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Morning Coffee 10/02/07

2 October 2007, 9:15 am. 9 Comments. Filed under General News.

Arlington police blame rivalry in gang slayings of 2 youths

A bloody feud between two street gangs has exacted a heavy toll at an Arlington high school in just over two months.

Police are now saying that a Sam Houston High School football player and another youth who had attended the school were gang members slain in separate incidents by members of a rival gang.

Gangs involved? What a shocker! (sarcasm)

Wyatt enters plea in oil trial

One day before the prosecution was to rest in Oscar Wyatt’s fraud and conspiracy trial, both sides chose to call it quits.

After three weeks of testimony, the Houston oilman accused of funneling millions of dollars in illegal kickbacks to Saddam Hussein’s regime pleaded guilty Monday to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

“I didn’t want to waste any more time, at 83 years old, fooling with this operation,” Wyatt said Monday after pleading guilty in a Manhattan federal court. “The quicker I get it over with the better.”

So, the slime ball goes to prison, gets taxpayer funded medical care, 3 squares, a roof over his head and he’s 83. Well, let’s face it, odds are, he’s going to that special place reserved for scum in short order.

Immigrants stir up Greeley

The sight of the flag of the Minutemen – a volunteer organization that independently patrols the Mexico/ U.S. border looking for illegal entrants – erected next to the Stars and Stripes startled Jasmin Corral.

“I thought, ‘What am I getting into?”‘ said Corral, an elementary education student at the University of Northern Colorado. She spoke at a meeting held last week at UNC to discuss the district attorney’s meeting.

Corral and other Latinos in Greeley said the forum stoked already heated racial tensions.

“It’s clear it was like the old rallies in Germany that promoted the idea that Jews were vermin and the root of all problems,” said Jose Suarez, professor of Hispanic studies at UNC, who did not attend Buck’s meeting.

What a crock! Comparing those who continuously break the law of the land with Hitler’s attempt to exterminate an entire segment of the population is absolutely LUDICROUS! I don’t see any smoke stacks waiting for the ILLEGALS! What an ass!

Manhunt widens for sex-tape suspect

Investigators interviewed people with connections to a fugitive accused of videotaping himself raping a little girl, hoping to find a suspect they describe as a violent survivalist who always carries a weapon.

Someone knows where this excrement is, and if they don’t speak up, they are just as guilty!

Abbas: I have the right as a refugee to return to my Galilee home

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Tuesday that he had the right as a refugee to return to his home in the Galilee, but that he and other refugees would figure out how to actualize this right in an agreement with Israel.

Ya know, I bet if the Palestinians would stop trying to slaughter people, Israel wouldn’t have much of a problem letting him, or anyone else, go ‘home’.

New Passport Regulations Start For U.S. Travelers

If you’re flying to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda — you’ll need a passport as of today.
The new Homeland Security mandate actually went into effect earlier this year, but caused such an uproar the government gave travelers a grace period.

A woman at SFO had planned to fly to Puerto Vallarta this morning but she didn’t have a passport. After talking with the airlines, they agreed to let her board but without a passport, she cannot return to the U.S.. The rule is clear: starting today, air travelers flying between the U.S. and Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean must pack a passport, or be left behind.

I’ve had a passport 1973, so I don’t much care. Not that I’ll be going anywhere for a while. sigh….

‘Home by Christmas’ pledge to 1,000 Basra troops

The British military force in Basra is to be cut by 1,000 by Christmas, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said today.

Speaking during a visit to Iraq, Mr Brown said he believed that Basra province could be handed over to full Iraqi control within the next two months.

“What we propose to do over these next few months is to move from a situation where we have a combat role to an overwatch role.”

And if things go from bad to worse, will the Brits return to combat mode? Just curious.

Nurses strike at Appalachian hospitals

Hundreds of nurses in the Appalachian regions of Kentucky and West Virginia went on strike yesterday, demanding better benefits and staffing from the area’s largest health care provider.

At least 600 registered nurses began picketing in shifts just after midnight outside Appalachian Regional Healthcare hospitals, said Pat Tanner, lead negotiator for the Kentucky and West Virginia nurses association.

Well gee, as long as ‘we’ get better bennies, who gives a happy crap about patient care, right?

Gays slammed in school paper
Some say Kell student’s argument against same-sex marriage should have been censored.

An editorial in a Kell High inaugural student publication characterizing homosexuals as victims of reproductive error or an unusual upbringing has caused a storm of controversy among some students and faculty on the north central Cobb campus.

The opinion piece written by student Thomas Benjamin suggests that gays should be denied the privilege of marrying.

Sophomore Kurt Webster said Monday he was surprised the student paper chose to publish such a controversial article. “It should not have been in the paper,” he said. “It could hurt people’s feelings.”

Uh huh. Heaven forbid anyone’s feelings should get hurt by someone’s opinion. Toughen up kid! Life is NOT going to hand you daisies. Kind of sad we’re turning out a bunch of wussies. But I guess censorship is the new norm for education? Well, only if it’s something that speaks out against the libby agenda.

Cops Arrest Cleveland Woman in Bathtub Drowning Deaths of Her Two Daughters

A woman arrested after her two young daughters were found dead in a bathtub struggled with the pressures of being a mother and going to school, neighbors said.

The father of the two young girls pulled them from a bathtub Monday, where they apparently drowned, police said.

I’m sorry, but if she was having trouble coping, which is not all that unusual when small children are involved, she should have asked for help. The first thought that entered my head was the ‘dunking stools’ used in the Salem witch trials.

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  1. Sean. 2 October 2007, 11:44 am

    Just curious…If that same paper runs an editorial that says Children that come from Christian homes are being brought up in an environment filled with delusion and fantasy, fosterd further by their delusional parents, would it be just as OK to tell those offended or have had their feelings hurt to “toughen Up”, because it is just an opinion?

  2. olbroad. 2 October 2007, 3:15 pm

    Both. :)

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  4. Sean. 2 October 2007, 4:43 pm

    Thank you Switzerland :)

  5. olbroad. 2 October 2007, 8:26 pm

    LOL Ok ok ok…. Actually, it already happens. Does the ACLU ring a bell? Yet we have allowed them continue to erode what the nation was built on. Christians have been ‘toughened up’ for centuries. :/

  6. Sean. 2 October 2007, 9:29 pm

    Personnally I think everything should be fair game. But you have to admit that statement of “Reproductive Error” certainly does have a Hitleresque ring to it. And no I am not one of those people who makes that comaparisson often, or lightly.

  7. olbroad. 3 October 2007, 8:29 am

    I would think ‘reproductive error’ has nothing to do with what happened in the Germany of the 1930′s. And honestly, I think ‘choice’ and environment has much more to do with it. And of course, I’m going to get blasted for that. :)

  8. Sean. 3 October 2007, 8:55 am

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. Saying it is a choice is like saying someone chooses to be Black or white. Honestly why would someone choose to be ridiculed, hated, ostricized, etc. It is who you are. With all due respect I think those who want to believe it is a choice do so because of they are uncomfortable with who someone is. Its kind of like all those non-smokers who are uncomfortable with all you smokers, so they ridicule, and ostracize you :).

  9. olbroad. 3 October 2007, 9:15 am

    Smart ass! LOL

    I have to tell ya, the majority of the gay people I have known in my lifetime could basically trace back to an event of some sort when they ‘realized’ they were gay. I’m not saying ALL gays made such a choice voluntarily. Yes, sometimes nature does make mistakes….look at the platypus. :) Ok, bad example, but I’m just in that kind of mood today.

    Naturally, I do not believe anyone should be ridiculed. Well, unless they actually go out of their way to create the scenario. :/ Like Reid and Pelosi….but that’s another issue. :)