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Bowing To The East

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Obama could address Muslims from top mosque
Egypt’s grand mufti invites president to speak at prominent sharia center

The grand mufti of Egypt has invited President Obama to address Muslims around the globe from one of the most important mosques in the Islamic world.

The invitation to speak from Egypt’s Al Azhar mosque follows an announcement over this past weekend that Obama will travel to Egypt next month to deliver his promised address to the Muslim world.

According to Al-Masri Al-Yawm, a state-run Egyptian newspaper, Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa and other scholars from Egypt’s Al Azhar University invited Obama to use the mosque as venue for the president’s upcoming visit, explaining it would promote a culture of dialogue between Islam and the West.

Well now, isn’t that interesting.  The so called President of the United States can’t be bothered to be involved in the National Day of Prayer, right here in his so called home country (and I’m really starting to have my doubts), yet he may be sharing his “thoughts” from one of the ‘most important’ mosques in the Arab world.  Ain’t that peachy.

Obama had pledged he would deliver an address to the Muslim world within his first few months in office. His first interview as president was with Al Arabiya, a pan-Arab television network.

Yep. That’s a fact. Instead of talking to the U.S. press, he chose to give his FIRST interview as POTUS to a FOREIGN reporter, and then goes on to apologize for America.

Gibbs said Obama decided upon Egypt because the country “in many ways represents the heart of the Arab world.” He said the issues of democracy and human rights “are things that are on the president’s mind, and we’ll have a chance to discuss those in more depth on the trip.”

Amazing. This from an administration that is labeling folks like me, people who believe the Constitution should be upheld, as ‘extremist’. What would he know about ‘democracy and human rights’?

“This isn’t a speech to leaders,” Gibbs said. “This is a speech to many, many people and a continuing effort by this president and this White House to demonstrate how we can work together to ensure the safety and security and the future well-being, through hope and opportunity, of the children of this country and of the Muslim world.”

If he’s so concerned about the children of this country, why is he putting them, and their children, not just into debt, but in danger?

hat-tip-bear ICaree

Just a short addition:

Obama to host Abbas in May

Senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said the meeting was scheduled in Washington on May 28, 10 days after Obama is due to host Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has so far refused to endorse the creation of an independent Palestinian state.

Dedicated To…..

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… know who you are!

A Higher Calling?

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Nothing like moving the corruption of Memphis’ city politics to the national level.

The current mayor of Memphis, Willie Herenton (why do I always think of the Dr. Suess book, Horton Hears A Who?) won his 5th term, and a few months later, announced he was going to step down. Seems he wanted to go back and screw up the cities schools even more than they already were, but thankfully, he was notified he wasn’t in the running, so changed his mind.

So now, he’s decided he wants to unseat his ‘friend’, Congressman Steve Cohen.  Now, I’m not a big Cohen fan, he’s a lib fer pete’s sake, but, as best I can tell, he has served his district well, and the fact that he’s white, in a predominantly black area, and Jewish, says a great deal.  (Eyeball the current POTUS if you don’t believe it.  And contrary to what some asshats would have you believe, the color of his skin has NOTHING to do with the ‘right’ not being supportive.)

Piece of advice, Mayor….when you’re being investigated by the FBI, ya might want to rethink your career moves.  Then again, with the level of corruption in this administration, why the heck not join ‘em?  Although, you might find it a tad difficult to get the ball rolling.

“A higher calling,” says Willie?  Heh.  Sorry, I find this all extremely amusing, and kind of sad.  Aren’t there enough feckless weasels in Washington, D.C. already?

The Classless Libs

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Once again, the left proves just how little class they really have.

Part I

Part II

At one point in time, I was quite a fan of Wanda Sykes. That time is long past. This just confirms the depths the left will go to slam the right. The word is RIGHT….as opposed to WRONG!

For the specific “hightlights”, see News Busters.


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Happy Mother’s Day!

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I want to take a moment to wish a very sincere Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there.  Being a mom is one of the most important jobs out there, and it ain’t always easy.  I hope you all have a wonderful day!