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Perfect Solution to the Gubmint ‘Problem’

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Swiped from Boots & Sabers.


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FOX To Air Controversial Documentary on Islam

A controversial film that PBS axed from its documentary series about the post-Sept. 11 world will be broadcast for the first time nationwide this week by the FOX News Channel.

The documentary, originally titled “Islam vs. Islamists,” was produced by ABG Films with $675,000 in public funds from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It was originally slated to run earlier this year as part of PBS’ “America at a Crossroads” series.

The film follows moderate Muslims who have challenged the “Islamists” who espouse a more radical view of their religion. The film shows the Islamists advocating, among other things, the imposition of Sharia law on Muslims in the West, the stoning of women who commit adultery, and even violence and terrorism.

“Islam vs. Islamists” will be seen in its entirety as part of an all-new FOX News Channel special. The 90-minute FOX program, called “Inside Islam: Faith vs. Fanatics,” includes interviews with “Islam vs. Islamists” director and producer Martyn Burke and executive producer Frank Gaffney. It will be broadcast at 9 p.m. ET on Saturday, Oct. 20.  (That’s 8 p.m. central!  )

Burke and Gaffney told FOX News they didn’t set out to make a conservative documentary, but rather one that portrays the plights of some moderate Muslims since Sept. 11.


After viewing the film PBS executives in charge of the “America at a Crossroads” series told the filmmakers that it was “alarmist” and “overreaching” and that PBS would not run it.

Burke and Gaffney, a former Reagan administration official, said that they made a series of changes to accommodate PBS. Ultimately, however, they concluded the problem wasn’t their film, but liberal bias at PBS.

Taxpayer funded media bias.

H/T: Bear Creek Ledger

Thompson’s Speech

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I just watched Fred Thompson’s speech at the Value Voters shindig.  I have to say, he’s not the most inspiring speaker, but if he is sincere about what he says, and I think he is, then he definitely would be the best choice.  We don’t need a charismatic speaker in the White House, we need a ‘git ‘r done’ guy.

Bring on the Girls!

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Air pollution leads to more baby girls

More girls than boys are born in some Canadian communities because airborne pollutants called dioxins can alter normal sex ratios, even if the source of the pollution is many kilometres away, researchers say.

Dioxin exposure has been shown elsewhere to lead to both higher cancer rates and the birth of more females.

Researchers at the IntrAmericas Centre for Environment and Health say their findings, released this month, confirm the phenomenon in Canada.

Normally, 51 per cent of births are boys and 49 per cent are girls. But the ratio was reversed — with as few as 46 males born for every 54 females — in Canadian cities and towns where parents were exposed to pollutants from sources such as oil refineries, paper mills and metal smelters, according to the study.

“If you find an inverted sex ratio, and want to know what causes it, look for sources of dioxin,” said James Argo, a medical geographer who headed the study, which was published in a journal of the American Chemical Society.

“In every one of those cities where those industries are found . . . there was a higher probability of female births to male births,” Argo said.

Perhaps G-d is trying to balance out the population from all those baby girls who have been intentionally killed?

Just a thought.

Weasels Join Forces?

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Religious Conservatives Face Hard Choices

Religious and cultural conservatives, a political force skeptical of the leading Republican presidential candidates, are caught in a tug of war between pragmatism and ideology.

“My head and my heart are fighting with each other,” said Phil Burress, an Ohioan who has lobbied hard for federal and state bans on gay marriage.

I’m afraid our heads and hearts are going to have to do a little compromising.

The vexing choices facing these voters:

-Rudy Giuliani, a thrice-married New Yorker who differs with them on abortion, gays and guns but who polls show offers a strong chance to beat a Democrat next fall.

-Mitt Romney, a Mormon from Massachusetts who didn’t entirely share their views in the past but who insists he now does.

-Fred Thompson, a Tennessean who hasn’t been a vocal champion of their core issues but who had a right-leaning Senate voting record.

-John McCain, an Arizona senator who has a clear socially conservative resume but who dismissed their leaders “agents of intolerance” in 2000.

-Mike Huckabee, a Southern Baptist minister and true believer who has an extraordinary hill to climb for the nomination.

Vexing – Function: adjective : causing or likely to cause vexation : vexatious  Yep, that pretty much covers how a lot of folks feel about now.

For now, social-issue conservatives are scattered across the field of candidates.

It’s a splintering that is, perhaps, more severe than in previous presidential elections and that raises questions about the power of a long-influential part of the GOP base. The restiveness has prompted talk of a possible third-party bid, a certain political death knell for the GOP nominee.

Not to mention a shoe in for the Dhimmi candidate, likely the Hildebeast. Do we really want that? No, I don’t think so!

Reflecting the quandary these voters face, Focus on the Family’s James Dobson has rejected Giuliani and has panned both McCain and Thompson. Romney is the only leading candidate Dobson hasn’t denounced – but he hasn’t publicly backed Romney either.

Which, honestly, surprises me, since, to paraphrase Dodson’s words about Fred Thompson, “He’s not really a Christian.”

“There’s no one Republican presidential candidate that inspires them, and the movement leaders can find fault in one way or another with all the candidates,” said John Green, a senior fellow at the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. “It’s hard to tell if it means that their influence is waning. But they’re likely to have more influence if they stay united. The longer they stay behind several candidates, the less influence they’ll have.”

Sadly, this is true. We really need to start pulling together. Otherwise, we’ll have a push towards socialism, and serious Dhimmitude, from which, we may never be able to recover.

Associated Press-Ipsos polls show that nearly two-thirds of Republicans consider themselves conservative, with Thompson and Giuliani getting about equal support from that group while McCain and Romney trail.

How ’bout a Thompson/Guiliani ticket? Ok, I might even go for a Guiliani/Thompson one, but I wouldn’t be really happy. The idea however, it to keep this country from turning so far left, we’d be useless, kind of like France.

Some are trying to see a silver lining in the lack of a favored candidate.

“It’s important to have our people in as many different campaigns as possible so our issues aren’t lost,” said Kelly Shackelford, president of the Free Market Foundation in Texas who isn’t backing any one person yet.

She might be right, although the Dhimmis might see this as a weakness, and pounce when we finally do get behind one candidate.

As the summit opens, attendees will watch for the fallout from several recent developments:

-Influential social conservative leaders met privately in Salt Lake City to weigh their options if Giuliani wins the nomination. They overwhelmingly approved a resolution pledging to support a minor-party candidate if the Democratic and Republican nominees back abortion rights, and discussed possibly creating a third party. The group meets again Saturday in Washington.

A sure fire way to hand the Dhimmis a victory.

-Giuliani, the former New York mayor who backs abortion and gay rights, won the support of two anti-abortion Republicans, including Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Romney, who once backed abortion rights but has reversed himself, earned the endorsement of Bob Jones III, the chancellor of a Christian fundamentalist school in South Carolina.

I still don’t get the Perry thing. Or the Jones thing, for that matter.

-Thompson entered the race late and, thus far, has failed to emerge as the conservative white knight his backers had promised. He posted an advertisement on conservative Web sites this week criticizing Romney and Giuliani on values issues. “Fred Thompson. The REAL Conservative,” it declares.

Well, he’s more conservative over the long haul than the others claim to be.

-Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas, a darling of the religious right, decided to drop out of the race after his campaign failed to catch on. That leaves his supporters searching for a candidate, and at least two competitors – Huckabee and McCain – hoping for Brownback’s endorsement.

Neither of which will get the nomination, even if they stick with it.

So, what to do? I have NO clue. I do know one thing, however. If those who are pissing and moaning that if their particular candidate doesn’t get the nomination, they won’t vote, then we all better get use to another Clinton in the White House. And to me, that is TOTALLY unacceptable!

Morning Coffee 10/19/07

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Clinton Says Universal Heath Care Plan Will Not Cover Illegal Immigrants

As for ways to reduce pressure on the overburdened health care system, she said she could envision using “carrots and maybe a few sticks” to motivate people to lose weight and make other behavioral changes that could help.

Carrots to feed them and sticks to beat them? It’s all about control, and that woman wants it!

Venezuela Reforms Raise Fears About Civil Rights

Venezuela’s National Assembly is debating constitutional reforms that President Hugo Chavez says are necessary for his so-called 21st century socialist revolution. In Miami, VOA’s Brian Wagner reports that critics say the reforms may threaten civil rights and give too much power to Mr. Chavez.

The 58 proposals are the latest effort by President Chavez and his supporters to reform the constitution. They say the effort aims to reverse decades of corrupt and unfair rule. The government-controlled National Assembly has already approved 33 of the measures and is expected to back the remaining ones in coming days.

One of the most controversial proposals would give the government new powers, such as suspending a person’s right to due process and access to information, if the president declares a state of emergency.

Well, you have to give him credit. At least he’s up front about wanting total control over people’s lives. Here, they whittle away, little by little, so we don’t really notice. There, he’s doing in just a few HUGE steps.

Official Cites Qaida Link in Bhutto Bomb

The suicide attack that killed up to 136 people and shattered former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto’s joyous return from exile bore the hallmarks of a warlord tied to al-Qaida and the Taliban, authorities said Friday. Forensic experts studied a severed head to determine the bomber’s identity.

Pakistan, fairly open borders with Afghanistan….al-Qaeda…..Taliban. Yep, I’d say it was a sure bet. I think the fear they have of Bhutto pretty much proves they have tiny winkies.

Pedophile Suspect Held in Thailand After Interpol Decodes Photo

Thai police arrested a Canadian teacher after Interpol computer experts unscrambled disguised images of a man’s face from photographs on the Internet that showed him sexually abusing Southeast Asian boys.

One pedofreak down, way too many more too go. Each one is a good start. Ain’t technology grand?

Schools take hard line against public displays of affection

A 7-year-old boy in Duncanville gets in trouble for telling a classmate to wear a darker shirt because he can see her bra strap. The school suspends him and labels the incident as sexual harassment.

This kind of thing isn’t ‘hard line’, it just plain ignorance. If this is what they call sexual harassment, we have bigger problems in the public schools than I thought. They can toss out birth control to 11 year olds, but telling a girl her bra is showing is bad? I am truly disgusted!

2 dead, 5 wounded in 5 overnight shootings

A 26-year-old man was killed and another man was wounded when gunfire erupted near a north side night club early this morning in the latest of five overnight shootings.

The shooting outside of Questions, near N. 31st St. and W. North Ave., was the second fatal shooting last night, marking the city’s 84th and 85th homicides of 2007. There were 89 homicides at this time last year, according to police.

Guess Milwaukee is jealous of Memphis’ #1 in crime status. Doing a little catch up? Sheesh!

Reconstruction lagging in southern Iraq; Iran stepping in

A new U.S. government report suggests that American officials may have little hope of influencing developments in Iraq’s southern provinces amid growing concerns about Iranian involvement there.

The report, released Thursday by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, said that poor security prevents U.S. and coalition civilian officials from meeting with many of their Iraqi counterparts, yet Iranians can travel unmolested in the region.

Weren’t the Brits suppose to be dealing with the southern area? I thought that’s why they were leaving, cuz it was all better. Hmmmm……

An unlikely treasure-trove of donors for Clinton

All three locations, along with scores of others scattered throughout some of the poorest Chinese neighborhoods in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, have been swept by an extraordinary impulse to shower money on one particular presidential candidate — Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Dishwashers, waiters and others whose jobs and dilapidated home addresses seem to make them unpromising targets for political fundraisers are pouring $1,000 and $2,000 contributions into Clinton’s campaign treasury. In April, a single fundraiser in an area long known for its gritty urban poverty yielded a whopping $380,000. When Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) ran for president in 2004, he received $24,000 from Chinatown.

Wow! Who knew working in a restaurant, at any position, paid so well! Interesting. (sarcasm) I guess dirty money just has to throw itself at the Clintons, doesn’t it. Can’t help itself.

US arrogant attitudes pave way for ‘World War III’: Cleric

Tehran’s substitute Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami condemned recent remarks by US President George W.Bush and said the US arrogant attitudes, not Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities, can pave the way for World War III President Bush, in his remarks on Wednesday, threatened that the world should convince Iran to abandon its nuclear activities to avoid World War III.

Well, since the MSM got what Bush said wrong, it’s not surprising that this bozo would get it wrong too. A few facts: Iran is trying to develop nuclear power. Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map. Yup! 2 + 2 still equals 4.

Bidding ends today on Limbaugh letter

On Thursday evening, eBay bids were nearing $1 million for a letter that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., sent to San Antonio-based Clear Channel Communications Inc. asking it to reject Limbaugh’s comments and to pressure the conservative talk show host into apologizing.

The auction ends at noon today.

Better get your bid in quick!! :)

Olmert: I returned from Moscow reassured

“The Russians were very good hosts, and the president warmly welcomed the prime minister,” an entourage member said. “The prime minister believes that a great part of the diplomatic work is being done through interpersonal meetings between heads of state.

“This is the network he has created worldwide, and this serves the State of Israel and people of Israel. He can arrive almost anywhere, and in the Kremlin, where he has an excellent relationship with Preisdent Putin, he was welcomed in a wonderful manner.”

And Bush bought into Putin’s BS too.

New U.S. visas offered to illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants who are victims of violent crimes in the U.S. can now apply for special visas, seven years after Congress offered protection against deportation to those who cooperate with law enforcement agencies.

The U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services is finally starting to process the visas this week, agency spokeswoman Marilu Cabrera said.

Being the ‘racist’ (sarcasm) that I am, my first thought…..I wonder how many illegals will file false reports just to get this special visa created just for them?

Yet Another B.S. Moment From D.C.

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Historic bill in Senate to fight warming
California law a model for new measure

A bipartisan group of senators, borrowing heavily from California’s efforts to fight climate change, fired the starting gun on what’s expected to be a long global-warming debate in Congress with a proposal for limits on greenhouse gases affecting every major segment of the nation’s economy.

Can we kick Mexifornia out of the Union? Some of the hair brained ideas that have been forced on the rest of us is getting seriously old…..and expensive.

“Today will be remembered as a turning point in the fight against global warming,” said California Sen. Barbara Boxer, chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

I use to think those elected to Congress were fairly smart, of course, that was when I was much younger, and naive. Nope. What they are is sneaky. Cuz they sure didn’t get elected for their intelligence. OR common sense.

“The goal should be to keep the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere below 500 parts per million,” Lieberman said. “That will avoid what (scientists) describe as a high risk of severe global warming impacts here in the United States … but also around the world.”

Are the Chinese going to follow this law too? How ’bout India? Maybe all those developing countries who apparently are exempt from any responsibility for their own pollution?

Warner acknowledged that the new limits would burden industry and taxpayers. But he said less painful approaches – like the Bush administration’s call for voluntary cuts – would not be enough to meet the global threat of climate change.

Well hey, if it burdens industry and us lil ol’ taxpayers, no big deal, right?

“We believe the bill’s proposed greenhouse gas emissions reductions are ‘too much, too soon,’ ” said Jack Gerard, president and CEO of the American Chemistry Council, a trade group of plastic and chemical manufacturers. He warned the bill would “turn energy markets upside down, causing massive reductions in coal usage and enormous increases in natural gas and renewable fuels usage.”

What about unintended consequences, like putting people out of business, loss of jobs, revenue. Little things like that. No, instead, they are going to shove a bill down our throats that will do absolutely NOTHING to stop the earth from getting warmer, or cooler, or warmer, or cooler……..they’re called C-Y-C-L-E-S! We have our seasons, so does the earth.

Several Republicans have signed on as co-sponsors, including Sens. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina, Norm Coleman of Minnesota and Susan Collins of Maine. “I’m convinced this bill does represent a tipping point,” Collins said Thursday.

Start building nuclear power plants. Now that would be a ‘tipping point’. One incident back in 1979, and we haven’t advanced at all in that area. France has though. We should be ashamed we let France surpass us in nuclear energy.

The measure would also create a Carbon Market Efficiency Board, an appointed seven-member body that could loosen the rules on borrowing future credits if the price of carbon goes too high. However, all emitters would still have to meet the bill’s targets over the long term.

The cap-and-trade system would work basically this way: A company that released more greenhouse gases than permitted would have to buy allowances for the extra pollution. The allowances would be sold in the market from a pool that came from companies that cut their missions below their required cap.

No doubt about it. They’re putting something in Congress’ water.  Is the CIA doing LSD experiments again?  They are actually buying into that SCAM! Heaven help us!