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29 June 2008, 10:10 am. 1 Comment. Filed under Cartoon, Congress, Economy, Feckless Weasels.

We’ve heard just how great ethanol is for the last few years. Reality has been setting in recently. The price of food has sky rocketed. When you use food to put fuel in your vehicle, common sense SHOULD have told those pushing for all those “mandates”, there would be some serious consequences. Naturally, the corn farmer thought, “Wow, I’m gonna make a boat load of money”. All well and good, except at what price in the long run? When there isn’t enough food to feed those who are truly starving, I’d say there was a big problem.

The fact that stupidity is causing children to cry themselves to sleep with hunger, ethanol in the gas tanks suck! It’s not efficient. When you get 40 to 50 miles LESS per tank, there is no efficiency involved.

Can we PLEASE knock off the idiocy, get back to reality and start looking for REAL alternatives? While drilling in our own “back yard” is not going to solve the problems in the long run, it’ll sure put a damper on the “speculators”. While we should have been thinking towards the future of our nations energy and security, people in D.C. have been playing politics. Using their positions of power, and the desire to keep said positions, they have allowed this country to be so dependent on foreign sources, not just for energy, but for nearly everything we use in our daily lives. Enough already! It’s time to wake up, and start dealing with the issues right here at home!

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