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Couldn’t Resist

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If you were around in 1919

(just before prohibition started)

and came upon the following poster………

I mean seriously, would you quit drinking?

Courtesy of Ken the cop.

New Toy

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The Mr and I went all the way to Jackson this afternoon after church.  Since there really are some things you can’t get out here in Podunk, once in a while, a trip to the ‘big city’ is in order.  Ok, so Jackson wouldn’t really be consider big, by most people’s standard, but considering the difference in population….yeah…it’s a big ‘un.  Heh.

After a trip to the mall…..a very SHORT trip….we went to Perkins.  Nothing better than breakfast at 3:30 in the afternoon.  While we were there, it occured to us that it might be a good idea to pick up a spare memory dohicky for my camera.  Since Best Buy was right down the street, why not, right?  Welp, then again, why not get a smaller, more lightweight camera instead, AND an extra memory card whatsit!

Of course, I had to test it out when we got home.  I went through the box, got all the goodies out, put the battery in, after I found out it was already fully charged.  I opened up the card thingy, and come to find out, the kid at the store gave us the wrong bloomin’ type!  WAY too big.  sigh…  Luckily, there was one in the box even though it took me a while to figure out what that itty bitty thang was.  Hey, it looked different from the one that’s in my old camera, and the new one we bought.  I got the software installed, and……voila!  Kitty pictures!

I wish I could figure out why you can see the rug under Mr Spot’s tail.  He does NOT have a brown tail.  He’s all black except for that one spot.  Hmmmm…

Obviously, Tazz had to inspect the new toy.  Either that, or she was jealous she didn’t get in the previous picture.  Who knows with cats.  She thinks she’s a princess anyway.

I’m still learning what’s what with this thing, but it’s kind of neat.  At least now I can see what I’m taking a picture of when I’m taking it.  Old eyes, y’know.  I wonder why the background things come out orangy/yellow?


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Morning Coffee 10/26/08 – Short Cup

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FBI warns of drug cartel arming

The FBI is warning that one of Mexico´s most brutal drug cartels is attempting to violently regain control of drug trafficking routes in the United States and has been ordered to engage law enforcement officers to protect their operations, according to an intelligence report obtained by The Washington Times.

Los Zetas, the enforcer of Mexico´s infamous Gulf Cartel, is reinforcing its ranks and stockpiling weapons in safe houses in the U.S. in response to recent crackdowns in the U.S. and Mexico against drug traffickers, said the FBI San Antonio Field Office’s Joint Assessment Bulletin. The bulletin was dated Oct. 17 and was sent to law enforcement officials in the Texas region.

Can we PLEASE build that flippin’ wall? Don’t we have a right to be safe? Seems to me that every single so called law maker has violated their oath of office. Don’t they swear to protect and defend the Constitution? If those we send to D.C., are so busy bashing each other political party, they tend forget the job they were sent to do. That includes making sure OUR law enforcement has the tools to protect us, and our country.

Hamas Demands Release of Notorious Killers

Hamas is demanding the release of approximately 1,500 terrorists in exchange for kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Many of those 1,500 criminals have “blood on their hands,” meaning they took part in attacks in which Israelis were murdered. Channel 2 News examined the crimes committed by five of the terrorists on Hamas’ list on Saturday night.

Once again, Hamas points it out: One young Israeli is worth MORE than all their terrorists combined!

Obama criticises ‘ugly’ tactics

“In the final days of campaigns, the say-anything, do-anything politics too often takes over…” he said in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The American people don’t want to hear politicians attack each other – you want to hear about how we’re going to attack the challenges facing middle-class families each and every day.”

Well, Bubba Hussein is the king of ‘say anything, do anything’! Instead of being able to tell the truth about himself, and his plans to turn this nation into a 3rd world country, he speaks empty promises to the gullible. Damn! We’ve got a WHOLE lot of gullible, don’t we!

Spending Stalls and Businesses Slash U.S. Jobs

Layoffs have arrived in force, like a wrenching second act in the unfolding crisis. In just the last two weeks, the list of companies announcing their intention to cut workers has read like a Who’s Who of corporate America: Merck, Yahoo, General Electric, Xerox, Pratt & Whitney, Goldman Sachs, Whirlpool, Bank of America, Alcoa, Coca-Cola, the Detroit automakers and nearly all the airlines.

Proof that D.C. doesn’t have a clue what it is doing! No doubt there would have been some layoffs if they hadn’t tinkered. All they’ve done though, is make matters a LOT worse. WE don’t trust YOU, so WE aren’t spending what little money we have left after you raid our pockets. And just why hasn’t any of those fatcats been put in hand cuffs? Probably because they are still too busy spending their bailout checks.

Huge cocaine seizure in Colombia

Colombian police have seized a 10-tonne consignment of cocaine with a street value of $200m (£126m) which was reportedly about to be sent to Mexico.

The drugs were found in the Caribbean city of Barranquilla in two trucks where they were camouflaged in boxes filled with children’s modelling clay

That’s an awful lot of blow destined to destroy lives.

Verse of the Day

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Numbers 30:2

2 If a man vow a vow unto the LORD, or swear an oath to bind his soul with a bond; he shall not break his word, he shall do according to all that proceedeth out of his mouth.