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Holy Crap!

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I’m agreeing with Bill Maher?????  Well, partially.


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I wonder why it is that an average middle income family of six, during the 1960′s, could afford a mortgage, utilities, hospitalization, car payments, car insurance, life insurance, and a twice annual vacation, yet a family of three, in the 2000′s, making twice as much money, can’t afford a house, barely manages the utilities, can’t afford to get health insurance, and sure can’t afford to have a weekend away?

What is the difference between now, and then? Gubmint and lawyers maybe?

Morning Coffee 9/20/07

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Report: Bin Laden to Declare War on Musharraf in New Video

Usama bin Laden will release a new message soon declaring war on Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, Al Qaeda announced Thursday.

Just exactly what is this son of a dog’s name anyway? Osama, Usama…..who cares! Frag the SOB!

Judge halts executions by injection

Tennessee’s new lethal injection protocol is unconstitutional because the procedure could pose a significant risk of “unnecessary pain,” a federal judge ruled.

What a crock of crapola! Who cares if murderous scum feel a little pain right before they croak! Don’t like lethal injection? Shoot ‘em!

Tunisian fishermen face 15 years’ jail in Italy for saving migrants from rough seas

Seven Tunisian fishermen go on trial in Sicily today for the crime of rescuing 44 migrants from certain death in the sea. They are accused of aiding and abetting illegal immigration. If convicted, they face between one and 15 years in jail.

As anti ILLEGAL immigration as I am, I’d save their lives too, if able. I can see a fine, but 15 years? For saving lives? That just doesn’t make a damn bit of sense.

Rice says international peace conference must be ‘substantive’

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday an upcoming US-sponsored Middle East conference must be “substantive,” and that Israel and the Palestinians must draft a document before the meeting that lays “foundations for serious negotiations.”

Unless Miss Condi is prepared to do a mass ‘mind wipe’, I don’t see anything lasting coming out of such a meeting.

Mayor cites irregularities with early voting machines

They are charging that technical errors or possible malfeasance are threatening the election’s integrity, and they are seeking to bring federal officials into Memphis to monitor the municipal election.

Although they would not provide names of those complaining nor the number of complaints, they used two Wednesday morning press conferences to question the integrity of the early-voting process. Carpenter said they had “documented proof” of voters’ troubles with the machines.

This guy doesn’t want to lose his cushy job. If there is ‘evidence’, let’s see it! Otherwise, all I can believe is that he’s losing, and doesn’t like it.

Roman backlash at McDonald’s boom

When McDonald’s hoisted their Golden Arches in sight of Rome’s Spanish Steps 20 years ago, there was one happy outcome: a food and wine critic from Turin called Carlo Petrini was so infuriated by this particular barbarian invasion that he launched the Slow Food Movement, a personal crusade against the Big Mac and everything it represented.

One thing that really irritated me when Brat and I left the train station in Paris….the first thing we saw was a bloomin’ McDonalds’s. The don’t blend in with the architecture! I don’t patronize them here, I’m sure as hell wouldn’t patronize them in Rome!

New York to Ahmadinejad: ‘No’
Rebuffs Bizarre Bid To Lay a Wreath at Ground Zero

“This is a matter for the City of New York to resolve,” a spokesman for the National Security Council at the White House, Gordon Johndroe, said. He added pointedly: “It seems odd that the president of a country that is a state sponsor of terror would visit ground zero.” Minutes later, Bloomberg administration officials were saying privately that a visit by Mr. Ahmadinejad anywhere near ground zero was “not going to happen.”

If it were up to me, the minute he stepped off the plane the scuzball would be clapped in irons, and thrown UNDER the dungeon. But hey, that’s just me.

Polish Leader Visits USSR Massacre Site

By going to such an emotionally sensitive site and by failing to meet with President Vladimir Putin, Kaczynski’s trip appeared to underline persistent Russia-Poland tensions, which have been constant since Poland broke away from Soviet control in 1989.

Russia resents Poland’s European Union and NATO membership and is upset over Poland’s willingness to host elements of a U.S. missile-defense system.

Since the Russian leader has been making hostile noises, I don’t blame the guy for not scheduling a meeting with him. If Russia wants to get along with its neighbors, then perhaps they should stop moving back towards a dictatorship?

Iran condemns terrorist blast in Lebanon

According to Foreign Ministry Media Department report, Hosseini said, “This terrorist act aimed to cause instability in Lebanon in the current sensitive situation, when the initiative of Lebanon parliament speaker is taking shape.”  He added, “Such an event comes from Lebanon’s known enemies’ plots, and upon the past background of such suspicious moves in the sensitive times of Lebanon, it comes from ominous plots of the Zionist regime, which has always been threatening Lebanese sovereignty, independence, security and people’s solidarity.”

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if such ‘plots’ were created by Iran itself.

Shhh….I’m Hunting Those Wrascaly Peacocks!

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Ok, not me exactly. Jiro, on the other hand, is out there, right now, shotgun in hand! Naturally, no sightings of the evil fowl……….so far! Mr. Ol’ Broad decided it was a mite too early for him to be out and about. Since the birds usually make an appearance anywhere from 7 to 9 in the mornings, can’t say as I blame him. But then, Jiro is an early riser, the Mr. is not.

UPDATE: The Mr. has, as of 7:30, has joined in the wait. You know full well, because they are out there, ready to take aim, the feathered pond scum will NOT show up! sigh….

Update 2: Couldn’t resist!


“I’m at one with the perennials.”

And no sign of the evil birds.