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Fix It!

23 August 2007, 7:31 pm. 1 Comment. Filed under Borders, Crime.

More Iraqis cross Southwest border seeking asylum

The number of Iraqis seeking asylum as they enter the United States over the nation’s Southwest border has nearly tripled this year compared with last, and the year isn’t even over, said Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell, a member of the president’s Cabinet who oversees the nation’s 16 intelligence agencies.

Um….if they are seeking ‘asylum’, why are they coming through the back door?

None of the Iraqis have been linked to terrorist activities, but McConnell said the crossings show that more attention is being paid to the Southwest border, including by terrorist groups searching to find entry routes — legal and illegal — with the goal of causing “mass casualties” after they arrive.

Wouldn’t it be a real good idea to start paying attention to the thousands that come across our Southwestern border? Like, say, a very large fence, gun turrets, little things like that? I don’t care if these folks are attached to any terrorist group…they are coming in without permission. That is a crime.

They’re coming in because they figured out how to get over the border illegally, McConnell said in an exclusive interview with the El Paso Times last week after speaking at the University of Texas at El Paso’s Border Security Conference.

Hello???? KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! D.C.???? Anybody home? Nope, all out to lunch!

In fiscal year 2006, which ended in September of that year, 14 Iraqi nationals were caught trying to enter illegally, according to McConnell’s office. So far in fiscal 2007, 16 have been caught.

“Now some we caught, some we didn’t,” he said. “The ones that get in — what are they going to do? They’re going to write home. So it’s not rocket science; word will move around.”

They should NOT be getting in….PERIOD! Either our federal government needs to start doing their job….NOW, or I’m pretty sure your average, every day person will do it for them, and fire the whole lot of them!

Evening Snack (8/23)

23 August 2007, 7:15 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under General News.

Clinton Vows to Improve Health Care

Hillary Rodham Clinton promised Thursday that as president she would improve health care quality by raising standards for providers, educating patients and requiring insurers to reward innovation.

Is Mrs. Bill Clinton going to start teaching doctors how to do their jobs? She, and every other politician needs to get out of my medical ‘business’. The constant fixing of problems that don’t exist does nothing more than create problems…. Teddy Kennedy and HMOs?

No graphic photos found in Foley e-mails

U.S. House officials, in rebuffing efforts by Florida investigators to access former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley’s congressional computers, said they found no sexually explicit photos in e-mails they reviewed, according to a letter obtained Thursday by The Associated Press.

I wasn’t aware there had been speculation that graphic photos had been involved.

Chávez’s iron grip on economy ‘unsustainable’

President Hugo Chávez’s tightening grip over Venezuela’s economy is generating distortions that economists fear could, paradoxically, eventually lead to a loss of control.

Ya think?

Mexico rejoices over minor damage after Dean

From Cancún’s hard partying clubs and bars to the serene beaches here, the chorus is the same: It wasn’t so bad.

Hurricane Dean, which in the end was more of a tease than a menace, generated a sigh of relief for tourists and locals who depend on tourism. A day after the most dangerous Atlantic hurricane in two decades made landfall on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, hotel and restaurant owners, shops and vendors rejoiced over the minor damage Dean caused in this region where the billion-dollar tourism industry is its lifeblood.

Thank goodness. I didn’t know where we’d go for Mr. Ol’ Broad’s birthday in January if the Carribean got trashed, again. Just kidding! I honestly am glad Dean crapped out before it could destroy the place.

Insurgent raid kills 22 villagers in Iraq

About 200 gunmen stormed two villages in Diyala province on Thursday, killing at least 22 members of a Sunni tribe and taking 15 people hostage in an attack thought to be retaliation for the Sunnis’ renunciation of al-Qaida-linked militants.

The dawn raid followed a mortar barrage on the villages of Tamim and Ibrahim al-Yahya , north of Baghdad in the volatile Tigris River valley where U.S.-led forces have been locked in battle with insurgents for weeks.

There is something seriously wrong with these people. I’m telling you….carpet bomb.

Conservative seniors accuse AARP of betrayal

After being criticized for supporting a bill recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives which proposed expanding the S-CHIP children’s health coverage, raising taxes, and cutting Medicare programs, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) now has a new charge leveled against them by conservatives concerning that bill.

Perhaps if seniors canceled their membership in droves, they’d get the message. There are alternatives to AARP ya know. Christian Seniors Association for one.

GE accused in lawsuit of racial bias in employment

An employee of General Electric Co. has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit claiming racial bias in pay, training, promotion and other employment issues.

LaWanda Geter, of Bridgeport, said in her lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court Wednesday and released by her lawyers Thursday that she has held various jobs at GE Commercial Finance-Corporate Financial Services since 1997. She is now assistant vice president in the bank loan group, “having been forced to accept an undesirable lateral transfer” in May.

I know this is going to sound extremely bigoted, but I’m with Bill Cosby. Change your name…drop the La. However, if the woman was qualified for the promotion, she should have received it. On the other hand, if not, then she needs to drop the suit.

Fond du Lac soldier dies in Iraq

A Winnebago Lutheran Academy graduate from Fond du Lac is among 14 military personnel who were killed Wednesday when a U.S. Black Hawk helicopter crashed during a nighttime mission in northern Iraq.

The local soldier has been identified as Derek A. Dobogai, a member of the WLA Class of 1999. He is the son of David and Lisa Dobogai.

R.I.P. Prayers with the family.

Talks with the Taliban gain ground

The process of reconciliation with the Taliban continues on both sides of the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. A Former top Taliban commander and present member of the Afghan Parliament, Mullah Abdus Salam Rocketti, and the former Taliban ambassador in Pakistan, Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef, are two key figures who have been holding talks with Taliban elders in southwestern Afghanistan for a political settlement at the behest of Western coalition forces.

You don’t sit down and have a chat with people like that. You charge them with crimes against humanity, convict them, and shoot their asses!

Pet owners pay £5,000 for collie to have the UK’s first canine knee replacement

Grace the bearded collie’s future looked to be going down the plughole when arthritis left her unable to walk.

But she is back on her paws again after becoming the first dog in Britain to have a knee replacement – paid for with the £5,000 her owners had saved up for a new bathroom.

Ya know, I really love our four legged ‘children’, but a knee replacement for a dog? Hmmmm…. I’m not too sure I’d consider paying $10,022.76 to replace any of their knees.

My Heroes!

23 August 2007, 8:53 am. 6 Comments. Filed under The Peacock War.

This is the answer to the ongoing war with the evil fowl?


HUMPH!  Funny fellows!  SMACK!

Fearing Fred

23 August 2007, 7:58 am. 4 Comments. Filed under 2008.


A top ally to Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani yesterday blasted Fred Thompson for attacking the former mayor – and New York City – before even declaring his candidacy for president.

“Run or keep your mouth shut!” snarled Guy Molinari, New York co-chairman for the Giuliani presidential campaign.

“If you want to bash people, jump into the pool. We’re waiting for you,” Molinari added.

Well now, that’s real classy! Does that mean if you aren’t a declared candidate for president, you aren’t allowed to slap any of the candidates down? Damn, we’re all screwed!

Giuliani’s adviser called Thompson out of bounds for penning a column on his blog blasting New York City’s gun-control laws under Giuliani and his successor, Mayor Bloomberg.

“He’s not just attacking Rudy. He’s attacking every resident of New York City,” Molinari charged.

Horse manure! We aren’t stupid, contrary to what the majority of New Yorkers think. We know who is anti gun, anti 2nd Amendment to be perfectly blunt!

Even before the column controversy, a liberal blogger had filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing Thompson of violating campaign-finance laws for electioneering before filing papers for his candidacy.

If that’s true, then I guess no one is allowed to speak out about today’s topics. That would include Jimmah Cahtah, and Bill “down on your knees” Clinton!

Thompson – who had criticized Giuliani, Bloomberg and Brooklyn federal Judge Jack Weinstein for going after out-of-state gun dealers – laughed off Molinari’s tirade.

“I am tempted to say that was a good ‘shot across our bow,’ ” a Thompson spokesman said yesterday, “but I’m afraid that same federal judge might go after those of us who manufacture out-of-state gun metaphors.”

No doubt, there is a judge somewhere, who would do just that.

Meanwhile, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign attacked both Thompson and Romney.

“I don’t recall Sen. Thompson and Gov. Romney blasting New York City when the GOP held its convention there three years ago. Leave it to this pair: They don’t just flip-flop on issues, now they flip-flop on cities, too,” Clinton spokesman Blake Zeff said.

What the hell does Thompson’s comments have to do with that???  Now if I read the column right, Fred was critisizing Rudy’s stand on gun control, not the bloomin’ city of New York.  Although, it does say a lot about the people who elect these folks.

algore and moose farts

23 August 2007, 7:01 am. 3 Comments. Filed under Environment.

Belching moose add to global warming

A grown moose belches out methane gas equivalent to 2,100 kilograms (4,630 pounds) of carbon dioxide a year, contributing to global warming, Norwegian researchers said Wednesday.

That is more than twice the amount of CO2 emitted on a round-trip flight across the Atlantic Ocean from Oslo to the Chilean capital Santiago, according to Scandinavian Airlines.

“An adult moose emits about 100 kilograms of methane gas a year. But methane gas is much stronger than carbon dioxide, so to get the equivalent you have to multiply by 21,” professor Odd Harstad at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences told AFP.

With an estimated 140,000 moose roaming Norway’s forests, that is a total of of 294,000,000 kilograms of CO2 per year.

My question: Who the hell gathered the data? Did they hold some sophisticated piece of equipment up to the moose’s butt? Did the moose hold still for this in cooperation of ‘scientific’ research?

The Hunt!

23 August 2007, 6:40 am. 2 Comments. Filed under The Peacock War.

I’m sitting here, waiting for the peacocks to make an appearance, so I can go wake up the big strong peacock hunters!  Mr. Ol’ Broad and our friend, Jiro, discussed last night how they would dispatch the invading birds.  Naturally, they are both still asleep, and even more naturally, the evil fowl have not bothered to show up.  It’s kind of late for them, but occasionally, they’ll visit a little later in the morning.  Perhaps they saw Jiro scoping out the terrain last evening?

Morning Coffee 8/23/07

23 August 2007, 6:33 am. Comments Off. Filed under General News.

Arizona School Suspends 13-Year-Old Boy for Drawing Gun

Officials at an Arizona school suspended a 13-year-old boy for sketching what looked like a gun, saying the action posed a threat to his classmates.

The boy’s parents said the drawing was a harmless doodle and school officials overreacted.

Overreacted? Gee, ya think?!? Did the morons think the doodle was going to shoot paper bullets? Criminy! What happened to common sense??

30 Mexican workers level kidnapping allegations against police in Mississippi town

Thirty Mexican nationals with visas to work in the U.S. claim police in Pascagoula kidnapped and threatened them with arrest or deportation if they did not return to an employer.

The workers, backed by the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance, the American Civil Liberties Union and other advocacy groups, said Wednesday that Pascagoula Police Capt. George Tillman threatened to send them to jail if they didn’t return to work for a recruitment company.
Under terms of their visas, the workers were permitted only to work for the company that sponsored them. A message seeking comment left after hours Wednesday with Southwest Shipyards was not immediately returned.

If they didn’t like the working conditions, or the pay, there were other avenues they could have taken, other than wandering on over to Mississippi.

3 killed as lightning hits near Madison bus stop

Two adults and a child were electrocuted by a downed power line on Madison’s north side late Wednesday afternoon as a storm swept through the city.


Record rout: Rangers win, 30-3


No need to step lightly here. Put simply the Rangers put a beating on the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday, the likes of which has never been seen before.

At least not since fielders started wearing gloves.

Now that, is a serious butt whuppin’!

Court: Sharif Can Return to Pakistan

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif can return to Pakistan from exile, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday, dealing another setback to President Gen. Pervez Musharraf.

And what would this mean to Pakistan’s fight against the terrorists?

Experts Tie Pigeon Dung, Bridge Collapse

Pounded and strained by heavy traffic and weakened by missing bolts and cracking steel, the failed interstate bridge over the Mississippi River also faced a less obvious enemy: pigeons.

Inspectors began documenting the buildup of pigeon dung on the span near downtown Minneapolis two decades ago. Experts say the corrosive guano deposited all over the Interstate 35W span’s framework helped the steel beams rust faster.

So, it wasn’t really Bush’s fault. It was the pigeons?

State’s senators say military strategy working

A new strategy of winning support for the U.S. military among local Iraqi leaders is working, Tennessee Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker said Wednesday in an upbeat report on their trip to the war-ravaged country.

“There is clear success province by province,” Alexander said.

He said al-Qaida terrorists have been pushed out in seven of the 18 provinces, and there is “enough security for Iraqis to live their lives.”

When the politicians step out of the picture and allow our military to do their job, then there will be successes.

Cold summer forces earliest French wine harvest on record

The first bunches of grapes for the manufacture of champagne will be snipped in north-eastern France today – one of the earliest wine harvests ever recorded. Despite miserable weather across much of France in June, July and August – which will greatly reduce the amount of wine produced – the 2007 vendanges, or grape-picking, will be two to three weeks ahead of the normal timetable in most of the country.

How does algore, the great global warming guru, explain this one?

US presses for presidential polls free of interference

The United States wants to see presidential elections in Lebanon held on time in accordance with the Lebanese Constitution, but most importantly wants elections free of external interference, according to Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Beirut William Grant, who spoke to the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation on Wednesday.

What? Queen Nan’s best bud? Interfering in the democratic process? Say it ain’t so! (sarcasm)

Law Would Be Curtains for Voyeurs

New legislation before the City Council could make it illegal for New Yorkers to look at a naked neighbor.

Council Member Peter Vallone Jr., a Democrat of Queens, is proposing to outlaw voyeurism by extending a state law that forbids nonconsensual peeping with cameras. He’d apply the law to also include, in the city, peeping with the naked eye.

So, let me get this straight. If I am standing in front of the window, butt nekkid, you can get arrested for looking? First off, calling 911 would be for the ambulance after you had a heart attack from the horror. Second, if I don’t want to be seen in my birthday suit, I shouldn’t be standing in front of the flippin’ window!  Is there law against exhibitionism too?