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Evening Snack (9/8) – grouchy edition

8 September 2007, 9:31 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under General News.

Troop Buildup, Yielding Slight Gains, Fails to Meet U.S. Goals

Seven months after the American-led troop “surge” began, Baghdad has experienced modest security gains that have neither reversed the city’s underlying sectarian dynamic nor created a unified and trusted national government.

Can you imagine, after our revolution, some country gave us ‘benchmarks’? I wonder how we would have reacted if we had been told we were failing, because we didn’t meet THEIR time tables?

Is the ‘Queen of Talk’ also a kingmaker?

“Hey, you were on ‘Oprah’!” the man said, stepping back to direct Obama’s car through the checkpoint with a friendly wave.

“It’s at that point that I realized the power of Oprah Winfrey,” Obama recalled in an interview Friday about his talk-show-host friend. “Her reach extended beyond the stereotypical demographic … And the appearance on her show amplified my profile around the country.”

If that’s what it comes down to, we are in deep, DEEP, ka-ka.

South Beach synagogue auctions off seats for at least $1.8 million

Just in time for the Jewish High Holidays, two lifetime front-row seats to services at the historic Temple Emanu-El synagogue in Miami Beach are being auctioned off on eBay with a minimum opening bid of $1.8 million.

I guess it’s a tad different in synagogues. Most folks I know don’t want to sit that close to the pastor. Afraid he’s single ‘em out, I guess. :)

Rendell will donate money from Hsu

After steadfastly standing by a fugitive who gave him $37,000 in campaign money, Gov. Ed Rendell said today he would donate that money to charity, after Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu yesterday forfeited $2 million in bail for failing to appear in a California courtroom.

Hsu sure was tossin’ it around. Is there a Dhimmie he didn’t give money to?

Al-Qaeda claims Algerian bombings

Members of al-Qaeda’s North Africa wing say they carried out two suicide attacks that have killed at least 50 people in Algeria in the past two days.

The group, which calls itself al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, made the claim in an internet statement.

I wonder if those Algerians think it’s a ‘bumper sticker’?

Pirates prowl seas of air travelers

Last year, 47.3 million people passed through DIA, Gallagher said. During that same period, 964 of them filed police reports on lost or stolen items. That means roughly two reports for every 100,000 passengers.

Although the airport’s lost-and-found room is crammed with items, recovering stolen property is difficult. Add the fact that passengers often catch connecting flights, meaning that the actual crime scene can be thousands of miles away, he said.

Don’t they screen airport employees?

Whale shot off Washington coast

An injured California gray whale was swimming out to sea Saturday after being shot with a machine gun off the western tip of Washington state, officials said.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Kelly Parker said five people believed to be members of the Makah Tribe shot and harpooned the whale Saturday morning. The extent of the whale’s injuries were not immediately known.

That’s real sporting of ‘em. A machine gun? Criminy!

Did I Miss The Test?

8 September 2007, 7:23 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Travel.

I have arrived in Dallas. I won’t say “safe and sound” because I have to question both.

I headed out about 8, stopped, filled up, got my coffee, made it through Memphis with no problem. Once I hit Arkansas, I honestly thought I had been transported to a different planet. The one that gives you the “Stoopid Test” before they hand out a license to drive. What is it with that state? Is there a law you have to be a complete blithering idiot before you get behind the wheel of a car, where by turning said vehicle into a weapon of mass destruction?

Just ONE example: There I am, tooling along, NOT in the passing lane, doing about 74, which is what the car in front of me was doing. So, along comes this guy who decides that’s not fast enough. NO problem, he signals, moves over and WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? Evidently, the moron from hell in the mini van thought he wasn’t passing me fast enough, and cuts in behind me, then whips over in front of the other car, missing both of us by barely six inches. I know, cuz I looked, and it’s a wonder I didn’t have to change my shorts!

Also, I’d like to know what Arkansas does with it’s transportation funds? Heaven knows they don’t use it for the Interstate system. Their roads seriously suck! And they damn sure don’t use a dime for the upkeep of the rest areas. Is there another law in that state that says that all restrooms have to be nasty? I can’t imagine the whole state is that bad, but those I have hit along I-30, and this includes convenience store, truck stops, etc., are all just down right third world!

Ok, enough griping about Arkansas.

Hey Fred…..I waved on my way through Rockwall….didja see me?  :)

Book Learnin’

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All Set!

8 September 2007, 6:40 am. Comments Off. Filed under Travel.

Or, at least I thought so.  I was loading up the car, thinking this is too easy.  I was right.  My computer case was way too light.  DUH!

Then I realized I hadn’t put my jewelry back on after my shower.  When I got to the earring part….no earrings.  Oh yeah, left ‘em on the table last night.  Well, they may have been there last night, but this morning is a completely different matter.  I knew Mr. Spot was more like a magpie, but I didn’t realize just how much.  He likes to play with my jewelry, especially if it is attached to parts of my bod.  sigh….  He likes shiny things.  This particular shiny thing was obviously not attached, so it was easily maneuvered to parts unknown.  The bad thing, they are REAL gold, and my favorites.  :(

So, I guess I’ll have to do a major search when I get back.  I’m heading out the door to Dallas…….again!  Families….gotta love ‘em!