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Extreme Animal Cruelty

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I have been hearing this story on the local news all day, and even now that I see it in print (from yesterday), I still can not get my mind around what type of person would do such a thing.

Surviving animals removed from Benton County shelter

A day after eight puppies were found dead at the Benton County Animal Shelter, volunteers spent Saturday cleaning out the facility and finding homes for its animals.

More than 60 surviving animals were taken from the shelter, but 25 puppies had to be euthanized because of malnutrition and exposure to parvovirus, said veterinarian Elizabeth Paschall.

“Most of the adult dogs, their physical condition is good, but the environmental conditions that they were kept in (were) incomprehensible,” she said.

The county-run animal shelter has been shut down, and community leaders will meet this week to determine how animals will be handled in the future.

Camden Police Chief George Smith said an investigation would continue Monday into who was responsible for the shelter. It wasn’t clear whether animal control officer Jacqueline Boyett had been fired earlier in the week. Benton County Mayor Jimmy Wiseman could not be reached for comment Saturday night.

Boyett had previously been in trouble with the law during her term as animal control officer. She was arrested
Oct. 19 on charges of simple possession after police said they found marijuana seeds and a plastic bag with marijuana residue in her vehicle on the shelter’s premises
and a burnt marijuana cigarette in the shelter’s office.

Boyett will appear in Benton County General Sessions Court on Jan. 23 regarding that incident, Smith said.

I wish someone would explain to me what kind of low life, scum sucking, son of a bitch would treat one of G-d’s innocent creatures in such a manner!

WARNING: Major Language Alert

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Ok, this is from last spring, but ya know…it’s still true.

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From Amie.

Obligatory Thefts….

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….from Disgruntled Truck Driver!

Why Bother With Taking Names!

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Fred08 - Contribute Now

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County Critters

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Top county employees receive big increases despite $1.7B debt

Shelby County government may be financially strapped, but that hasn’t stopped top officials in county Mayor A C Wharton’s administration from receiving five-figure salary increases in the past six years — almost $50,000 in some cases, records show.

Yet the murder rate is #1 in the country. There is scandal after scandal involving both elected, and non elected officials. With the poverty level at 18.5% in 2005, you’d think they could come up with something better to do with the counties money.

Since former Mayor Jim Rout’s administration, Wharton’s top officials, including members of his cabinet, department heads and the county attorney have received increases up to 86 percent, according to county position control budget reports.

For example, former County Atty. Donnie Wilson earned $99,943 in Aug. 2001. Today, County Atty. Brian Kuhn earns 45 percent more at $144,877.

Also in 2001, former chief administrative officer Jim Kelly earned $109,498. Current CAO Jim Huntzicker, who doubles as the director of administration and finance, earns 41 percent more at $154,500.

This is beyond irresponsible, it’s down right criminal!

“You hear the same tired message, we can’t cut our way out of our funding dilemmas, we can’t cut our way out of a deficit,” said County Commissioner Wyatt Bunker. “Then you look at these numbers and some of these ridiculous raises and you just think, why can’t we?”

It’s always so much more fun when you get to spend someone else’s money.

These steady increases come as the county is struggling with a $1.7 billion debt. A $14.5 million funding gap also led Wharton last week to reiterate his interest in a privilege tax that would affect all employees in Shelby County earning more than a median salary of $28,000. And to save funds long-term, he’s thrown his support behind city-county consolidation.

“It just wreaks of not having any common sense at all,” said unincorporated county resident Terry Roland. “They’re wanting to ask us to pay for (a new tax) while the fat cats down there are filling their pockets.”

Shelby County (Memphis) is looking to rival Louisiana, specifically N’Awlins, in the corrupt department!

Salaries, excluding benefits, for the county’s 6,500 employees cost county government about $291 million each year — a little less than one-third of its $1.1 billion budget.

Note: EXCLUDING BENEFITS! So, how much does it cost the taxpayers when they include the benefits?

If other counties can come close to living within their means, why can’t this particular county?  Well, it IS mostly run by Dhimicrats.  Wonder if that has anything to do with the problem?  

Morning Coffee 01/14/08

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Bush Urges Unity Against Iran

President Bush on Sunday urged wary Persian Gulf allies to rally against Iran “before it is too late,” even as the International Atomic Energy Agency announced that the country had agreed, yet again, to answer outstanding questions about its nuclear programs within four weeks.

But Iran wouldn’t lie to the world full of ‘infidels’, now would it.

In an address to government and business leaders in an opulent hotel here, Mr. Bush focused not only on what the United States believes are Iran’s nuclear ambitions but also its suspected support for Islamic militants in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. He called Iran’s government “the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism” and accused it of imposing repression and economic hardship at home.

These are the people beating kids and throwing them off cliffs, hanging those who speak out against the regime and stoning women. It’s not such a stretch, considering the IEDs being found made with the Iranian “stamp of approval”.

Rat Heart Created Using Baby Rats’ Cells

Medicine’s dream of growing new human hearts and other organs to repair or replace damaged ones received a significant boost Sunday when University of Minnesota researchers reported success in creating a beating rat heart in a laboratory.


The researchers removed all the cells from a dead rat heart, leaving the valves and outer structure as scaffolding for new heart cells injected from newborn rats. Within two weeks, the cells formed a new beating heart that conducted electrical impulses and pumped a small amount of blood.

Creepy. Cool, but really creepy.

Governor will propose raises for state workers

State employees can expect some kind of pay raise when Gov. Phil Bredesen announces his budget later this month.

Despite a gloomier economic outlook, Bredesen plans to make employee salaries a part of his proposed budget, along with fully funding priorities like K-12 education, the Basic Education Program formula for school money, and expanding the availability of pre-kindergarten.

Considering Tennessee is a very ‘poor’ state, and the poverty rate is rising, is this such a good idea? Bredesen is a “D” by the way.

U.N. Ignores Its Own Procurement Ban

How serious is the United Nations about much-touted reform of its scandal ridden, multi-billion-dollar procurement system? To hear senior U.N. officials tell it, very serious.

But that was before FOX News uncovered the case of Corimec S.p.A., an Italian firm that sold the U.N. more than $30 million-worth of goods in 2006 (and many millions more in previous years), and which was suspended from the U.N.’s list of authorized vendors on March 15, 2007 for involvement in one of the highest-profile bribery scandals in the multi-national organization’s history.

It’s way past time for the U.S. to leave the UN, and kick the UN out of the U.S.!!

EU rethinks biofuels guidelines

Europe’s environment chief has admitted that the EU did not foresee the problems raised by its policy to get 10% of Europe’s road fuels from plants.

Recent reports have warned of rising food prices and rainforest destruction from increased biofuel production.

They are just now noticing? Wonder if anyone in Congress will figure out the stupidity of their actions? Pfft! Naw…it makes ‘em FEEL good to think they are saving the planet, while people are starving.

Home-school mom to head SC state board of education

The new head of the South Carolina Board of Education is a mom whose children have never attended public school.

Kristin Maguire is the new head of the state Board of Education in the Palmetto State — but her critics are upset that her children have never attended public school. However, one home-school advocate says Maguire’s election is proof that just because someone chooses the course of their children’s education does not mean they are not qualified to contribute to the system.


Marine suspect seen at bus depot

Witnesses said they saw Marine Cpl. Cesar Armando Laurean on Saturday night at a bus depot in Shreveport, La., Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown said. Police don’t know if the man believed to be Laurean boarded a bus that was headed to Texas, or left the station.

Brown cautioned late Sunday that his detectives were still working to confirm the sightings, backing away from earlier assurances that the witness accounts were genuine. But he was confident Laurean would soon be in custody.

I sure hope so! That trash has sullied the uniform he’s not fit to wear!

Apartment fire blamed on cigarettes

Local fire officials believe cigarette butts caused a fire at Courtyard Apartments, 96 N. Berger Parkway, late Thursday.

Fond du Lac Fire Department Battalion Chief Larry Wunsch said a Courtyard Apartments resident, a woman who has not been identified, put cigarette butts in a paper bag and then put the bag in the trash. The woman then left the apartment, he said.

No, blame it on the irresponsible woman who didn’t bother to make sure the butts were out!