to the plants I had on the deck. Did I say damage? Pfft! They have been totally stripped by the peacocks. And of course, we have the required PILES of peacock poop accompanying the dirt from the pots in which the former Asian lilies were planted.


P.S.  Mr. Spot seems extremely happy I’m home.  He won’t leave me alone!  :-)


7 July 2007, 7:56 am. 5 Comments. Filed under Crime.

I just heard on the radio/internet that the one of the terror suspects was charged after ‘the Jeep Cherokee he was driving crashed into the Glasgow airport’.  Excuse me?  The Jeep crashed itself?  And this was Fox News.  sigh….  NO people, HE crashed the vehicle.  If you’re going to report news, at least report it accurately!

P.C. Run Amok

7 July 2007, 7:34 am. Comments Off. Filed under Crime, Moonbats & Other Animals, Religion of Pieces, War on Terror.

Eight Al Qaeda fanatics working for the police (but they don’t dare sack them)

Up to eight police officers and civilian staff are suspected of links to extremist groups including Al Qaeda.

Some are even believed to have attended terror training camps in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Their names feature on a secret list of alleged radicals said to be working in the Metropolitan and other forces.

The dossier was drawn up with the help of MI5 amid fears that individuals linked to Islamic extremism are taking advantage of police attempts to increase the proportion of ethnic staff.

Astonishingly, many of the alleged jihadists have not been sacked because – it is claimed – police do not have the “legal power” to dismiss them.

How is it possible that an employer doesn’t have the legal right to can employees?

We can also reveal that one suspected jihadist officer working in the South East has been allowed to keep his job despite being caught circulating Internet images of beheadings and roadside bombings in Iraq.

He is said to have argued that he was trying to “enhance” debate about the war.

And they believe him?

Classified intelligence reports raising concerns about police staff’s background cannot be used to justify their dismissal, sources said.

Instead, the staff who are under suspicion are unofficially barred from working in sensitive posts and are closely monitored. Political correctness is blamed for the decision not to sack them.

This is complete insanity! The safety and security of a nation depends very much on the local police. If they hire jihadists at the police department, what’s the bloomin’ point of even claiming to be fighting terror? Ya gotta read this thing.  I am just flabbergasted!

Give ‘em a ‘wave’!

7 July 2007, 7:14 am. Comments Off. Filed under Moonbats & Other Animals.

Why not show the world you’re pretending to care, just like ol’ algore? Now, you can. Just wear your “What Would Al Do” bracelet, proudly!


Sadly, you won’t receive it if you order today, but you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you too, give a happy crap, just like all those who have jetted off to the various parts of the world to lecture the poor dupes who are in attendance.

H/T: Steve Gill