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Just Stop Talking!

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Swiped from Walt’s Facebook page.

Be Responsible? Why?

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Thankfully, we haven’t gotten any where near as much as they did in Memphis, but I understand there’s another storm coming up behind this one. And yes, I know, it’s barely a dusting, but this is Tennessee fer the love of pete! It’s going to be March in a few hours! It’s going to be gone by tomorrow afternoon, but it’s the principle of the whole thing. Global worming? Yes, intentional spelling! I’d like get the SOB wormed!


Saturday Afternoon – Watching The Snow Fall – No Laundry Time

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Radio Legend Paul Harvey Has Died at 90


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We’re heading home shortly, so I’ll do some posting later.  They are predicting snow.  SNOW?  Hey Boracle….we need to talk!

So, since I didn’t post Weasels yesterday, I thought I’d share a couple I have stashed on my laptop.

bailoutsbirdbrainsbordercarteldc-defiesDeficit Dog


Verse of the Day

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2 Timothy 1:7

7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Our Afternoon

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After the Mr and I left the Tea Party, it was definitely time for lunch.  We took a stroll up the street and came across a place with OUR kind of sign on the door – “Smoking allowed! No one under 21 allowed!”  heh  Pretty good food too.  :)

During lunch, I discovered the Mr had never been to Nashville.  Really?  Odd.  Since he plays bluegrass, I thought he would have least come here once.  Guess not.  So, we decided to walk down to where they have all kinds of instrument stores, bars, tourist crap, and of course, the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

front Obviously, the front.

horns Seriously, that is one ugly vehicle.  Door handles like toy six shooters, a saddle in the front seat?  Some folks have more money than taste.  (No idea who the guy is.  Walked right into my shot.  Putz.)

Speaking of more money than taste….Elvis’ limo.

elvis Ya can’t see it too well, but that’s an itty bitty TV with an round antenna sitting there.  Heh.

Here’s the Mr checking out just one wall of those Gold Records that are plastered all over the place.


I don’t mean to cast aspersions, but does anyone else think that perhaps Porter Wagoner was…umm….well…perhaps…..a tad ‘light in the loafers’?


Granted, a lot of the old time country stars wore seriously spangley outfits, but that guitar….  Hmmm…..

And this one is strickly for Chris.  See that butt ugly “C” there?


Recap: B. Hussein’s First Month

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Let’s Recap regarding Obama

1. The American people elect a black president with a total of 42 days experience as a U S Senator from the most politically corrupt state in America whose governor is ousted from office. The President’s first official act is to close Gitmo and make sure terrorists civil rights are not violated.

2. The U.S. Congress rushes to confirm a black Attorney General, Eric Holder, whose law firm we later find out represents seventeen Gitmo Terrorists.

3. The CIA Boss, Leon Panetta with absolutely no experience, has a daughter Linda we find out, that is a true radical anti-American activist who is a supporter of all the Anti-American regimes in the western hemisphere.

4. We got the most corrupt female in America as Secretary of State; bought and paid for. Hillary Clinton.

5. We got a Tax Cheat for Treasury Secretary who files his own taxes. Timmy Geithner.

6. 2 Commerce Secretary nominees who withdrew due to corruption charges and conflicts of interest. Judd Gregg and Bill Richardson

7. A Tax cheat nominee for Chief Performance Officer who withdrew under charges. Nancy Killefer

8. A Labor Secretary nominee that faced charges of unethical conduct, over her husband’s unpaid business taxes. Hilda Solis

9. A HHS Secretary nominee that withdrew under charges of cheating on his taxes. Tom Daschle

And that’s just the first month… But who’s counting?

America is being run by the modern-day Three Stooges ~ Barrack, Nancy, and Harry ~ and they are still trying to define stimulus. And the Republican Party is sitting around with its thumb up its ass saying duh.

Stimulus is where the government gives a smidgen of your tax dollars back to you making you feel so good about yourself [stimulated] that you want to run out to Wal-Mart and buy a new Chinese-made HDTV and go home and watch Telemundo!

Swiped from Texas Fred’s.


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Good Day For A Tea Party!

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Well, actually, no, it was a rather nasty day….nippy, drizzly, and quite breezy…..but it was a good day for gathering of like minded folks!

The Mr and I made to Legislative Plaza around 11:40, or there abouts, and there were already quite a few folks gathered in the covered area.  Hey, why stand out in the ‘rain’, when there is shelter to be had?

starting-to-gather Starting to gather.

A few more wander under the sheltered area.    still-gathering

hosed We have been hosed!  Got THAT right!

Getting started with first speaker.   getting-started

chains Pretty much sums it up!

The crowd continues to grow, even as the speakers take the “stage”.  crowd-grows

crowd-grows2 And they just kept on coming.

WE must hold ‘em accountable!  They work for US!  hold-em-accountable

not-bad Not too bad a showing for such short notice, and nasty weather.

There were more people who were behind me, but if I got any farther back, I couldn’t have seen diddly.  Hey, it was a cell phone, and I’m short.  It’s my understanding that two different counts had the number of folks somewhere in the vicinity of 600.  Nope, not too shabby at all!

We watched the local coverage on the news….holy crap….could they be any more biased?  “Several”….”a few”?????  Give me a break!

It was terrific to see a couple of “oldaquaintences, and meet a new friend, or two.  Actually, I met some seriously terrific people, but my inability to remember names unless I have met people several times, prevents me from telling ya who.  Pathetic, isn’t it.  :?

I’ll add sites with coverage as I come across them, but for the time being….

Scenes from the Tennessee Tea Party

The Nashville Tea Party (video….you can see the Mr right at the end :) )


The New American Tea Party, Tennessee Style

TN GOP says ‘No’ to stimulus

Nashville Tea Party . . . so how was the turnout you ask?

Snail Mail Terrorist

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Chicago Man Arrested for Allegedly Targeting Obama With HIV-Infected Blood

A man from President Obama’s hometown of Chicago has been arrested for allegedly sending Obama and his staff envelopes containing HIV-infected blood, in the hopes of killing or harming them.

It’s only the second time ever that HIV-infected blood has been sent with malicious intent through the U.S. mail system, a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service said.

In the weeks leading up to Obama’s inauguration, Saad Hussein, an Ethiopian refugee in his late 20′s, sent an envelope addressed to “Barack Obama” to offices of the Illinois government in Springfield, Ill., according to court documents. The envelope contained a series of unusual items, including a letter with reddish stains and an admission ticket for Obama’s election-night celebration in Chicago’s Grant Park. Court documents said Hussein, who takes drugs to treat a mental illness, later told FBI agents he is “very sick with HIV” and cut his fingers with a razor so he could bleed on the letter.

Ok, it’s no secret I’m not a major fan of B. Hussein, but this is beyond ridiculous. What was this man expecting to happen? Was this a message to BO that since he can calm the storm, and part the waters, he can also cure HIV/AIDS?

Hussein, with his brother acting as an interpreter, told FBI agents he was actually “an admirer” of Obama and was “seeking help from the government,” according to court documents. He also told them he was hoping to obtain tickets to the inaugural ceremonies in Washington, the documents said.

Oh yeah….that would have gotten him tickets. (Hussein? Are they cousins? Naw….wrong African country.)

Hussein, who has never held a job in the three years he’s been in the United States, was arrested last month. An affidavit filed at the time accused Hussein of “knowingly” mailing letters “containing HIV-infected blood, with the intent to kill or injure another,” in violation of federal law.

Three years? No job? Is he here legally? How has he managed to survive for 3 years and no income? Uh….who is paying his bills? Oh yes…..silly me…..WE ARE!

This is not the first time law enforcement officials have had to take Hussein into custody. He was arrested by police in 2006 after starting a fire in the middle of a crowded Chicago intersection. When officers arrived on the scene, he was waiving the Koran in the air and yelling “Allah Akbar,” or “God is Great” in Arabic. Court documents said he was transported to a hospital, where he called President Bush a terrorist and criticized American foreign policy. He was not formally charged, but he did spend time in the mental health unit of the hospital.

Uh…isn’t that “Allah hu Akbar”? So, why the hell is he still in the country? Why wasn’t he deported when he pulled this stunt? Obviously, the guy is a few paragraphs short of a chapter. Don’t we have enough of our own fruitcakes, without importing them as well? Jeeeeeez.


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bo-lentbo-now1bo-debtbo-tonguebo-deficitbo-pakistanbo-richbo-drunkbo-buck1bo-pigbo-childrenStimulus Credit Card

Morning Coffee 02/27/09

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TVA pond structurally OK in last inspection

The last inspection of the Kingston Fossil Plant’s fly ash pond found seepage and eroded walls but concluded the storage facility for coal waste was structurally sound two months before its collapse.

According to a Tennessee Valley Authority report, three TVA engineers inspected the facility on Oct. 20, 2008. However, the inspection report, written by TVA engineer Chris Buttram, wasn’t completed before the Dec. 22 failure.

Well then, it wasn’t “OK” then, was it! And just why the heck did it take that yahoo more than 2 months to write a report? Jeeeeez.  Seems to me that both the inspection team, and the clown suppose to do the write up, were grossly incompetent.

Cash-strapped lawmakers take a look at ‘skin taxes’

It’s enough to make you blush: Some politicians want a bigger taste of the economy’s naughty side, pushing for special taxes on dirty magazines, racy movies, sex toys and strip clubs.

In Washington state, a half-dozen cash-strapped legislators recently endorsed a huge sales tax increase on explicit movies, magazines and other sex-themed products.

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. What’s next? Tax on your spare nostril? I mean, do you really NEED two? While I’m in no way, shape or form, an advocate of porn, and would be just as happy if it would go away, making up taxes is getting to be a way of life with politicians. Instead of encouraging business, they seek to destroy. And it’s not just the porn, it’s ALL business. Porn, we can live without, but there are way to many businesses we need that will be closing up shot due to all the taxing. ENOUGH!

President Barack Obama unveils $4 trillion budget

Key to Mr Obama’s hopes of securing its passage will be three moderate Republicans in the Senate — Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, of Maine, and Arlen Specter, of Pennsylvania. They were the only congressional Republicans who voted for the President’s $787 billion economic stimulus plan. Without their support it would not have passed. Half the cost of the ambitious healthcare overhaul will be paid for by higher taxes on wealthy Americans. Mr Obama will allow tax cuts given to couples earning more than $250,000 — and individuals taking in $200,000 — to expire at the end of 2010. The marginal tax rate on their incomes will rise from 35 to almost 40 per cent. Most people earning less will benefit from a tax cut.

It is become more and more apparent, this man has NO idea what the hell he is doing. And neither do those pulling his strings. But perhaps it is really his intention to destroy the country? He’s already off to a great start.

U.N. genocide court jails Rwandan priest for 25 years

A U.N. court trying the masterminds of Rwanda’s 1994 genocide jailed a former military chaplain for 25 years Friday for sexual assault and killing ethnic Tutsis who sought sanctuary at a seminary.

Emmanuel Rukundo is one of two clergymen the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) indicted for their role in the 100-day slaughter in which troops and Hutu militia butchered 800,000 minority Tutsis and politically moderate Hutus.

Just what kind of chaplain? What kind of seminary? Was this the Church of Perpetual Scum Suckers? I hope he rots in that prison.

How Obama’s budget proposal affects California

California will see a sweeping commitment to addressing climate change, a huge tax hit for its wealthiest taxpayers and a major benefit to Silicon Valley’s tech industry in President Obama’s first budget proposal.

Welp, y’all out there on the left coast can look forward to another exodus. First, you ran off the businesses, now you’re going to force out the folks that actually PAY the majority of the taxes. Way to go. Y’all wanted ‘change’, now you’re going to have to live with it.  I really wish someone would explain to me how the poorest workers get tax ‘cuts’, when they don’t even pay taxes.  This one has had me stumped for years.  Oh….yeah….they get tax ‘credits’.  Wealth redistribution.  In other words….gubmint theft.

Partners in Arms? Fatah and Hamas Say They’ll Unify

Fatah and Hamas leaders have announced an “agreement in principle” that would lead to a joint Fatah-Hamas led Palestinian Authority, according to the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency. The two groups plan to form a joint transitional government that would operate until elections can be held. In addition, they agreed to a prisoner exchange between them.

I’m afraid this won’t bode well for Israel.

EU: Commission to announce 436 mln euros in Gaza aid

The European Commission is to announce 436 million euros in aid for the Palestinian people at a conference in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on Tuesday. The EU is the largest donor to the Palestinians and the EU executive announced the donation on Friday.

The ‘Conference in support of the Palestinian economy for the Reconstruction of Gaza’ will be co-chaired by Egypt and Norway and representatives of all international donors to the Palestinians will attend it, the European Commission said.

I don’t see that pouring money down a rabbit hole is such a great idea. When you get right down to it, why don’t they just send weapons and ammunition? That’s what the money is for y’know. It’s not like the palies will be building schools, factories, a fishing fleet. Is the EU going to offer aid to the Israelis, to help rebuild the homes and businesses destroyed by the palies over the years? Of course not. Gaza is one big welfare cesspool, and it’s being encouraged to stay that way by the “international community”.

Obama Paving Way for Health Care Rationing, Say Budget Committee Republicans

The budget includes $634-billion that the administration is calling a “down payment” on a health-care reform plan that Obama wants to enact this year. Obama wants to set aside the money before announcing how the plan will work.

“It could lead to rationing,” said Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, who was initially nominated by Obama to be Commerce Secretary before he withdrew his name.

Will B. Hussein insists we have a mark on our foreheads, or hand, before we can even make an appointment to see a doctor?

coffee-and-smoke23 S.S.  D.D.

Verse of the Day

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1 John 3:1-5

1 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.

2 Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

3 And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure.

4 Whosoever committeth sin transgresseth also the law: for sin is the transgression of the law.

5 And ye know that he was manifested to take away our sins; and in him is no sin.