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While I thoroughly enjoy shopping most of the time, 3 hours wandering around an outlet mall with a hard headed 15 year old (who is quickly becoming Imelda, Jr) after 7 hours in the car is NOT my idea of  decompressing.

Walking Out Door

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I think the cats are set till the critter sitter comes.  I hope we haven’t forgotten anything….again.  So, next stop….Tuscola, IL.

Morning Coffee 11/17/07

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UWM minority enrollment misstated

Weeks after reporting that fall freshman enrollment for some minority groups was down, officials at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee said the school had wrongly classified some minority students as having an “unknown” ethnicity, and that freshman minority enrollment is actually up.

The Journal Sentinel reported in October that the number of African-American and Southeast Asian freshmen enrolled at the school had dropped, even though UWM had admitted more of both groups.

This obsession with what color a student’s skin is, is rather disturbing. How worrying about whether or not the kid can cut it? Or whether or not he, or she, will do anything stupid that will put them in the spotlight. Sheesh!

Congress breaks without passing war spending bill

“We’re in the middle of a war, and playing political games,” said Oregon Sen. Gordon H. Smith, one of the few Republicans who has consistently backed Democratic withdrawal legislation. “It’s all politics, all the time in this 110th Congress.”

I’d call this Congress the most negligent in my memory. As far as I’m concerned, they are ALL fired!

More see immigration as a cultural threat

An anti-illegal immigrant sentiment is taking hold in the Houston region, according to a new Rice University survey showing that most white residents in Fort Bend, Galveston and Montgomery counties favor punishing employers who hire undocumented workers.

Anti-ILLEGAL. Criminy. The way this reads, whites are more likely to care about upholding the law and being bigots. But then, what would you expect from the Houston Pravda. Do law abiding Hispanic communities think it’s ok for people to ‘cut in line’ to get here? To bring drugs, gangs, etc? I sure as hell hope not. I’m thinking the law abiding black communities aren’t too thrilled with it either.

“Anglos who live in predominantly Anglo areas are less likely to interact and meet minorities,” said Stephen Klineberg, the Rice University sociology professor who has directed the annual survey for 26 years. “And they have more reservations about ethnic diversity.”

I call BS! We are ALL ethnically diverse. Just look at your Christmas traditions. Not every family celebrates in the same way, and that has a great deal to do with where the family originated. I’d say there were a whole lot of my friends having tabouli, kibee naye and hummous with their traditional Christmas dinners. I never did like baba ghanouj, but that was part of Day too.

Iraqi TV reporter kidnapped in central Baghdad, TV station says

An Iraqi television reporter was kidnapped on his way to work in central Baghdad, his station said Saturday.

Mutadhar al-Zaidi, a 28-year-old reporter for the Iraqi satellite channel Al-Baghdadiyah, disappeared Friday, according to an editor at the channel who spoke on condition of anonymity because of safety concerns.

I see money from the station as the motive. No doubt they’ll kill the poor kid anyway. It’s what ‘they’ do.

Japan to commence whaling mission

Japan has confirmed that it will carry out its largest whaling programme in the South Pacific.

The mission, expected to draw strong protests from environmentalists, will depart on Sunday and breaks a 44-year moratorium on hunting humpback whales.

Japan’s fisheries ministry said the fleet had instructions to kill up to 1,000 whales, including 50 humpbacks.

Y’know, I’m not an environmental whacko, but even I have a problem with this.

Smithsonian Project Loses Oil Sponsor

Two leading members of the Board of Regents, one of them a U.S. senator, indicated they would oppose accepting the gift. They worried that oil-and-gas money could taint the “Ocean Initiative” showcase. The regents, who must approve major donations, were expected to review the matter on Monday. They delayed approving it at two previous meetings.

What a crock!

Marchers demand Justice prosecute hate crimes

Marchers surrounded the Justice Department headquarters on Friday to demand federal intervention in the Jena Six case and stepped-up enforcement of hate crimes.

On a chilly but clear day, busloads of people packed a downtown plaza to protest charges brought against six black teens accused of beating a white high school student in Jena, La. Tensions between black and white students had run high for weeks in Jena, including an incident in which a noose was hung from a tree at school. No one was charged with a crime for hanging the noose.

From what I’ve read, there was no reason to bring charges, and people like Sharpton have blown this way out of proportion. Instead of relying on facts, they are relying on ‘feelings’.

Thompson’s pick: Soldiers over lawmakers

“It always is amazing to me that the average 20-year-old today serving in Iraq has a better understanding often times of our national security and what it takes than a 20-year veteran of Capitol Hill who is playing politics,” Thompson said.

Yeah, me too!