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Dictator’s Version of Population Control

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A big time congratulations to Jay and (Mrs Jay, of course) at

Stop the ACLU!

Another “Free Speech For Me, But NOT For Thee”

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College Suspends Administrator for Op-Ed on Homosexuals

The University of Toledo has suspended with pay one of its administrators for writing a newspaper op-ed that questions whether homosexuality is a civil rights issue. The school said the administrator was suspended precisely because her views on homosexuality do not comport with those of the university, a state institution.

So, this lady expressed an opinion, which evidently doesn’t jibe with a few of the honcho’s opinions at the “institution”, and she gets the shaft. Got it.

In the column, “Gay rights and wrongs: another perspective,” Dixon said she was not speaking on behalf of the university, but was writing privately as “a Black woman who happens to be an alumnus of the University of Toledo’s Graduate School, an employee and a business owner.”

Dixon said she took “great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifestyle are ‘civil rights victims.’ “

Now, if I’m not mistaken, there is this little thing called the First Amendment that says you can’t prohibit someone’s freedom of speech. When did it become ok to promote an agenda, but not speak out again that same agenda?

“I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a black woman,” she wrote. “I am genetically and biologically a Black woman, and very pleased to be so, as my Creator intended. Daily, thousands of homosexuals make a life decision to leave the gay lifestyle evidenced by the growing population of PFOX (Parents and friends of Ex-Gays) and Exodus International, just to name a few.”

She’s right. She can’t make a choice whether or not she was born a woman, or change the color of her shin. On the other hand, and I’m not going to debate issue, many gays DO make the choice to be gay.

Dixon referenced “ex-gay” individuals, many of whom, she said, “report that the impetus to their change of heart and lifestyle was a transformative experience with God; a realization that their choice of same-sex practices wreaked havoc in their psychological and physical lives.”

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s not exactly like gays are rushing to meet the Savior with open arms, openly flaunting a lifestyle that is offensive to God.

Matt Lockwood, University of Toledo’s director of public relations, confirmed that Dixon “was placed on paid administrative leave because of that column,” and referred Cybercast News Service to a statement issued May 4 by Lloyd Jacobs, the university’s president.

Well, Mr Lockwood is an ass! And a hypocrite, as are all those who decided this lady should be suspended. You have college professors ranting and raving against the military, the administration, Christians…shoot, you name it, they’re raving against something, and that’s ok, right? Even though it’s an opinion, they are free to publicly pronounce whatever they like, as long as it’s with a liberal mindset.

In it, Jacobs said that Dixon’s comments “do not accord with the values of the University of Toledo,” and that he felt it was “necessary, therefore, for me to repudiate much of her writing.”

So, “repudiate” away. You’ve got that right, but on the flip side, Ms Dixon is within HER rights to express an opposite opinion.

Homosexual activists condemned Dixon’s comments and praised Jacobs for the action he took.

Yeah yeah…whatever. SSDD!

“Today, if you speak out against homosexuality on a college campus, you are considered a criminal,” Quinlan told Cybercast News Service . “I’ve been out of the homosexual lifestyle for 16 years. And if you speak out as an ex-gay, you are always under attack. I’ve been slapped in the face. I’ve been screamed and yelled at. I’ve been called all kinds of names. When you disagree with someone, that doesn’t mean you hate them.”

When you can’t respond rationally, resort to physical and verbal attacks. Pretty much the norm for the far left moonbats.

Robert Knight, director of the Culture and Media Institute at the Media Research Center, agrees that many college campuses, once known for being champions of academic freedom, are closing their minds to alternative points of view.

No longer are these “institution of higher learning”. They are now breeding grounds for the narrow minded, and bigots. Yep, I said it. It’s not the conservatives who are racists and bigots, etc. It’s the left. They’re also heterophobics, but that’s another issue.

Oh Crap!

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There’s another one????

Will it NEVER end???

Can What?

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Y’know, the only “change” I’ve heard coming from the B camp is how to create more dependency on the gubmit. Is that really change? Don’t we already have a whole generation who thinks the gubmint is the answer to everything? Shouldn’t the “change” be LESS dependency? The woman who wants to be First Lady of this great nation is one of the most negative people I’ve ever heard speak….other than a teenager who can’t get his/her way all the time.

It’s Gotta Be The Water

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Two items from Wisconsin:

Wisconsin Teen Suffers Severe Burns in ‘Blowtorch Game’

MANITOWOC, Wis. — A 14-year-old boy suffered burns to more than a quarter of his body after playing what authorities describe as a blowtorch game.

Manitowoc Fire Captain Mark Rusboldt says the boy and another teen were using spray cans as blowtorches. The 14-year-old was burned on his back, head, face, arms and hands. The other teen was not injured.

The burned boy was hospitalized Saturday at Columbia St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee.

I sincerely hope the boy will be ok.

Fond du Lac area is hot spot for UFO activity

Meyer did all she could to prove her friend wrong — until a camping trip in 1976 changed her perspective. She said she was on a road near New London when a round, silver craft landed. She said an alien walked out and invited her to his ship. He was about 5-feet, 2-inches tall and was wearing a silver suit and helmet, she said.

The ship flew through space for a short while the alien communicated with her telepathically, she said. He told her that aliens, at least the good kind, feared for humanity because of violence and greed.

Since then, Meyer said she’s met several friendly aliens. One of her favorites, she said, was a 7-foot-tall alien that resembled a large bird. He had an eagle’s head, a soft blue down and paws with talons.

“He was the most compassionate being I have ever met,” she said.

Meyer noted that she’s never been afraid because the aliens were kind.

“We’re at a point where we could destroy ourselves or become more spiritual,” she recalled one saying. “They don’t want that to happen.”

Kuehn says he’s also communicated with religious aliens. One that he’s encountered is even a Christian, he said. Ezeata, an alien from the Plaidian star system, has communicated with him telepathically for about 10 years, he said.

He added that Ezeata visits Long Lake occasionally, even though the journey takes about 500 light years.

“She calls me ‘Bobby,’” he said. “No one calls me that.”

I’m surprised “she” doesn’t call him “Booby”.

Suck It Up!

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In today’s Commercial Appeal, there is a column about the poor pitiful gubmints, state and local, who will have to learn how to get along on less money. Most American families have had to learn that lesson every time any governmental agency decides to raise taxes.

I’m not going to get into the author’s ridiculous ramblings about how, even though the MPS wasted a half million dollars worth of food, the cuts proposed would do great harm. I won’t mention the absurdity of insisting on funds for Pre K, since parents should be raising their own four years old, and not handing over the responsibility to any gubmint school.

No, what I wanted to point out was this excellent response to the column, which could very well apply to any and every government, from top to bottom:

Aw, the poor, bloated gubbermint – they just can’t live on what they forcefully extract from us taxpayers, they want – no, they NEED – more, more, MORE!

(pulls out world’s tiniest violin and starts playing mournful tune)

The revenue stream is drying up
We thirst for the taxpayer dollar
We’ll squeeze and squeeze
As much as we please
We’ll make you scream and holler

Blogs 4 Borders 05/12/08

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Brought to you, proudly, by……..ME! :)

Freedom Folks

R.I.P. Hero

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Pole who saved ghetto Jews dies

The death of a Polish woman who almost certainly saved the lives of 2,500 Jewish children during World War II has been announced.

Irena Sendlerowa organised the rescue of the children from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Nazi occupation.

She died in a Warsaw hospital at the age of 98, her daughter said.

After Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939, she took great risks to help Polish Jews held by the Nazis – an act that was punishable by death.

In 1942 Irena Sendlerowa joined the Zegota resistance movement.

With the rest of her team of 20, she rescued the children between 1940 and 1943, when the Nazis burned the ghetto, condemning its residents to death.

There is a special place in Heaven for this lady. May she find true rest.

The Obvious

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Morning Coffee 05/12/08

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McCain to unveil climate plan

The Arizona senator, who often cites climate change as a policy difference with President Bush, plans to renew support for a “cap and trade” system that “sets clear limits on all greenhouse gases, while also allowing the sale of rights to excess emissions,” according to excerpts of his speech released Sunday.

Contrary to what the Boracle has been able to sucker his acolytes into believing, the climate is going to change NO MATTER WHAT politicians do. That’s what climate does, it changes! Pandering to moonbats, instead of getting ALL the information out there the MSM refuses to, does not improve my opinion of McFeingold!

US flight arrives, but UN says Myanmar too slow

The UN said that the relief operation was only at 10 percent of the level needed to bring water, food and supplies to desperate survivors , and that just 20 percent of the food required was making its way in.

“I would urge that we don’t judge the success of this operation by flights arriving alone,” said Richard Horsey, a spokesman for the UN’s humanitarian arm, said in Bangkok.

“There is a major challenge in getting goods out to the delta, in the bottlenecks moving goods out from Yangon,” he told a news conference.

Perhaps that is the Burmese’s intent? More people will die, fewer people to have to kill later on, and it can be blamed on the “lack of aid”. Just a thought. Perhaps the junta is just so inefficient at ruling? They want the power, but don’t know how to use it, especially not wisely.

Selmer: No Cars for Kids parade

Selmer city officials have denied a permit for Cars for Kids to hold a parade this summer in the wake of the fatal crash at the end of last year’s parade.

But the charity’s founder, Larry Price, said the group still will hold other activities for its annual Selmer fundraiser to help children in need.

“Everything goes on except the parade,” Price said.

I think it’s kind of sad that people will let one tragic event to change the face of the event, although, to be honest, I understand their hesitation, I’m disappointed. The guy who caused the incident should be banned though.

Chavez: Merkel would have backed Nazis

The Venezuelan leader criticized Chancellor Angela Merkel for belonging to the conservative Christian Democratic Union, calling the movement “the same right wing that supported Hitler and fascism.”

Chavez was on the verge of launching more insults at Merkel, but suddenly stopped short.

“Ms. Chancellor, you can go to …” he said during his weekly television and radio program, before pausing. Then he added: “Because you are a lady, I won’t say any more.”

Chavez said that Merkel recently urged some Latin American leaders to avoid forging ties with Venezuela’s government. Her original comments could not immediately be confirmed.

Seems to me, Chavez is the one who would have backed Hitler. But that’s what bullies do, they point the finger away from themselves. Merkel is right to urge other Latin American countries to steer clear of this raving lunatic.

Earthquake death toll in China may be 5,000

Chinese media say the earthquake death toll in one Sichuan county is estimated at 3,000 to 5,000 people.

The powerful earthquake struck central China on Monday, trapping nearly 900 students after their school collapsed, state media reported.

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit central China, but sent thousands of people rushing out of buildings and into the streets hundreds of miles away in Beijing and Shanghai. The temblor was felt as far away as Pakistan, Vietnam and Thailand.

That’s a serious quake! Hopefully, the death toll will be no where near that number. Prayers with all those affected.

Edmund Ford’s trial set to start

The FBI called it Operation Main Street Sweeper, a relatively short undercover investigation that yielded several indictments, three guilty pleas to date and one memorable quote.

After allegedly accepting a $1,900 bribe in 2006 to line up votes to repeal a billboard moratorium, then-City Councilman Edmund Ford Sr. pocketed the money and confidently declared on a secretly recorded videotape:

“I’ll drum up seven or make somebody walk out.”

Nice family, those Fords. Pfft! I guess if you get away with something for so long, you start to feel entitled.

Clinton’s records vanished after warning of ‘very serious’ problems

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Rose Law Firm billing records, found in the White House residence in January 1996 two years after they had been subpoenaed by government regulators, disappeared shortly after the first lady was warned that the firm’s billing problems were “very serious” and the then-ongoing Whitewater investigation could result in criminal charges, newly obtained records show.

This is news? C’mon. Common knowledge for more than a decade is not news!

Pelosi, Reid shunning Ten Commandments?

“Both of these [resolutions] would authorize a Ten Commandments weekend in order to recognize the Ten Commandments as the foundation of law in this country,” Murray explains. “But with Nancy Pelosi in charge of the House and Harry Reid in charge of the Senate, we can’t have a voice. We can’t get these out and open and celebrate the Ten Commandments,” he contends.

Good heavens! Why would those two want anything to do with the greatest laws ever passed down? As far as I know, neither have broken 6 and 7, but the rest of them…….?

Verse of the Day

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Proverbs 31:10

10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.