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Who, or What is Bumblebee?

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Take the Transformers Quiz

H/T: The World According to Nick

Disaster Whores Dance With Glee

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Deadly Hurricane Dean Upgraded to Category 4 Storm As It Hits Eastern Caribbean Islands

CASTRIES, St. Lucia — Hurricane Dean roared into the eastern Caribbean on Friday, tearing away roofs, flooding streets and causing at least three deaths on small islands as the powerful storm headed on a collision course with Jamaica and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

By mid-evening, the Atlantic season’s first hurricane had strengthened into a Category 4 storm with sustained winds of 135 mph after crossing over the warm waters of the Caribbean and forecasters warned it could grow into a monster tempest with 150 mph winds before steering next week into the Gulf of Mexico, with its 4,000 oil and gas platforms.

Dean could threaten the United States by Wednesday, forecasters said, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s office suggested people get ready.

You know full well they are going to go into mass depression if it doesn’t hit Texas and flood at least one or two cities, or fizzles out or some such thing. Honestly, I pray it just goes away.

Praise the Lord!

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Not only do we now have a brand, spankin’ new 4….6?….ton unit, spreading cool air throughout the house, it RAINED!

After a good down pour, the air closer to the windows in the bedroom was a lot cooler than the rest of the house, so I physically picked up Hootie and sat her in the window.  She stayed put, which is real unusual for her.  Now that the a/c is cranking, she’s perked up quite a bit, as have the other two felines.

I felt kind of bad for the guy hooking up the outside wires and such to get it going.  He was drenched by the time he finished.

I think we’re going to be ok!    Now, if I can get some sleep, things will be just peachy!

Still Melting

17 August 2007, 2:46 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion.

I had rather hoped that they’d have the a/c completely installed by now, but since they worked me into their schedule, I guess I can’t really complain. They do have all the outside stuff done, at least I think so. Now, they just have to hook up the inside stuff and I might survive this fun.

I did do something I’m not suppose to. I got in my car and drove around the loop a few times just to cool off. I didn’t wreck or anything, so I guess it’s ok.

At least I have enough sense to drink lots of water. The cats, on the other hand don’t seem to realize it’s necessary. I actually had to put the water on the counter for Hootie and splash it on her nose. At least she did finally come down off the fridge. I’m not tall enough for that.


I also had to put water in front of Mr. Spot who was basically catatonic. No, not really, he’s just really hot too.


Tazz was actually moving around for a while, but I had to pretty much insist she poke her nose in the water bowl too. Since she’s got long hair, I worry about her quite a bit.


Hootie is old, so I worry about her the most.

Luckily, it has cooled off a smidge and there is a breeze blowing through. We have LOTS of ceiling fans, but they can only do so much. I thought it was going to rain, but the weatherman, so far, has got that wrong. He also said it would only be in the mid 90′s today. Got that wrong too. It was 102 a short time ago.

Interesting Read

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Famine in America – You’re Kidding, Right?

Famine and America are not two words you see in a sentence together often, especially a warning of a coming famine in the USA. After all everywhere you look, America is overweight. Obesity and its related diseases now afflict 31% of our population. The percentage rises to 66% if you include those merely overweight. If trends continue, weight-related diseases will overburden our medical care system, much as happened with cases of lung cancer and heart disease from the Great Generation of WWII that smoked too much. Food is obviously plentiful and mostly cheap, though that is starting to change as of this writing in mid-2007. Supermarkets are filled with aisle after aisle of food and beverages of all types. The shelves are only bare when a major storm happens and even then, that is only a local phenomenon that seldom lasts for any length of time. Food is so plentiful that America is the breadbasket of the world. We exported over $6 trillion worth of all types of agricultural products in 2006 to a burgeoning world population, now exceeding 6 billion souls. And it has been that way not for years but for decades. How on earth can America ever, ever…by the wildest stretch of the imagination…become blighted with famine?

I really am curious. Is it more important to have cheap fuel, that really isn’t that cheap, or is it MUCH more important to have food to feed your children?

Go.  Read.

Invasion Down Under

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Australia: Government urged to limit Muslim migrants

One of Australia’s most controversial politicians, Pauline Hanson, has urged the national parliament to restrict the number of Muslims entering Australia.

Sounds like a REAL good idea to me!

The 53-year-old former fish and chip shop owner, who achieved international notoriety during her brief stint as a member of parliament in the late 1990s, says she will target Muslims in her campaign.

Is ‘target’ the word she has used, or is that an insertion by the writer?

“I want a moratorium put on the number of Muslims coming into Australia,” Hanson told the Nine TV network. “People have a right to be very concerned because of the terrorist attacks that have happened throughout the world.

“I’m sick of these people coming out here and saying that our girls are like the meat market and the bible that is urinated on … am I supposed to be tolerant?”

Good question! Just how tolerant are Christians suppose to be? Yes, we are quite tolerant, but we’ve also been kowed, in the name of ‘political correctness’.

But Hanson said she would have the support of Muslim women if they knew how oppressed they were.

“I think that if Muslim women realise how they have been treated I probably would get a lot of support,” she said.

I’m curious how she proposes to get her message to said oppressed Muslim women. Does she think those who do the oppressing are going to say “Oh sure, come have a chat with our women, so they’ll know what pricks we are!”?

“Maybe we should look at the female genital mutilation that happens to young girls in this country … if people want to live by these ways then go back to the Muslim countries.”

I’ve been wondering the same thing. If you don’t like where you were, why try to recreate it in another place? The only thing that changes is the geography. What’s the point? Stay were you are, leave us evil western types in peace.

Almost 163,000 people migrated to Australia in 2005-2006 and just under 17,000 were granted humanitarian visas. Government figures show around 200,000 people have migrated from Africa and the Middle East since 1995.

Sounds like a not so slow invasion, and it’s gaining momentum. Hey, we have one of those going on right here, in this hemisphere.

On her personal website Hanson criticises the government for going too far with its migrant intake,saying immigration was threatening the nation’s social cohesion and identity.

Kind of like what’s going on in every Western country right now!

“If current trends continue unabated, unremittingly high levels of immigration will result in a major cultural change in Australia,” she said. “Mass immigration is fundamentally altering the face and nature of our nation, but Australians are not being consulted.

Perhaps the Australians are having the same problem we are….their gubmint is not listening to them?

In 2003, a jury convicted Hanson of electoral fraud and three years imprisonment but the sentence was later overturned.

Whether or not it was overturned, she’s still got it hanging over her head. Hopefully, the others in office, in every Western nation, will take a cue from her and put the brakes on the invasion.


17 August 2007, 9:24 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

In more ways than one. :)

Guess who is outside right now….working their hearts out! YEEEESSSSSSSSSS! The A/C guys are here! Ol’ Broad doin’ moderated Snoopy Dance!

I keep wondering if anyone has told cats that heat rises. I guess these two must have missed that particular class in kitty school.


Since it’s only 85, I guess it’s not too bad up there. They are totally baffled by the obscene racket that fridge is making, but it doesn’t seem to chase ‘em off. No one ever said cats were the most brilliant critters.

I’m Meeeeellllllttttiiiiing!

17 August 2007, 6:02 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Environment.

Heat Wave Kills at Least 37 Across South, Midwest

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Residents across the South and Midwest were hopeful that the weekend would bring some relief from brutal temperatures that have killed more than three dozen people and set records for power demand.

Forecasters expected temperatures in Memphis and other parts of the Mississippi Valley on Friday to drop slightly, into the 90s, a relief from several consecutive days of triple digits.

90′s eh? A veritable COLD front! I still think I’m going to be staying in a motel until they get the new a/c unit installed. I do NOT want to become one of those statistics.

Us and Them?

17 August 2007, 5:49 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

Education progress eludes Latinos

In freshman year at my East Los Angeles high school, my gym locker was next to one belonging to a gang member named Oscar. He was a swarthy guy with bulging biceps and numerous tattoos. Although I was terrified of him, Oscar was always friendly.

I admired Oscar, though he came to school only when he felt like it. He seemed bright, if not too motivated. But after a while, he stopped coming to school.

The first clue this guy should have picked up on…..”gang member”. Why should he be motivated? Someone convinced him that a life of crime paid a lot better than an education. Evidently, the strong possibility of death at a young age didn’t make an impression.

According to a study by the Center for Community Development and Civil Rights at Arizona State University, out of 100 Latinos males who start elementary school, 49 leave before high school graduation. Of those who finish high school, only 10 complete college. Our high school dropout rate (29%) surpasses that of white males (7%) and African-American males (14%).

Again, education isn’t pushed as important for success.

The report didn’t blame Latino males for this failing. Rather, it suggested that underperforming school systems were failing them. While also citing cultural, economic and institutional barriers to success, the report warned of the dangers of such a large segment of the population being consigned to the underclass.

I’ll grant you there are some seriously ‘underperforming school systems’, not to lay blame where it belongs, squarely on the underachiever, is ridiculous.

This problem is especially alarming because it is occurring simultaneously with an immigration and population boom among Hispanics. Consider that by 2050, one in four Americans will be Latino. I know that many students in immigrant families feel obligated to help their families financially, often at the cost of dropping out. I know it can be difficult for young Latinos to do well in school when they don’t have the support of other family members. But I still wonder why the public schools can work for others, yet not for us.

“Consider that by 2050, one in four Americans will be Latino.” Excuse me? Do you want to be ‘Latino’ or an American? If there was an influx of, say, Irish, would that read ‘one in four Americans will be Irish’? Odds are, no, unless the said Irish immigrants had no intention of becoming American citizens, and would do their utmost NOT to assimilate, as seems to be the case in said ‘Latino’ community.

Public education should be taught in the language of the land. The inability to speak the language is a sure fire way to find failure.

The Hispanic community wants this crisis addressed. In a study by the National Council of La Raza, Hispanic voters ranked education as their top concern in the presidential race — ahead of more-publicized issues such as immigration and health care.

This sounds like the Hispanic community wants someone else to solve a problem that could easily be solved. Learn the language, assimilate, and realize the importance of education. Blaming the host country for YOUR short comings does not endear you to our hearts.

I still believe guys like Oscar deserve a shot at social and economic mobility. I believe all young people do. And if the presidential hopefuls want to demonstrate their commitment to Hispanic voters, addressing our education crisis is the best place to start.

If Oscar didn’t apply himself, is it the president’s fault? Any president, any party? Not just no, but HELL no! The blame lies squarely on Oscar’s shoulders. He made a choice, as do many kids these days, not to take advantage of public education. This separating yourselves into a separate group is really getting annoying. If you come to this country, legally, become a citizen, you have the privilege of voting in elections….as an AMERICAN!

Morning Coffee 8/17/07 – Sleepless Edition

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Cave-In Kills 3 Utah Mine Rescuers, Injures 6 Others

A disastrous cave-in Thursday night killed three rescue workers and injured at least six others who were trying to tunnel through rubble to reach trapped miners, authorities said. Mining officials were considering whether to suspend the rescue effort.

I wonder if they should just stop now. My heart felt prayers are with the family and community.

State’s jobless rate dips to lowest level since late 2000

Tennessee’s unemployment rate remained at 4.1 percent in July, the same as the month before, giving the state its lowest jobless rate since December 2000.
State officials attributed the gains in part to 8,200 new construction jobs, the addition of 8,100 jobs in the leisure and hospitality sector and 5,800 positions in social assistance and health care.

Hmmm….doesn’t say a word about them being gubmint created jobs. This is a good thing.

Stomach-churning days on Wall Street could lead to recession troubles on Main Street

The stock market is on a stomach-churning ride, the nation’s once high-flying housing market is sinking deeper into gloom, and credit, the lifeblood of the economy, is drying up.

If consumers get nervous enough, many economists believe, all of these troubles could become the perfect storm that will plunge the country into a recession.

Well, that’s the biggest problem, isn’t it! People get scared, thanks to negative news, and they panic.

Comet-like star streaks through Milky Way


Nothing like this has ever previously been witnessed in a star, according to scientists who detected it using NASA’s Galaxy Evolution Explorer, an orbiting space telescope that observes the cosmos in ultraviolet light.


‘They were shouting ‘Sieg Heil”

Hapoel supporter Eyal Heled gave his account of events to Army Radio: “Disturbances broke out when fans in the Bosnian supporters’ section started shouting ‘Sieg Heil’ and making Nazi salutes. One of our fans then threw a firecracker into their section and then the Bosnian security forces rushed in and started hitting us indiscriminately.”

That’s just sick!

Radioactive poison that killed Litvinenko found at London lap dancing bar

Traces of the lethal radioactive poison which killed Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko have been found at four previously undisclosed sites – including a Mayfair lap dancing bar.

Odd, and a little disconcerting, that stuff is still showing up.

Saudi Arabia: Migrant domestics killed by employers

“The brutal killings of these Indonesian domestic workers occurred in an atmosphere of impunity fostered by government inaction,” said Nisha Varia, senior researcher in HWR’s Women’s Rights Division.

“Not only do the authorities typically fail to investigate or prosecute abusive employers, the criminal justice system also obstructs abused workers from seeking redress,” she added.

This is not the behavior of a civilized government. But then I wonder if ANY gubmint is actually civilized any more.

Democrats eye Hastert’s seat in House

Hastert was expected to announce Friday he won’t seek re-election next year, ending a career that made him the nation’s longest-serving Republican speaker of the House.

“I’m disappointed, but you know what? Very few people know when to hang up their spikes, and Denny has always had an understanding of that,” said Illinois House Republican leader Tom Cross. Cross called it “a sad day,” saying Hastert had been “so, so good in so many ways on policy and on politics.”

Can the Republicans PLEASE come up with a good SOLID conservative?

Relatives search bodybags in Peru quake as toll tops 500

Rescuers searched intensely through the night into morning Friday, combing rubble for any survivors after a powerful earthquake devastated cities and sent a church’s soaring ceiling tumbling down on hundreds of worshippers in southern Peru.

Prayers for all.