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REAL Stars!

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Thanks Vickie!

Drill Here! Drill Now!

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Setting The Record Staight!

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Lately, I’ve come under “attack” from various folks, not just here, but on other blogs where I have left comments. The attacks consist of calling me names mostly, no intelligent response, or that I should be embarrassed about posting a joke that could be considered racist. Peachy. Hey, I didn’t write the joke, I just posted it, and yeah….I thought it was hilarious. Why? Because I saw a large chunk of truth in it.

So, here are some tidbits you should know about me:

I am NOT politically correct! If you want to suck up to people, that’s YOUR problem. Do NOT expect me to do the same thing! I find all the PC bull more than just a little insulting.

I am totally against abortion. Yeah, even in cases of rape and incest. Why? How do you know that product of the rape or incest isn’t the one who will cure cancer? How do you know that child isn’t going to be the one who finally gets our space program going? The reasons are endless! Adoption is an extremely intelligent alternative to murdering babies. There are so many people who would love to have a baby, but can’t. People who can afford to raise a child or two, and have more love to give than you do, would be more than thrilled to give your child a home. It’s a BABY, not a choice.

I am so very ANTI gay marriage. Lust is not love. Let’s get that straight. Do I hate gays? No! I don’t actually “hate” anyone. That doesn’t mean I can accommodate the gay agenda. And that’s exactly what it is…an agenda. You wanna be gay? Go right ahead. Your values are not my values, or a large portion of the American people, so do me a favor, knock it off! I’m not going to discriminate against you. I’m not going to call you names. If I had a business, and you were the best qualified, I’d hire you, no problem. Matter of fact, I have in the past, so blow it out cher wazoo! Marriage is between a man and a woman. Period.

Am I actually a racist? No, but I guess I’ve become more bigoted in recent years. For dadburn good reasons.

The “you owe me” mentality that so many in the black community, yes, I’m talking to you Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the numerous Jeremiah Wright types! I don’t owe you dick! Nothing! Nada! Zip! I never owned slaves, and I’m just real sorry some ol’ white folks bought some Africans from their fellow Africans. I wasn’t there. I wouldn’t have approved of it if I were there. This country has so many opportunities for those who are willing to work for it, increase their knowledge, and succeed. If you can’t succeed, don’t blame your skin color, or whitey, blame your so called leadership that thinks you are too stupid! I don’t.

I’m 100% anti-ILLEGAL! I don’t know why we have to keep going over this, but I guess we do. If you are invading my home, you are breaking the law. I will shoot you. If you are breaking into my country, you are breaking the law, someone SHOULD shoot you. Yeah, yeah….I’ve heard about all the “they are just looking for a better life” male bovine manure I can handle! If you want a better life, start with your OWN country, and fix YOUR government. Don’t be sneaking in over here expecting to change ours to suit you. That just doesn’t fly with me. Oh, and Aztlan? This ain’t it! Also, 1848. Look it up.

Oh, and we speak English. Learn it. I don’t care what country you were born in, if you are living in the USA, it would be prudent to learn the language the majority speaks. If I wanted to immigrate to YOUR country, wouldn’t you INSIST I learn the language? It’s only fair, right?

Now, those are just a few items I thought it best to share….again! I’m not a political whiz kid, I just have opinions…on just about everything. I’m a Christian, and I KNOW where I am going when I die. I can pretty much guarantee Chuck and Larry won’t be there. I do my best to follow the Word. Since I’m human, I make mistakes. You want perfection in human form? Look in the New Testament.

I have physical limitations that are annoying the bejabbers out of me, but I’m a happy person, with a pretty good sense of humor, and if that’s not what you’re looking for around here, well, I don’t sit at my computer every day for YOUR benefit anyway. This is something I wanted to do a couple of years ago to give ME an outlet.

Nuff said. For the moment.

Arrests Made…………….FINALLY!

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Nearly 18 months ago, a young man was murdered. That young man was the son of one of my oldest friends. He was a great kid, and had turned into a fine young man. I’ve prayed daily that those who committed this murder would be found and prosecuted. Now, perhaps, Sally, Bob, Thad, and Kathy will find some peace in the knowledge that the police actually do their job, and justice will be done. I know they will fry….if not in this world, then the next.

I’ve included the entire article, which includes the names of those arrested. I did not read that the actual shooter could face the death penalty. Why not?

5 indicted in downtown SR killing
2 suspects were arrested, released shortly after December 2006 slaying of Matthew Toste in parking garage

A criminal grand jury has indicted five Santa Rosa men in a 2006 killing in a downtown parking garage, a slaying that provoked community outrage about violent gang activity and concerns about the safety of innocent bystanders in the heart of Sonoma County.

Matthew Allen Toste, 32, was shot twice in the chest as he and his date walked with another couple inside the Seventh Street city parking garage just after midnight Dec. 3, 2006. Witnesses told police the assailants made sexually provocative comments to the women Toste was with and he was shot as he defended them.

The grand jury indicted the men in secrecy on June 5, according to prosecutors, who formally charged the men in court Thursday morning and unsealed the indictment.

The accused are: Joseph Kenneth Lopez Sr., 39; his son Joseph Kenneth Lopez Jr., 19; Paul Whiterock, 28; Nicholas Mejia, 30; and Raul Lopez-Granados, 20.

Authorities believe the younger Lopez shot Toste. He and Whiterock were arrested as suspects soon after the killing, but were released when the District Attorney’s Office declined to file charges.

All five now are charged with Toste’s murder, being gang members, conspiracy and sentencing enhancements that could lead to life terms in prison.

Read on…

For All The Dads

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Morning Coffee 06/15/08

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Flood victims facing severe shortage of water

The dark, filthy water that inundated the entire downtown of Iowa’s second-largest city was receding Saturday after forcing 24,000 people to flee, but those who remained were urged to take draconian measures to avoid overwhelming the city’s only remaining drinking water source.

A sandbagging siege saved the last of the city’s four collection wells from contamination by the record flood, but officials warned that if people didn’t cut back on flushing toilets, taking showers and other nonessential uses, the town would be out of potable water within three to four days.

“Water is still our primary concern,” said Pat Ball, the city’s utilities director. “We’re still using water at a greater rate than we’re producing.”

And not one picture I’ve seen has people waiting around for someone else to help them. These people have done an amazing job of helping themselves, and their neighbors. I’d say the Iowa Red Cross could use some assistance though.

Shoppers pay as oil costs trickle down

The shock of $4-a-gallon gas is like a psychological thunderbolt. But less-obvious damage to our paychecks is starting to trickle in from a hidden flood of petro-fueled price increases.

Whether they pay for fuel used to ship bananas from Central America, natural gas or crude oil used to create a plastic milk jug or myriad oil derivatives used as ingredients in beauty products, price jumps at the wellhead are eventually reflected at the consumer level.

We’ve been trying to tell those morons in D.C. about the trickle down effect their policies cause, but do they listen? Oh hell no! We’re all too stupid to figure out simple economics, right? Well, I’d say just the opposite was true. THEY are way too stupid to figure out it, and WAY too stupid to be “in charge”!

Citizen journalist is “Off the Bus” and on a roll

Former Memphian Mayhill Fowler has had two explosive journalistic scoops so far this year. One nearly derailed the Barack Obama campaign for president in April. The other resulted in a former president’s public apology this month.

Fowler, 61, born and raised in Memphis and a graduate of the Hutchison School, is a “citizen-journalist” — better known now as a blogger — working unpaid for the popular Huffington Post’s “Off the Bus” Internet campaign coverage.

What a shame she didn’t completely derail B. Hussein’s candidacy!

Saudis Pushing U.N. Démarche Against Israel

Amid reports of a widening rift between Saudi Arabia and America, Riyadh’s diplomats at the United Nations are pushing for passage of a U.N. Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements, a move that would likely force an American veto, which in turn could alienate American allies in Europe.

Europe has pretty much become anti Israel, so they can all bite my hinder. I don’t see that we have any TRUE allies….except may England, and sometimes, I question that alliance. Sorry. Just the way I see it these days.

A Year Reshapes Hamas and Gaza

Cursing God in public here — a fairly common event in this benighted and besieged strip of Palestinian land — can now lead to prison. So can kissing in public. A judge ruled last week that a bank could not collect its contracted interest on a 10-year-old loan because Islam forbids charging interest.

One year ago, gunmen from Hamas, an Islamist anti-Israel group, took over Gaza, shooting some of their more secular Fatah rivals in the knees and tossing one off a building. Israel and the West imposed a blockade, hoping to squeeze the new rulers from power. Yet today Hamas has spread its authority across all aspects of life, including the judiciary. It is fully in charge. Gazans have not, as Israel and the United States hoped, risen up against it.

For all their new rules, I don’t see that life has gotten any better for the “Gazans”. Perhaps it’s the oppression that keeps them from “rising up”?

Obama Digs Deep To Help Flood Victims

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has given hands-on help in a flood zone in Illinois.

He helped locals in the town of Quincy to fill sandbags to place on the banks of the Mississippi river, which is swelling to dangerous levels.

Authorities predict it will rise to record levels next week.

Mr Obama said: “Since I’ve been involved in public office we’ve not seen this kind of devastation.”

He pledged to push federal and state governments to provide aid to the affected areas.

I wonder if he bailed out water from someone’s basement in Wisconsin? Has he “dug deep” and contributed to the Red Cross, or Salvation Army, who actually DO something to help, other than whining to the Feds?

Obama urges payroll taxes on higher incomes

Democrat Barack Obama said Friday he would apply the Social Security payroll tax to annual incomes above $250,000, which would affect the wealthiest 3 percent of Americans.

The presidential candidate told senior citizens in Ohio that it is unfair for middle-class earners to pay the Social Security tax “on every dime they make,” while millionaires and billionaires pay it on only “a very small percentage of their income.”

Another idiot that knows squat about finances! In Podunk, USA, a quarter mil is a hell of a lot of money, and you could live well. To someone in say, New York, or Richmond, CA, it’s barely making ends meet. And by the way, B., those millionaires and billionaires are paying 60% of the income tax revenue!

Oakland police pay off on gun buybacks

Botox, beer, savings accounts – that’s a sampling of how 209 Oakland residents plan to spend small windfalls they received Saturday from the Police Department’s no-questions-asked gun buyback program.

“I’m getting Botox. I know it sounds horrible, but that’s what I’m going to do,” said Teresa Morris, who turned in a pair of .22-caliber handguns. “It’s actually a relief to be rid of the guns. I was always worried about them falling into the wrong hands.”

Don’t be surprised when you read about this lady with the Botox being shot for a five dollar bill. All the “buy backs” in the world will not stop thugs!

Afghan president threatens to send forces into Pakistan to hunt militants

Afghan President Hamid Karzai threatened Sunday to send Afghan troops across the border to fight militants in Pakistan, a forceful warning to insurgents and the Pakistani government that his country is fed up with cross-border attacks.

Karzai said Afghanistan has the right to self defense, and because militants cross over from Pakistan “to come and kill Afghan and kill coalition troops, it exactly gives us the right to do the same.”

Why can’t al Maliki be more like this guy!? No sucking up, just a strong stand on self defense. Come to think of it, why can’t WE?

Execution protocol challenged

Is the lethal-injection procedure that Arizona uses to carry out the death penalty too complex and too risky to pass constitutional muster?

The attorneys representing the prisoner next likely to be executed say yes, and they’re hoping the Arizona courts will follow recent rulings in Tennessee and Ohio that knocked down those states’ lethal-injection protocol.

One bullet, one expert marksman, no problem.

Verse of the Day

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Proverbs 23:24

24 The father of the righteous shall greatly rejoice: and he that begetteth a wise child shall have joy of him.