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Don’t Do That To Us!!!

20 November 2007, 10:40 am. 3 Comments. Filed under General News.

I damn near had heart attack when I read this:

This Was ME

Two lanes were closed for about an hour Monday night on Interstate 43 after a rollover accident that caused minor injuries to passengers.

Around 8:30 p.m., a vehicle heading south on I-43 near North Ave. was rear-ended by another car, causing the car in front to flip over, said Kim Brooks, spokeswoman for the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department.

Some passengers in the car that flipped suffered minor injuries, but they refused transport to a hospital, Brooks said. She was unsure if any citations were issued.

I saw that on the news last night and was hoping everyone was ok. To find out it’s someone we ‘know’, well….that just freaks me out! Don’t make me come over there and smack you for scaring me like that!

I just thank the Good Lord y’all are ok.

Ditto what Pete said….WEAR YOUR BLOOMIN’ SEAT BELT!

H/T: Hobo Springs

Bush’s Buds

20 November 2007, 10:11 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Middle East, Religion of Pieces.

Saudi lawyer in rape victim plea

A Saudi Arabian human rights attorney is asking the government to allow him to represent a woman who was gang-raped — and then sentenced to prison for speaking out about the case.

The attorney, Abdulrahman al-Lahim, had his license revoked last week by a judge for speaking to the Saudi-controlled media about the case, al-Lahim told CNN.

The judge more than doubled the sentence against al-Lahim’s 19-year-old client because she spoke to the media about the case, a court source told Arab News, an English-language Middle Eastern daily newspaper.

The woman — who was initially sentenced in October 2006 to 90 lashes — had her sentenced increased to 200 lashes and was ordered to serve six months in prison under Saudi Arabia’s strict Islamic law.

“We were shocked,” al-Lahim said of the increased sentence.

As should be ANYONE with an ounce of common sense and compassion. And these are allies? I don’t think so.

CNN has been unable to reach Saudi government officials for comment on this report, despite repeated requests

Big surprise.

“Barring the lawyer from representing the victim in court is almost equivalent to the rape crime itself,” said Fawzeyah al-Oyouni, founding member of the newly formed Saudi Association for the Defense of Women’s Rights.

“This is not just about the girl, it’s about every woman in Saudi Arabia,” she said. “We’re fearing for our lives and the lives of our sisters and our daughters and every Saudi woman out there. We’re afraid of going out in the streets.”

To Muslims, women aren’t worth much. Well, I’d like to see them try to reproduce without ‘em.

The woman, who is married, and an unrelated man were abducted and she was raped by a group of seven men more than a year ago, the lawyer said. The male victim was also given an increased sentence of 200 lashes and six months in prison, al-Lahim said.

The man and woman were attacked after they met so she could retrieve an old photograph of herself from him, according to al-Lahim. Citing phone records from the police investigation, al-Lahim said the man was trying to blackmail his client. He noted the photo she was trying to retrieve was harmless and did not show his client in any compromising position.

Sounds like a set up to me, but then, not being familiar with such a barbaric culture…….

Al-Lahim has been ordered to attend a disciplinary hearing at the Ministry of Justice next month, where he faces a possible three-year suspension and disbarment, according to Human Rights Watch.

He told CNN he has appealed to the Ministry of Justice to reinstate his law license and plans to meet with Justice Minister Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al Al-Sheikh.

So, a lawyer, doing what lawyers are suppose to do, is barred from doing what lawyers…..are suppose to do? I’m getting dizzy.

Under Saudi law, women are subject to numerous restrictions, including a strict dress code, a prohibition against driving and a requirement that they get a man’s permission to travel or have surgery. Women are also not allowed to testify in court unless it is about a private matter that was not observed by a man, and they are not allowed to vote.

These are the types the Dhimmis have been kowtowing to in D.C. Excuse me, but does anyone see a problem with that?

The Saudi government recently has taken some steps toward bettering the situation of women in the kingdom, including the establishment earlier this year of special courts to handle domestic abuse cases, adoption of a new labor law that addresses working women’s rights and creation of a human rights commission.

Nice of ‘em.

Morning Coffee 11/20/07

20 November 2007, 9:22 am. Comments Off. Filed under General News.

Baghdad Starts to Exhale as Security Improves

Five months ago, Suhaila al-Aasan lived in an oxygen tank factory with her husband and two sons, convinced that they would never go back to their apartment in Dora, a middle-class neighborhood in southern Baghdad.

Today she is home again, cooking by a sunlit window, sleeping beneath her favorite wedding picture. And yet, she and her family are remarkably alone. The half-dozen other apartments in her building echo with emptiness and, on most days, Iraqi soldiers are the only neighbors she sees.

I think this is one of the reasons Congress (aka the Dhimmis) are so dead set on not funding the military. Heaven knows, we wouldn’t want any real success to get in the way of their defeat, now would we!

Gas prices hold, may even go down a bit

Gas prices here may be leveling out after surging about 30 cents a gallon in the past month.

On average, regular gasoline was $3.03 a gallon in the Nashville area Sunday after peaking two days earlier at $3.04, according to AAA and the Oil Price Information Service.

As long as I don’t have to use much more of the ethanol crap, I’ll be happy. 31 MPG versus 20? Which would YOU prefer!

‘PM’s concessions are the cause of such terror attacks’

MK Haim Oron (Meretz) called for a continued dialogue with the Palestinians, despite the terror attack. “On numerous occasions the struggle with the Palestinians has given rise to terror against us,” he said. “But we must continue to hold dialogue with the moderate Palestinians.”

Um….with a charter that calls for the destruction of Israel, do they really think there IS such a thing as a ‘moderate Palestinian’?

Aggie bonfire back on again

The off-campus bonfire organized by Texas A&M students is back on again after the Robertson County Commissioners Court lifted a burn ban, according to the student Web site for the event.

Glad to hear it. I just hope common sense prevails.

S.F. program recycles restaurants’ cooking oil for use as fuel

San Francisco officials are giving the city’s old grease a new career – one that should mean cleaner air, cleaner sewers and Muni buses that smell like fried zucchini one day and fried chicken the next.

I have this mental image of San Fran becoming the ‘fattest city in America’! Heh. Seriously, when you smell food, doesn’t that make ya crave it? :)

Iran calls for immediate freedom of diplomats

“The Iraqi officials have made all efforts to release Iranian nationals from US captivity,” said the ambassador adding, “The US officials in Iraq have recently said that Iranian captives can meet with their family members on a monthly basis.” The ambassador expressed hope that all Iranian captives would be free from detention after restoration of peace and stability to the war-torn country.

Hey, if they really are diplomats, what’s the problem. However, I view anything Iran does, or says, with a large shaker of suspicion. I’m wondering if they see us as weak, thanks to all the whining of our Dhimmi leadership? Just a question.

Waupun prison remains in modified lockdown; some areas are returning to normal operations

Waupun Correctional Institution remains in a modified lockdown status nearly a week after an inmate took a dental technician hostage for nearly six hours in the prison’s Health and Segregation Complex.

Although searches of the 153-year-old institution are ongoing in the wake of the hostage situation, some areas are slowly returning to normal operations, said Wisconsin Department of Corrections spokesman Alec Loftus.

I haven’t noticed a bit of difference. Well, ok, so I’m not actually peaking in their windows. :)

Colorado city considers ban on red and green Christmas lights

A Colorado city is considering a plan that one attorney calls the epitome of the war against Christmas.

Tonight, the Fort Collins City Council will meet and decide the fate of a task force report that urges the city to decorate with white lights, winter symbols not traditionally associated with any particular holiday, and unadorned garlands of greenery. City staffers are also encouraged to remove ornaments or stars from trees and red ribbons from wreaths.

It’s called CHRISTmas for a reason! I’m fairly sure when it was declared a federal holiday, no one foresaw the panic it would invoke. Ever wonder just what it is that they makes them so afraid?

Reports on hate crimes rise 7.8%

An FBI report that shows a nearly 8 percent rise in reported hate crimes last year is providing ammunition for groups advocating tougher law enforcement and legislation to expand protections.

This year, rights advocates have protested indifference to intimidation and attacks against black people and other minorities. Others are pressing Congress to expand the groups protected by federal statute.

Crock. Crap! Oh, I’m not saying there isn’t more crime. I’d don’t think you commit a crime against someone if ya actually LIKE ‘em. All crime is a ‘hate’ crime. And if no one has noticed, there is more intimidation and attacks on blacks BY blacks. Does that count too?