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Better Get Started!

30 April 2008, 10:20 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Congress, Feckless Weasels.


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  1. Dale. 30 April 2008, 12:58 pm

    I personally have mixed feelings on drilling in ANWR, if it was my decision, I would say yes based on a few conditions. Use technology and not weight reduction to improve fuel efficiency, increase incentives for alternative fuels as well as increased funding, more mass transit systems, and that those who drill use the most environmentally sound manner of drilling possible and pay for 100% of all spills.

  2. olbroad. 30 April 2008, 1:29 pm

    Little story…..when I first started driving, my dad had this Mercury, one of the first batch they produced after WWII. The gas mileage on that ‘sherman tank’ was about 6 miles to the gallon, if that much. Now, we have vehicles that will get 3 times, 4 times, some even 5 times that much mpg. I’d say technology has come a long way. Granted, not as far as we thought it would waaaaaay back when….I haven’t seen any flying Jetson type vehicles…..but none the less, a LONG way.

    Could we improve? Oh, you betcha, but what is being produced these days are no where near as safe as that big ol’ honkin’ thing. We have the ability to sustain (drill), but don’t. We have the ability to improve, and do in short baby steps.

    I see our biggest problem as those in “power” having NO vision whatsoever. Not back then, and definitely, not now. We’re living in a “ME” world, and it’s quite disheartening.