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Heading East

3 January 2008, 9:05 pm. 1 Comment. Filed under Travel.

Tomorrow morning, we head back to Tennessee.  Keep your fingers crossed that this contraption goes back to normal, and so can I.  Granted, spending time with family doesn’t leave much time to peruse the internet for tidbits to share, but ya know, it would have been nice to do links and post pictures of all the antlered beings without having to copy and paste from photobucket.  Very annoying.  I have done so many scans on this thing, it’s a wonder that the Mr could ever even check his email.

I wish we had had more time to see some folks, but maybe next trip?

Flash In The Pan?

3 January 2008, 8:28 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under 2008.

Huckabee Declared Winner of Iowa Republican Presidential Caucuses

Mike Huckabee was declared the winner of the Iowa Republican presidential caucuses Thursday night, less than an hour after voting began.

With 25 percent reporting, Huckabee had 35 percent, Mitt Romney had 24 percent and Fred Thompson had 14 percent. John McCain had 12 percent, according to the reporting.

Ok, since when does 25% constitute a win? What about the 75% who’s votes haven’t been counted? And what the hell are those Iowans smoking anyway?

Update: B. Hussein Obama whups Sen. Shrilldebeast.

Fred List

3 January 2008, 8:13 pm. Comments Off. Filed under 2008.

Flopping Aces has an updated list of ‘Fred Heads’.  Naturally, I’m on it!  :)

Sen. Shrilldebeast

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Fred Thompson unfazed by Iowa predictions

Fred Thompson entered the Republican presidential campaign later than any candidate. Initially, he campaigned at a slower pace than his rivals. He proposed reducing Social Security benefits to save the system.

And on the trail in Iowa, he has said several times that he really doesn’t like modern presidential campaigning.

I can’t say as I blame him. The scrabble for power is ugly.

This upside-down approach to a White House bid has left many commentators predicting that today’s Iowa caucuses will be the end of Thompson’s presidential campaign — or at least the beginning of the end.

None of that seemed to faze Thompson on Wednesday as he joked his way across eastern Iowa. He drew crowds in the hundreds, mostly made up of enthusiastic listeners who laughed at his jokes.

Do people really pay that much attention to Iowa? Seriously, is the results of their caucus going to influence YOUR decision on who to support for president? These are folks who are sitting around living rooms and coffee shops discussing who they want to run for the office. I’ve been to caucuses. They aren’t that exciting, and they sure aren’t the be all of the opinion of the whole country.

When daughter Hayden, 4, began handing out Fred08 ski caps to voters at an event in Waterloo, he said. “Honey, don’t try to bribe the voters yet.”


Carol Opp, 47, wife of a pastor in Mason City, heard Thompson for the first time Wednesday. “I’m leaning more toward Fred,” she said after his speech. She added that Thompson “is more electable” than her other choice, GOP Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

Uh….yeah, he is. While there is much of what Paul believes that agrees with me, he’s just too much of a moonbat. We are NOT responsible for the crazies in the Middle East. Sorry, not our fault said crazies flew planes into the Twin Towers and murdered 2996 innocents, including children.

Roger VanderPloeg, 69, a retired dairy farmer, said he had attended Thompson’s previous two Mason City events.

“I’m quite a believer in Fred,” he said. “I just like his thinking.”

Plain ol’ common sense will win ‘em over every time!  Providing common sense is part of your forte’.

“I’m pro-life,” said the father of six and grandfather of 16. “He’s a real conservative sort of fella,” he said of Thompson, “and so am I.”

Yes. Yes, he is.

Tom Clark, 68, a retiree from Waterloo, heard Thompson speak for the first time Wednesday. “I was interested in his straightforwardness,” said Clark, who’s supporting former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. “It kind of swayed me.”

Keep swaying to our side Tom!!

Of all the Republican candidates, I found myself mostly swayed by Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, and Fred Thompson. Since Tancredo dropped out, he’s no longer an option. Hunter is being ignored by the media, and no doubt will drop out soon. Of those remaining, Thompson is the only who stands on MY values. So, I will continue to support him until he decides he is no longer an option for me. If that happens, then I’ll have to take a real hard look at who is left, and find the one who is closer to what I believe is important. It won’t be Rudy.

Huckleberry and the Home Schoolers

3 January 2008, 10:10 am. 3 Comments. Filed under 2008.

I am truly baffled by the endorsement of the home schoolers in Iowa!  I am a home schooler, an evangelical (didn’t say I was a very good one), and extremely conservative.  I do NOT endorse the Huckleberry.  Have any of these people bothered to check into he’s actually done, instead of just going by what he says?  Well, maybe they should have been paying attention to some things he’s said.  I’m lousy in geography, but even I know which direction Afghanistan is from Pakistan.  Sheesh!

So, my question to those in Iowa….have you really been paying attention?  Yes, he’s seems like a fairly likable guy, but that doesn’t make him a strong leader.  Yes, he professes to be Christian, but that doesn’t mean he really is “Christ like”.  Yes, he can talk a good game, but can he actually PLAY the game?


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After many month of cajoling, I was finally able to get the RockyMoose


Let’s face it, he was NOT a happy camper!  Ick was kind enough to hold him while I got a decent picture.  Now, odds are, I’ll never get him to allow this again, even if I do manage to find actual moose antlers for the odd critter.

I actually have many more pictures of the antlers, on various felines, people and other objects.  However, since I’m dog tired……