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No Matter The Name, Evil Is Still Evil

11 October 2008, 9:43 pm. 7 Comments. Filed under Religion of Pieces.

Christians flee Iraqi city after killings, threats, officials say

A week ago, leaflets were distributed in several predominantly Christian neighborhoods, threatening families to “either convert to Islam or pay the jizyah or leave the city or face death,” said the Interior Ministry official.

Historically, jizyah is a tax paid by non-Muslims in exchange for protection.

Goran said that a few days after the leaflets were passed out, gunmen set up checkpoints in parts of Mosul, stopping vehicles to inspect identification papers, searching for Christian names or other signs of religious affiliation. Many of the Christians killed were targeted in this way, he said.

Bashir Azoz, 45, told AP he fled his Mosul home after gunmen warned a neighbor to leave or be killed.

“Where is the government and its security forces as these crimes take place every day?” asked Azoz, a carpenter who is staying with his wife and three children in a town about 25 miles (40 kilometers) east of Mosul, according to AP.

The Rev. Bolis Jacob, of Mosul’s Mar Afram Church, told AP he couldn’t understand the attacks.

“We respect the Islamic religion and the Muslim clerics,” he said. “We don’t know under what religion’s pretexts these terrorists work.”

Uh….Pastor… offense, but this is NOT a ‘religion of peace’ contrary to what you’ve been told.  These people are absolutely insane, and if you don’t pay their oppressive tax, or join them, you die.  It’s that simple!

Dope Smokers Aid Destroying Environment

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Officials: Mexican Pot Growers Are Polluting American Wilderness

National forests and parks — long popular with Mexican marijuana-growing cartels — have become home to some of the most polluted pockets of wilderness in America because of the toxic chemicals needed to eke lucrative harvests from rocky mountainsides, federal officials said.

The grow sites have taken hold from the West Coast’s Cascade Mountains, as well as on federal lands in Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Seven hundred grow sites were discovered on U.S. Forest Service land in California alone in 2007 and 2008 — and authorities say the 1,800-square-mile Sequoia National Forest is the hardest hit.

Weed and bug sprays, some long banned in the U.S., have been smuggled to the marijuana farms. Plant growth hormones have been dumped into streams, and the water has then been diverted for miles in PVC pipes.

Rat poison has been sprinkled over the landscape to keep animals away from tender plants. And many sites are strewn with the carcasses of deer and bears poached by workers during the five-month growing season that is now ending.

Read on…

More Than Just Odd

11 October 2008, 8:07 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Crime, Feckless Weasels.

Weird Flash Cards

Seriously, not exactly what you’d want to teach your children, is it?  Well, at least not any SANE parent!

Just Too Cute Not To Swipe….

11 October 2008, 7:36 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Critters.

…..from Newscoma!

Yes, that does appear to be a skunk.  Heh.

Saturday Afternoon – Mini Version – Laundry Time

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Why Obama’s Communist Connections Are Not Headlines – The American Thinker

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11 October 2008, 4:38 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz.

Perhaps I’ve seen it all now? Naw….I’m sure something else will come along.

The True Class of The Leftists

11 October 2008, 4:09 pm. 7 Comments. Filed under Moonbats & Other Animals.

Some odd bird left a comment on this post:

Your blog features only one idiotic post so I can only conclude that it is as retarded as its Gawd-fearin’ author. I would say that it was a shame you weren’t aborted only I’m sure that someone loves even you. If not, maybe try Wasilia.

Well, I suppose if there is “only one idiotic post”, I’m doing pretty good, aren’t I!

Now, I’m trying really hard to figure out the logic on such a comment.  So, he/she/it thinks it would have been a good idea if I had been aborted.  Very classy indeed.

Since I’ve never been to Alaska, I wouldn’t mind seeing that part of the country.  I hear it’s a beautiful state.

I can only assume he/she/it is making fun of my love of my Lord.  Rather sad someone has such hatred eating them up.  Pathetic indeed.  I feel no shame for my faith, and I will never apologize to confess Christ as my Savior.

On This Day In History….

11 October 2008, 11:07 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family, Life.

…..the Ick in law made his appearance.  Now, I’m not sure if this is a good thing or bad, but hey…. he’s better than some I could have had.  Heh!

Yes, he’s kind of strange, but we’ve decided to keep him anyway. 

Happy Birthday Ick!

The check is in the mail…..almost.  :)

Kind of Makes Ya Wonder…..

11 October 2008, 10:06 am. 2 Comments. Filed under 2008, Life.

…..does Barack Hussein Obama hate anyone who is different….from him?

H/T: covertress via Digg

Feckless Weasels

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11 October 2008, 9:35 am. 8 Comments. Filed under 2008, Opinion, Pond Scum.

Putting Off Ayers

John McCain wants you to consider whether Barack Obama’s association with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers makes him fit to be president. Actually, that’s not quite right: McCain and Republican Party leaders would prefer we didn’t waste time considering this question. They want you to simply reject Obama out of hand for his past ties. If that doesn’t work, they hope to raise doubts about Obama’s character in the past (why would he associate with someone like that?) and in the present (why hasn’t Obama been straight with us about Ayers now?).

If anyone has been paying attention, Bubba Hussein hasn’t be straight with anyone about anything!

At the moment, this strategy appears to be working only with Republicans. Obama’s poll numbers continue to improve. Voters want to hear about solutions to the current economic crisis, and this line of attack has nothing to do with that. The press is covering the Ayers association not as a question of character but as a symbol of McCain’s increasing desperation.

Well, if it’s only working with Republicans, that tells me that only Republicans, and conservatives, are using the brains God gave them. Obviously, those who are such die hards for Obama have serious issues. I can only think they actually DO hate this country, and DO want to see it destroyed.

But there’s another reason this strategy isn’t working: Voters are cynical. Obama doesn’t want them to be, implores them not to be at almost every campaign stop, yet in this episode he benefits from their cynicism. If Obama weathers the Ayers controversy, it will be in part because voters judge his association with Ayers, and his weak answers about that association, to be nothing more than a politician’s garden-variety duplicity.

Well, of course he doesn’t want voters to be cynical. With his message of “Hope”, “Change”, “Change We Can Believe In”, “We Are The Change We’ve Been Waiting For”, all of which says absolutely nothing, but sure sounds pretty, voters are being given a Tootsie Pop, with the chewy middle removed, and a poison pill in it’s place.

It’s more than just Obama’s association with Ayers that should have people concerned.  It’s Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, ACORN, Rezko, and the list goes on and on.  His lack of judgment isn’t just a one time thing.  It’s apparent to me there’s a serious character flaw when you keep associating with the scum on the bottom of the pond.

For a real interesting look at Barack Hussein Obama, check out this web site:

The Obama File

The “opinion” part of the site has some interesting questions too.  I won’t say the site is 100% accurate, but I do know that some definitely is right on the money.


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Morning Coffee 10/11/08

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Special election may cost $500,000

“We could have had this done for free on the November 4 election,” Crafton said. “We were thwarted with legal maneuverings, and we had no other option.”

The commission certified his petitions by a 4-0 vote. Commissioner Lynn Greer said during Friday’s meeting that Crafton was forced to take the only option available to him after earlier, unjust rulings against him.

Commission Chairman Eddie Bryan abstained in protest.

“I am still on the money thing,” Bryan said. “That’s not good, and it hurts us down the road. And they are connected to a hate group. I want no part of it.”

I’m finding it difficult to understand why there are those in gumbint, on all levels, that have such a hard time with the concept that language can unite us. They push for division, intentionally, putting roadblocks up at every turn. Are these the type of people we should entrust to work for US?  And a commissioner who refuses to do his job, shouldn’t have that job!

Obama fundraiser, convicted of fraud, spills beans

Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich, whose administration faces multiple federal investigations over how it handed out jobs and money with advice from Rezko, is considered the most vulnerable.

Rezko also was friendly with Obama—offering him a job when he finished law school, funding his earliest political campaigns and purchasing a lot next to his house. But based on the known facts, charges so far and testimony at Rezko’s trial, there’s no indication there’ll be an October surprise that could hurt the Democratic presidential nominee—even though Rezko says prosecutors are pressing him for dirt about Obama.

There is much that needs to see the light of day concerning Rezko, Obama, and a LOT of other people. We on the right have tried, but so much is being ignored, I’m afraid we’re going to have ‘Chicago style politics’ in the White House before too long.

G7 backs ‘serious global response’

THE G7 rich countries all agree the world financial meltdown requires “a serious global response”, US President George W Bush said today.
He was speaking after crisis talks with finance ministers from the G7.

“All of us recognise that this is a serious global crisis and therefore requires a serious global response,” President Bush said.

The “crisis” is being pushed by people panicking because the government keeps tinkering. We have no trust in them, and they don’t think we’re smart enough to be able to survive without intervention. Oddly enough, I’d trust the drunk on the street with my money sooner than I would a politician, even thought the results would be the same.

Texas state lawmaker wants immigrant ID rule rescinded

A state lawmaker wants Texas license officials to rescind a new policy requiring non-U.S. citizens to prove they live legally in the country before receiving a Texas driver’s license or identification.

State Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon sent a letter Friday to Public Safety Commission Chairman Allan Polunsky asking for revocation of the administrative rule until the Legislature considers it. Ms. McClendon, D-San Antonio, wrote that the rule is a major policy decision that should not be initiated as a part of agency rule-making.

Another elected moron! Where do these people come from? The majority of US citizens want the borders controlled, and the illegals dealt with. Then we get people who supposedly work for us, doing everything they possibly can to undermine our will and nation. Anger doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Israeli hospital treats sick Iranian boy

The boy – who was identified only as Roy, to protect his privacy – was wheeled on a stretcher into the Sheba Medical Center near Tel Aviv, after treatments in Iran and Turkey failed. His face was puffy, apparently due to the drugs administered to ease his pain.

Israel granted the child a special permit to enter the country and he arrived at Ben Gurion Airport on Friday. The rare arrangement was mediated by an Israeli businessman of Iranian origin. The boy was accompanied to the hospital by his father and veiled mother, who were also granted special entrance permits into Israel.

Pretty much points out the difference between civilized and uncivilized, doesn’t it.

McCain-Palin’s hot rhetoric risks GOP backlash

Republican Sen. John McCain had long promised American voters that he would be the ultimate maverick presidential candidate and run “a respectful campaign.”

Americans “don’t want us to finger-point and question each other’s character and integrity,” he told Ohio voters just five months ago.

Uh, actually…..YES WE DO! If the lack of character, the lack of integrity isn’t pointed out, repeatedly, then we’ll end up with a President who has NO business sitting in the Oval Office. The man wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him upside the head. Whoever is pulling the strings on Obama is even more dangerous than he is! So, YES, Sen. McCain, we DO want the questions!

Apparent suicide during eviction investigated

Sheriff’s Capt. Jeff McCarter said Friday that deputies were waiting across the street from the house for the results of the hearing when Ross came out and spoke to them.

They were there to serve an eviction notice if the judge decided to issue one, he said, but did not enter the house until after they heard the gunshot.

I blame Washington. I blame the feckless weasels who created this entire mess over greed. I blame those who didn’t fight hard enough to stop the abuse. I even blame Bush. No one should feel so threatened that they feel their only option is death. There is a great deal to live for even when times are tough.

Report: Palin abused power

However, the Wooten issue was “not the sole reason” Monegan was fired, the report said. Palin, who has been fighting off allegations of wrongdoing in the so-called Troopergate case since her selection as John McCain’s running mate, has insisted Monegan was fired because he ignored her demands to cut budgets in his department.

Todd Palin has admitted he advocated forcefully to have Wooten removed because of what have been described as inappropriate actions, including driving under the influence of alcohol, shooting a moose without a permit, threatening Palin’s father and giving his son a slight jab with a Taser.

“A slight jab”? Let’s spin the fact that a grown man tasered a young boy, shall we? Pfft! Honestly, if ever there was a cop that needed firing, it was Wooten. And if this is the worst the Dhimmis can come up with, they are truly reaching. They might want to start cleaning out their own closet before nosing into others.  S

S.S. D.D.

Verse of the Day

11 October 2008, 7:48 am. Comments Off. Filed under Faith.

John 16:1-3

1 These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.

2 They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.

3 And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.