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I can’t decide if I actually want to watch the debate tonight.  Odds are, I will, just out of curiosity, but I can guarantee, if the uhs and ums get too tedious, we’re gonna watch Glenn Beck’s Unelectable:)

News From Miss Heather

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Family stuff

My little brother is in the Oregon National Guard and will go active duty in April and to Iraq in June or July. Luckily he doesn’t burn to a crisp in daylight like I do.

Well, it’s different now, but I still think we can’t leave until the job’s done–can’t create a vacuum for Iran/Syria/Al-Qaeda/etc–and I feel kinda bad that my brother is a much better person than I am. He’s under strict orders to pass along the addresses of buddies in his unit who don’t get packages/letters from home for whatever reason so I can “adopt” them (he has two other sisters who will keep him in Blistex and magazines, not to mention our mother). Maybe I can be a little less useless.

Keep your head down and your powder dry!  God watch over you!

Corsi Stuck In Kenya

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Jerome Corsi, anti-Obama author, detained in Kenya

A leading American neo-conservative author has been detained by immigration authorities in Kenya as he tried to launch a book smearing Barack Obama.

Jerome Corsi, of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth fame, was this morning being held after failing to reckon with Obamamania.

He had been planning to launch his book, entitled The Obama Nation Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, before travelling to one of Nairobi’s slums to donate money to the Senator’s half-brother George, who was found living in squalid conditions two months ago.

But officers swooped hours after Dr Corsi was described as “author of a smear crusade” by local newspapers.

Evidently, there is no freedom of speech in Kenya. I guess this is what Bubba Hussein would pattern an Obama presidency after.

H/T: Democrat=Socialist

Feckless Weasels

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Reality Is An Ugly Thing…..

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Wake Up, America

Every American, young or old, must be told who was really behind the subprime loan disaster that threw our economy off track and injured the good people who lost their homes — like those now boarded up in Cleveland and other major cities — plus the millions of other citizens hurt by yet another failed Big Government-run program gone awry.

In 1977, Jimmy Carter and a Democrat Congress created the Community Reinvestment Act mandating that banks make more housing loans to lower-income and inner-city borrowers. It was for a well-intended social cause and even appeared to work in the 1980s.

But in 1995, President Clinton imposed even tougher regulations that forced banks to make dramatically more subprime loans to previously unqualified people with lower credit scores in higher-risk areas.

Government regulators rated banks by how well they performed in meeting these strict new CRA obligations. Failure to comply meant stiff penalties and limits on mergers, acquisitions and expansion.

Big Government forced the lowering of long-proven safe-lending standards. Most of the more than $1 trillion of new subprime CRA loans had adjustable rates. Many required no documentation of the borrower’s income and little or no down payment.

For the first time, the Clinton regulatory rules allowed and encouraged lenders to bundle the new, riskier subprime loans with prime loans and sell these packages to other institutions. The first one hit the market in 1997. That tragic blunder let loan originators make their profits faster and eliminate any future risk for those lower-quality loans. It let them turn around and make even more CRA-type loans and sell them off in packages again, with little future risk.

So, it’s time to give credit where credit is due!  Bush did NOT cause this current fiasco.  Granted, he should have pushed a LOT harder back in 2003, and he does deserve the blame for not having big enough balls to stand up the the losers in Congress.  BUT….  perhaps, if Barney Frank had not been in bed, literally, with Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, something could have been accomplished to ward off this mess.

Bottom line: This whole mess was another Big Government program created, designed and run by Democrats. It started with great intentions but resulted in typically awful unintended consequences that materially hurt the very people they were supposed to help.

I would encourage everyone, most especially those with a case of major BDS, to read this column. The information is out there, every where actually, but you won’t find it on the MSM, or in your left leaning blogs. Why? Because of the prior mentioned BDS!  This is not a “right” vs “left”, or a Republican vs Democrat.  Our Congress failed us time and time again.


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Morning Coffee 10/07/08

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Pentagon denies report US plane landed in Iran

An Iranian news agency said on Tuesday that a US Military aircraft had unintentionally violated Iranian airspace and been forced to land in Iran, but later allowed to leave.

The semi-official Fars News Agency did not say when the incident happened or give a source for the report, which comes at a time of tension between Tehran and Washington over Iran’s disputed nuclear program.

With no proof, no source, it seems to me that someone in Iran is trying to create a scenario.

GOP strategists: Attack Obama hard

They say the antidote to Mr. Obama’s poll-driving lead on the economy is to attack him much more aggressively on his desire to take more tax money from people’s pockets.

“Obama’s tax-and-redistribute policies will not resurrect jobs, wages or the price of stocks in American retirement accounts,” said University of Maryland economist Peter Morici, who has been critical of the economic plans both candidates have proposed. “In fact, Obama’s policies may make economic conditions worse.”

Pointing out actual facts to the drooling acolytes? Well, not a bad idea. With the economic crisis right now, the idea of increasing taxes on ANYONE is beyond ridiculous, it’s totally reckless. Redistribution of wealth is a very soclialistic idea that would drag our nation down to third world status.  But maybe that’s exactly what Bubba Hussein wants.

Democrats try to close evangelical gap

Dennis Barbee cares about low taxes. He wants a strong economy and solid national security.

But above all else, the registered nurse from Spring Hill is basing his vote this November on moral issues.

“Making sure human beings have a right to live is important to me,” Barbee said. He isn’t yet sure whom he’ll vote for, but the candidate he backs will be “a godly person that definitely has Jesus Christ as their Savior,” he said.

For evangelical voters in Tennessee and elsewhere, presidential elections often hinge on social issues like abortion or same-sex marriage.

I have to tell ya….anyone who votes for the Party of Death, and claims to be a evangelical Christian is LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH!

Fed takes bold move to thaw credit markets

The Federal Reserve announced Tuesday a radical plan to buy massive amounts of short-term debts in a dramatic effort to break through a credit clog that is imperiling the economy.

The Federal Reserve, invoking Depression-era power under “unusual and exigent circumstances,” will buy “commercial paper,” a short-term financing mechanism that many companies rely on to finance their day-to-day operations, such as purchasing supplies or making payrolls.

Yes, and look how well that turned out back then. Why the hell is the gubmint allowing the SAME mistakes to be made? Are they ALL that stupid?  I wonder if the Mr and I are going to end up in a “Hooverville“?

Liberal Scholars Hail Conservatives’ ‘Abandonment’ of Free Market

“Balanced budgets disappeared early, and except for their return as an artifact of the information technology boom and bubble, they were never heard from again,” he said.

“They surely will not be heard from in any serious form for years to come. What we call conservatism in power today is a form of big government cronyism that I call the predator state,” Galbraith added.

That is NOT the type of conservatism we voted for, and must be ended! 15 years ago, I thought term limits was a bad idea. We have the vote which could result in limits. Now, I’m all for it! NO one should be in office as long as some of those career asshats have been. 2 terms in the Senate, 4 or 6 in the House. That’s it! Then get your sorry hind ends home, and get a REAL job!

Bacon, not bomb, leads to evacuation of office

The office of an Ohio congressman who has fought against pork barrel spending was evacuated over a suspicious package that turned out to be full of bacon.
A spokeswoman says it’s ironic someone would send Boehner bacon because he has spent his career fighting pork-barrel spending. He’s one of the few members of Congress who shuns earmarks, those home-district projects sought by lawmakers.

However, the Republican has drawn criticism for voting for a $700 billion financial bailout bill that critics say was loaded with pork.

I wonder how much it would cost to send a whole hog?  Two would be even better…one to the House, one to the Senate!

Bailout blues: World markets give U.S. rescue ‘F’ amid fears of global recession

On Day One, the $700 billion plan didn’t help. Just the opposite.

The government’s huge rescue package, aimed at rebuilding economic confidence in the U.S. and around the world, appeared instead to sound a global alarm on Monday, the first trading day after Congress approved the measure last Friday with fanfare and President Bush signed it.

I wonder how long it would take for those morons in D.C. to get a bill passed to cancel that POS legislation? It’s not just the world giving it an “F”!  Every single person who voted FOR the crap sandwich MUST be voted OUT!  Regardless of party affiliation!

Yahoo employee alleged to be Indian terror group’s media officer

According to the Hindu newspaper, Peerbhoy “radicalised himself” after a pilgrimage to Mecca in 2004. Other reports say he was “groomed” by Islamists after taking Arabic lessons.

However, in a series of interviews with local media, Peerbhoy’s family said he had been falsely implicated – calling his arrest an attempt to “defame the Muslim community”.

The “Muslim community” does enough to “defame” itself. It doesn’t need any help.

Berlin rejects demands for setting troop withdrawal date from Afghanistan

“Any debate about a possible end of the (Afghan) mandate is negligent,” he reiterated.

The reconstruction of the Afghan state cannot take place by simply ‘pushing a button’, Steg said.

He added no one could say when the Afghan people would be able to take over their own security.

Well, they could always just hand it back to the Taliban, let OBL’s boys deal with the security with the normal murder of women and children.

Wired for sex, woman tumbles Bedford judicial comish

Officials said the woman wore a wire and met Hardin at her home which was wired for sound. A detective hid in a closet.

A charge of official misconduct was dismissed in exchange for the two guilty pleas.

The investigation was done after the woman complained that Hardin touched her inappropriately in his office at the jail.

He will serve two weeks in jail.

Jiminy crickets! When are these yahoos going to figure out it’s a real good idea to keep it in their pants?

S.S.  D.D.

Verse of the Day

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Matthew 5:11-16

11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

13 Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

14 Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

15 Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.

16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.