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Fifty eight very disturbing pictures from 9/11 I had never seen before.

Slide show.

Thanks to Connie.

Update:  Seems there’s a problem with the slide show.  I’ll attempt to rectify this afternoon.  Apologies.


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Mr. Ol’ is heading back to Wisconsin this evening. So, instead of Jr and I driving back in the dark like I did last time, we came to Memphis early and are checked into a hotel. Lemme tell ya, there are some really nice places to stay in Memphis……this ain’t one of ‘em. But hey, by their prices, you’d think it is. sigh…

We had hoped to catch the ducks at The Peabody, but sadly, were about 30 minutes too late. Naturally, we got lost finding our hotel which made us late. :( With nothing better to do, and hunger knocking on ribs, the three of us decided to walk down to the serious tourist area, which was only about six blocks away.

We passed a park with a statue of Jefferson Davis:


Yeah, it was a bit cloudy at the time, but the sign said it was Davis, so I’m going to take their word for it.

We turned down Beale Street and came across a statue of…..who else…….?


Well, Elvis, of course.

We mosied on down the street, trying to pick a place to eat.


Honestly, there were way too many places to choose from, but the Mr. decided he wanted to try out a particular place, so, that’s where we ate. I honestly can’t remember the name. King something or other? Wasn’t bad, but I’ve had better ribs.

While we were waiting for our check, we happened to see…..


….a whole bunch of seasoned citizens dancing in the street. Hey, why not! They definitely had a lot more energy than we did at that point.

We’ve decided we’re going to have to come back and stay for a few days. There seems to be a WHOLE lot of touristy type stuff to see and do. Now that we’re getting our bearings, it should be a bit easier. Hopefully, the Mr will be down here on a permanent basis in a couple of months, but right now, he’s on a train, heading north.


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This morning we had our first Spanish lesson.  I now have a headache…THIS………………………………………………………BIG!  Jr, who is extremely bright, has NO patience whatsoever.  We did manage to get through 2 full lessons before I couldn’t take it any more, and decided SHE needed a break. 

Columbia’s Invited Guest

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Morning Coffee 9/24/07

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‘Strike ruined chances for peace between Syria and Israel’

The September 6 air strike on a Syrian nuclear facility has destroyed any chances for peace between Syria and Israel, senior Syrian officials said Monday.

The officials in question told Reuters that Damascus had been cautious about responding to the alleged IAF attack because of Israel’s military superiority and the fact that other Arab nations “did not support Syria.”

Oh yeah, like there was a real chance of peace between any Muslim country supported by the Middle East’s version of Hitler and the tiny nation of Israel. Gimme a break!

Ahmadinejad Arrives for New York Visit

Columbia President Lee Bollinger has promised to grill Ahmadinejad on subjects such as human rights, the Holocaust and Iran’s disputed nuclear program. The Iranian leader previously has called the Holocaust “a myth” and called for Israel to be “wiped off the map.”

Bollinger said Monday it was a question of free speech and academic freedom.

“It’s extremely important to know who the leaders are of countries that are your adversaries. To watch them to see how they think, to see how they reason or do not reason. To see whether they’re fanatical, or to see whether they are sly,” he told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

If this asshat doesn’t know who the guy is, he’s not very well educated, is he. So much for being an Ivy League joint.

United Auto Workers Rev Up for Strike Against GM

After 20 straight days of negotiations, the United Auto Workers union said it would strike General Motors Corp. Monday morning if a new contract agreement isn’t reached, citing the automaker’s failure to address job security and other concerns.

I wouldn’t swear to it, but I’m fairly sure there are 73,000 people who would just LOVE to have their jobs, without all the ‘cradle to grave’ nonsense.

Scouts missing in North Carolina mountains

Rescue teams are searching in Haywood County this morning for eight Boy Scouts and three leaders who failed to return from a camping trip over the weekend.

Prayers for their safe return.

UPDATE: Rescuers find Scouts in N.C. mountains

Some Nashville inmates sue over medical care

In one of the lawsuits filed in July, inmate Candy Allen accuses the company of not providing medication for heart problems, for vertigo and for vomiting.

James Nicholson Jr. sued in April, alleging it took a month for medical staff to respond to requests for help when he was jailed with a broken arm.

Nicholson said he went to the hospital after he was released, and “he was informed that his arm had healed in a broken position and would need to be re-broken,” the lawsuit says.

Inmate lawsuits are not uncommon.

Here’s a novel concept….if you want health care, don’t make CRIMINAL your career choice.

Iran shuts border with Iraqi Kurds

The person — one of several Iranians in U.S. custody in Iraq — “has been involved in transporting improvised explosive devices and explosively formed penetrators into Iraq. Intelligence reports also indicate he was involved in the infiltration and training of foreign terrorists in Iraq.”

But Iraqi President Jalal Talabani — who blasted the United States for the arrest — said the Iranian official is a civil servant who was on an official trade mission in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

Let’s see….’intelligence’ or ‘trade mission’. Hmmm…. I’d be inclined to err on the side of caution. Guess Talibani would rather suck up to Iran.

Gay football World Cup kicks off

More than 500 footballers from 28 countries are getting ready to kick off at the gay World Cup in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

The mental image……………………………….

Waupun Walgreens development moves ahead

A groundbreaking for the new Walgreens store in Waupun should take place this winter.

Before, or after, the ground freezes?

New enforcement initiatives could mean more deportations

Illegal immigrants have historically faced little chance of being caught and deported if they make it to non-border areas like Memphis.

But new immigration enforcement initiatives in the Mid-South likely mean more deportations are coming.

The efforts will focus on deporting illegal immigrants who have previous contact with immigration courts or the criminal justice system.

It’s a start.

Seniors protest doughnut ban

It was just another morning at the senior center: Women were sewing, men were playing pool — and seven demonstrators, average age 76, were picketing outside, demanding doughnuts.

They wore sandwich boards proclaiming, “Give Us Our Just Desserts” and “They’re Carbs, Not Contraband.”

At issue is a decision to refuse free doughnuts, pies and bread that were being donated to senior centers around Putnam County, north of New York City. Officials were concerned that the county was setting a bad nutritional precedent by providing mounds of doughnuts and other sweets to seniors.

Ya know, at that age, I’d say they could eat damn thing they want! Actually, at ANY age.

Another Question

24 September 2007, 6:21 am. 8 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

Where, in the U. S. Constitution, does it grant foreigners hell bent on our destruction the same rights and privileges as it does the citizens?


We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Amendment I:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

I don’t see anywhere that it says giving Ahmabooboo a forum is part of OUR rights. So, all those people at Columbia University, who think they are so ‘progressive’ seem to have a completely different view of the Constitution than I do.

Is there a statute of limitations on terrorist kidnapping?  If it were up to me, the murderous dictator wouldn’t be putting one cell of his evil self on our shores.  (One more reason to the U.N. out of the U.S.!)  Why aren’t the FBI, or CIA, or hell, even the Port Authority, going to be waiting to clap him into irons, instead of taxpayer Secret Service giving him an escort and PROTECT the POS?

Just wondering.