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The Honeymoon Is Over

11 March 2009, 9:28 pm. 5 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

What the media does when they find out a hero is a Republican:


Another, thanks to Sue.


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Barnes and Noble: Obama-Monkey Display Was a ‘Hate Crime’

Barnes and Noble says a customer placed the book in the display at its Coral Gables, Florida location, then snapped the photo. The company says its associates removed the book as soon as it was noticed, insisting claims that Barnes and Noble had intentionally positioned the book within the display are completely false.

“This malicious and despicable act is nothing short of a hate crime, which should be punishable under federal statutes,” Leonard Riggio, founder and chairman of Barnes and Noble, said in a statement.


A “hate crime”.  Right.  Some yahoo rearranged some books, and it’s a freakin’ hate crime.  You people have GOT to be kidding.  And, for the love of pete….GROW UP!  It wasn’t a ‘hate crime’ when some dumb bimbo on Airhead America called for the assassination of Bush.  No, that was free speech.  It wasn’t a ‘hate crime’ when a POS moonbat director made a movie called Death of a President.  And of course, this picture was just an expression of 1st Amendment rights.


But moving a book is different, right?  Why?  Well, because it’s……..The ONE!

Why We Love Old People

11 March 2009, 8:07 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

A farmer stopped by the local mechanic shop to have his truck fixed. They couldn’t do it while he waited, so since he didn’t live far, he would just walk home.

On the way home, he stopped at the hardware store and bought a bucket and a gallon of paint. He then stopped by the feed store and picked up a couple of chickens and a goose. However, struggling outside the store he now had a problem: how to carry his entire purchases home.  While he was scratching his head, he was approached by a little old lady who told him that she was lost. She asked, “Can you tell me how to get to Mockingbird Lane?”

The farmer said, “Well, as a matter of fact, my farm is very close to Mockingbird Lane. I would walk you there but I can’t carry this lot.”

The old lady suggested. “Why don’t you put the can of paint in the bucket.  Carry the bucket in one hand, put a chicken under each arm and carry the goose in your other hand?”

“Why thank you very much.” he said and proceeded to walk the old girl home. On the way he said, “Let’s take my short cut and go down this alley. We’ll be there in no time.”

The little old lady looked him over cautiously then said, “I am a lonely widow without a husband to defend me. How do I know that when we get in the alley you won’t hold me up against the wall, pull up my skirt and have your way with me?”

The farmer said, “Holy smokes, lady! I’m carrying a bucket, a gallon of paint, two chickens and a goose. How in the world could I possibly hold you up against a wall and do that?”

The old lady replied, “Set the goose down, cover him with the bucket, put the paint on top of the bucket and I’ll hold the chickens.”

Courtesy of Sue.

Ann on Giving, Or Lack Thereof

11 March 2009, 7:24 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

Are ‘Hope’ And ‘Change’ Still Tax-Deductible?

Are you sitting down? Obama plans to pay for his $3.6 trillion-dollar spending bill by raising taxes on “the rich.” I know, I know … I was pretty shocked, too.

The bad news is, by hiking taxes in a recession, Obama will turn a disaster into a catastrophe. But there’s good news, too. The “rich” include most of Obama’s biggest supporters.

While liberals love being praised for their looks, their style, their brilliance and their courage, the one quality they don’t want talked about is their money. To the contrary, Democrats are constantly boasting about how poor they are — as if that’s a virtue in a capitalist society with no class barriers.

No matter how much money they have, liberals will be damned if they’re giving up the poor’s mantle of angry self-righteousness. This is especially true if their wealth came by inheritance, marriage or the taxpayer, the preferred sources of income for Liberalus Americanus.

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On A Personal Note

11 March 2009, 3:49 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Blog Stuff, Chris From Racine, General News, Life.

Just a quick update to say that there WILL be more posting.  Kate did not place her trust in me lightly, and I will do my best not to let her down.  The next day or so the posting will be light, as I have a medical procedure being performed on Friday so I am trying to get things in order at the office and at home today and tomorrow.  I plan on taking LOTS of time over the weekend to catch up on the news and I’m pretty darn sure that there will be much to rant about.   So please stay tuned – I’ve only just begun!

Vicodin ranting – heh!!  This should be fun…

Verse of the Day

11 March 2009, 7:40 am. 3 Comments. Filed under Faith.

Deuteronomy 8:18-20

18 But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

19 And it shall be, if thou do at all forget the LORD thy God, and walk after other gods, and serve them, and worship them, I testify against you this day that ye shall surely perish.

20 As the nations which the LORD destroyeth before your face, so shall ye perish; because ye would not be obedient unto the voice of the LORD your God.