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More Than A “Gaffe”

20 September 2008, 1:47 pm. 5 Comments. Filed under 2008, Feckless Weasels.

1972 crash still haunts driver’s family

Since his vice presidential nomination, Joe Biden’s 2007 statement that a “guy who allegedly … drank his lunch” and drove the truck that struck and killed his first wife and daughter has gained national media traction.

Alcohol didn’t play a role in the 1972 crash, investigators found.
But as recently as last week, the syndicated TV show Inside Edition aired a clip from 2001 of Biden describing the accident to an audience at the University of Delaware and saying the truck driver “stopped to drink instead of drive.”

So, why is Biden lying about the circumstances of the tragedy? Yes, I used the word LIE! That’s what it is…..a lie. Does he think that people will feel sorry for him, so he’ll gain votes? What about finding out he’s nothing more than a man, who suffered a tragedy, and embellishes……LIES….about that tragedy?

The senator’s statements don’t jibe with news and law enforcement reports from the time, which cleared driver Curtis C. Dunn, who died in 1999, of wrongdoing.

My disgust for Biden grows by leaps and bounds!

“To see it coming from [Biden's] mouth, I just burst into tears,” Dunn’s daughter, Glasgow resident Pamela Hamill, 44, said Wednesday. “My dad was always there for us. Now we feel like we should be there for him because he’s not here to defend himself.”

Seems to me Biden started using this lie after the man died. How convenient.

Biden spokesman David Wade said Wednesday that the senator “fully accepts the Dunn family’s word that these rumors were false.”

Then why on earth is he still spouting the lie? Has he made a public announcement that he’s been full of male bovine excrement? Has he apologized to the family for the slander?

Even before Obama asked Biden to join his campaign, political observers said the senator’s gaffes could be a liability in a contest where every word will be scrutinized. Biden’s first presidential campaign 20 years ago was undone by charges he plagiarized parts of a speech by British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock.

Speaks volumes about B. Hussein’s judgement, doesn’t it.


H/T: Newsbusters

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  1. Cindy. 20 September 2008, 3:07 pm

    Good grief. What a discovery!

  2. TexasFred. 20 September 2008, 4:06 pm

    When lies are all you have, lies are what you speak…

    That’s all Biden, Obama and the Dems have.. LIES!!

  3. olbroad. 20 September 2008, 4:38 pm

    And yet….they will blindly follow and put the whole nation at risk. Makes me want to scratch someones eyes out!

  4. HeatherRadish. 20 September 2008, 10:20 pm

    I’m not a big fan of vengeance by lawsuit, but this seems like a worthy exception.

    I’m sure Hillary can recommend someone. :)

  5. olbroad. 21 September 2008, 8:48 am


    Yeah, I’m none to fond our “sue if it looks crossed eyed” society m’self, but sometimes, ya gotta put a stop to the crap. That might be a darn good way of stopping it.