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For You Moonbats….

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…..who STILL don’t get it!


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Nashville Tea Party!

15 April 2009, 5:36 pm. 28 Comments. Filed under 1st Amendment, Taxes.

Updates: The Capital Police put the number closer to OUR estimations…..TEN THOUSAND!  Also, check down at the bottom for other links I’ll be adding as I find them.  If I haven’t added you yet, put your link in the comments, and I’ll add it, K?

From the little coverage I’ve seen from the local Nashville media, the lies continue.  While the local rag has the numbers around 2500, the idjit box said a few hundred.  Well, in reality, it was closer to between 7500 and 10,000.

The Mr and I headed to Legislative Plaza around 10:30. Since parking seriously sucks in downtown Nashville, we took a cab over, and was greeted by a bus full of folks who evidently didn’t much care for the idea of trying to find a place to park as well.


Since the Party wasn’t suppose to start until noon, we had plenty of time to look for a few friends, say howdy, sign a petition and a stood in line to sign a VERY long state’s sovereighnty declaration.


I’m not going to go into everything the speakers said.  If you are as pissed off as we are, and have been paying attention, you’ll know the topic of conversation.  I’m tired, so, I’m just going post some pictures.

The Mr and bud, Bryan:


While folks were still gathering before:


After the beginning, I realized…..I’m short!  It was difficult to move around, so I didn’t try a whole lot, but these are pretty much from my view where the Mr and I were standing.  Or, in my case, sitting on my cane chair a bit.  Hey, I’m old!  And falling apart!  I needed that sucker today.


I thought this was a pretty cool hat.


A few of the excellent signs:


And my favorite!

term-limits Yep!  TERM LIMITS!  Enough with the career politicians!

A couple of the many folks who were there:


We were getting really hungry, and the crowd was starting to break up.  While we were worming our way out, we noticed a couple of young women who were yelling nonsense, holding up an Obama t-shirt.  A gentleman kept holding his “Don’t Tread On Me” flag, and one of the women kept trying to yank it out of his hands.  Nice.

After lunch, we wandered back over to the Plaza and there were still people milling around, and cars honking their horns.  One thing you’ll NEVER see after a lefty rally, or even the current president’s inauguration?  A cleaned up area!


Some other folks were there who have posts up, and as I come across them, I’ll link them here.  If you have a post, and want to add it here, let me know in the comments.


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