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This is soooooo right on the mark! :)


Swiped from Ft. Hard Knox.

The Prize

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Baby Murder is Comedy?

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I don’t freakin’ think so!

I’m not going to post the video, but you can see it here.

Have we sunk so low?

More at Stop the ACLU as well.

TIME Still Sucks

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So, the weasel at TIME is defending this? This is the best excuse he can come up with?

According to Menefee, TIME managing editor Richard Stengel recently defended the doctoring of the photo and defied the traditional notion that journalists should be unbiased. “He doesn’t think journalism should really be objective anyway because he thinks objectivity is a fantasy. That was one of the words he used. So it does show the huge sea change in journalism toward advocacy, especially on this particular issue,” Menefee contends.

I beg your pardon?  Journalists shouldn’t be objective?  Well, with recent evidence, I’d say, he’s getting his wish.  Journalists aren’t objective, they are slanted….mostly to the very far left, and the nation is worse for it.

I quit subscribing to TIME in the 80′s.  I quit reading it in the 90′s.   Now, I won’t even pick up an out of date one in the doctor’s office.  I’d rather read all the notices on the walls, whether in English or Spanish, than read that piece of trash.  Want to save the planet?  Stop wasting trees to print that garbage!

My Dime’s Worth (Inflation and all, don’cha know.)

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Bitter Pill

Never trust a campaign slogan that ends in a preposition. “Change we can believe in,” reads Obama’s pompous promise on his website. A quote from Obama hovering nearby seeks halfheartedly to flatter voters by suggesting this change will enlist their genius too: “I’m asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington…I’m asking you to believe in yours.”

Not exactly on the topic, but I’ve noticed most people end sentences with prepositions nowadays. Even I do it, and I remember the lesson quite well, from way back when I was a sprout. Why is it that proper English is a thing of the past? Criminy, this guy is a lawyer fer cryin’ out loud….at least HE should know better. What did he learn during all those years of Ivy League education, other than to speak in circles and say nothing at all? That’s what lawyers do, right? If I’m not mistaken, us common folk aren’t suppose to understand the overly educated elites.

And by the way, I don’t want to change. I like me just fine. I’m a nice person, I give to charities, I attend the church of my choice, I do my best never to be uncivil to anyone, (even if I think they are an asshats), I love my family, and I’m just an all ’round decent sort.

So, let me ask you this: Why is D.C. so much different than we? Didn’t a good chunk of them come into the world, squalling, and unless I’m mistaken, their diapers had to be changed on a regular basis, just like the rest of us. Weren’t they all potty trained? Why is D.C. like one huge diaper, so full, it’s running over and the stench is starting to waft over the rest of us out here in the real world?

I didn’t use to believe in term limits. I’ve had a major change of heart, especially when I see so many in Washington who forgot there are real people, with real issues, that they are suppose to be representing. Am I the only one who doesn’t feel represented?

No, Senator B., we don’t need your kind of change, but you and your fellow spendthrifts should be changed, and often!

Oh, and go read the rest of Mr. Neumayr’s column. It’s pretty good.

Shocker: Chris Get Chills and Michael Moore Lies

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Media Jumps the Gun for Barack
By Mike Gallagher

Just how deep in the tank is the powerful media machine for Sen. Barack Obama?

Funny you should ask. Let me give you a couple of glaring examples. And these happened all in one 24 hour period.

On the evening of the ever-important Pennsylvania primary, all the cable news networks were showcasing their best and brightest anchors, snazzy sets, and high-tech histrionics to give us more analysis, graphs, exit polling and dramatic music than we could ever possibly handle in one night.

I know this may come as a shock to some, but I happen to prefer my TV news coverage from Fox News Channel. Perhaps it has something to do with my role as a Fox News on-air contributor, but I also appreciate their coverage.

But it’s fun to surf up and down the dial and check out what everyone else is doing, too.

Tuesday night at approximately 7:30pm EST, MSNBC featured Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann sitting behind the big “election central” desk. The pair was surrounded by gigantic clocks reminding any viewer who happened to be watching that there were still thirty minutes left before the Pennsylvania polls closed. They had a ticking graphic on the screen; there were enormous clocks on the set. Anyone with the ability to tell time knew that it was 7:30 on the east coast and the polls would be closing in thirty minutes.

Anyone, it seems, except Chris Mathews.

Read on…

One of Those Days

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Have ya ever had a day that you felt like you were in a total fog?  The sun is shining, it’s a balmy 74 degrees, and I’m sitting here like a slug!  I NEED COFFEE!  But alas, I can’t have any…..yet.  I have to go get blood sucked (damn vampires) so I’m both hungry, and extremely thirsty.  If Jr would hurry up and get out of the bathroom, I could go get this done, and hit the closest convenience store to get my morning fix.

Bulls Eye!

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Morning Coffee 04/25/08

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Organizer of fatal car show seeking permit for this year

Organizers of a small-town car show where six people died last year after being struck by an out-of-control dragster are seeking a parade permit for another festival this summer.

The Cars for Kids festival is the biggest annual event for rural McNairy County and the town of Selmer, about 80 miles east of Memphis, but last year’s show ended in tragedy when a drag racer doing a “burnout” on a public road slammed into spectators.

Six young people died and more than 20 other spectators were hurt, many critically.

Now, Selmer officials are considering a permit request for a Cars for Kids festival over the upcoming Father’s Day weekend, June 14-15.

“It’s still a somewhat sensitive subject with some folks, and rightfully so,” said Selmer Mayor David Robinson.

Agreed, it is a sensitive subject around here, but the organizer isn’t at fault. They should be considering the person actually responsible for the terrible accident, make sure he isn’t involved, and grant the permit. These folks raise a lot of money for kids.

Wright calls sermon reactions ‘unsettling’

Wright does not back away from those remarks in an interview to air tonight on PBS’s “Bill Moyers Journal.” Instead, he says that those who aired those remarks wanted to portray him as “un-American” or “some sort of fanatic” to hurt Obama.

“I felt it was unjust. I felt it was untrue. I felt – for those who were doing that – were doing it for some very devious reasons,” Wright said, according to excerpts released by PBS yesterday.

Obama, in a widely praised speech on race and politics last month, denounced the controversial remarks but said he could not denounce Wright, instead describing the historical reasons for his spiritual mentor’s anger.

Asked about that speech, Wright replied, “He’s a politician, I’m a pastor. I do what I do. He does what politicians do.”

Wright’s own words have condemned him. B. continuous participation have condemned him. Simple. Those were not words of a true Christian pastor, nor were remaining in the pew the actions of a true Christian.

Three NYC Detectives Acquitted in Bell Shooting Death

A New York judge this morning acquitted three police officers for killing an unarmed man outside a Queens nightclub in a 50-shot fusillade that shocked his Queens neighborhood.

Sean Bell, 23, was killed on the eve of his marriage in 2006 as he and a group of friends were leaving a bachelor party at the Kalua club in the borough’s South Jamaica section.

The officers were indicted on a variety of charges including manslaughter and assault.

I hope New York has beefed up security, cuz I saw the Rev. Al Sharpton in the picture. Honestly, I don’t think I agree with the ruling, but then, I don’t have all the facts.

Black Pro-Lifers Protest Planned Parenthood, Criticize Obama

“As Christians, we cannot vote for a man based on his skin color, but, as Dr. King has said to us, on the content of his character,” the Rev. Stephen Broden, pastor of the Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas, told Cybercast News Service.

“If (Obama) supports abortion, which is a scourge of our community, which is devastating our community, then we cannot, we must not, support him,” Broden added.

Thank you! Someone finally said it! How much coverage do you think it’ll get on CBarackS?

Joint Chiefs Chair Says Iran Still Sending Weapons to Iraqi Insurgents

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff accused Iran on Friday of increasing arms and training support to insurgents in Iraq as well as militants battling U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

What? Did someone actually think it had stopped? Sheesh!

Effort intensifies for same-sex marriage ban

The battle over same-sex marriage in California heated up Thursday, when supporters of an initiative to ban it in the state’s Constitution submitted more than 1.1 million signatures in an effort to qualify the measure for the November ballot.

Representatives of a conservative coalition called Protect Marriage delivered boxes of signed petitions in each of the state’s 58 counties. Opponents immediately pledged to wage what is expected to be a costly campaign to defeat the measure if it goes to voters.

How hard is it to understand…..common everyday folk…you know, those gun totin’, Bible reading types, do NOT approve of same sex “marriage”. Trying to shove it down their (our) throats doesn’t help.

Mother charged with murder in 2003 ‘Beloved Doe’ case

The child’s mother, Ma Dana Martinez, 30, of the 8300 block of Fountain, is charged with felony murder, accused of failing to provide adequate nutrition and hydration to her son, who was blind.

The steel yard worker, also known as Maria Dana Martinez, was booked into the Harris County Jail overnight and has been ordered held without bail until a court hearing Monday. She has three other children, all found to be in good condition, police said.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ordered that he Mexican citizen be detained, since she is in this country illegally.

The boy’s father said he was at a loss to explain his former wife’s alleged actions.

“I really don’t know how it happened. I just don’t have a good understanding — just that she dumped him,” the father said. “I just don’t know her motivation. I was here for him, his family was here for him — we could have helped him, if she would have let us. She didn’t want help. There was nothing we could do to try to help.”

Why didn’t he contact social services? Why didn’t he take the kid away from her?

Verse of the Day

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Colossians 1:27-28

27  To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

28  Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus: