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I thought Republicans were selfish and stingy?   I notice we never heard about this in the media.  What a shocker.

“The Dark Pelosi”

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Words of Wisdom

22 May 2009, 3:30 pm. 3 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

“Liz Cheney shows how you make mincemeat out of liberals. Don’t accept their fallacious premises. Don’t cop to an attitude that they’re better than everybody, or that you don’t have a chance. They’re not grounded in any substance whatsoever. Liberalism is itself in quicksand. There is no truth behind it. Liberalism is a series of mirages and images and PR.”
~ Rush ~

If you are a conservative, you’ve no doubt come across a liberal or ten, who never have a rational reason for why they believe what they do.  You’ll hear all sorts of arguments, but nothing rational, well reasoned.

One example:  Abortion.  You’ll hear “My body, my choice.”  Well, there’s another body involved.  A tiny one.  How is it anyone can claim it’s choice when there is a separate human body involved in the process.  One that is brutally ripped apart? “The procedure tears the baby’s body into pieces and the hose frequently jerks as pieces of the baby become lodged.” Or poisoned with salt? “The abortionist would remove as much amniotic fluid as he cound using a needle and syringe. He would then replace the amniotic fluid with a concentrated saline (salt) soloution that would poison and kill the fetus.”  I’m sorry, but how can anyone approve of such actions on the innocent?

Second example:  Taxes.  Now, the non-logic of the liberals will tell you “why shouldn’t the rich pay more in taxes?”  Well, they already do.  But let’s say, for the sake of argument, a rich guy has a business, and the gubmint double his income tax.  Where do you think this rich guy is going to get the extra bucks to pay those taxes?  Well, if he employs 40 people in his little business, odds are, he’s going to have to lay off 10+ of his employees in order to pay those exra taxes.  His income is tied to how well his company does, right?  Now, the company has fewer employees, which means less productivity, or quality will suffer.  Less productivity, means less sales of his product, which means less income.  Now that you have more unemployed, who picks up the check for their unemployment checks?  Well, the people who are running these companies that have less income, so they’ll have to lay off more people in order to make up the difference, so they can pay their taxes.  More taxes, more unemployment, less productivity, and the circle continues.  Pretty soon, there will be no companies producing anything.  The rich guy is no longer rich, he’s no longer employing anyone.  Not only are there now 40 people out of a job, but no product to sell, and one more business bites the dust.  Now, multiply that by 1,000,000.  Because the left wants the rich to be over taxed, they will have effectively put 40,000,000 blue collar workers out on the streets.  Way to go!  The left think this is the way to ‘share the wealth’.  However, if no one has wealth, there will be no ‘sharing’.

Just two examples of the left’s non-logic.  Just sayin’.

Oh Yippee!

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I was suppose to go pick up Jr at 11:30.  She was suppose to be taking the test to get her learner’s permit.  Well, looks like they need even more paper nonsense, so she showed up at my doorstep, sans a learner’s.  Why is it that illegals can get a driver’s license with no problem, but a legal teenager has to jump through hoops just for a learner’s?  Jeez.

So, I get the dubious pleasure of entertaining a teenager all weekend.  Pfft!  I’m too old for this!

Kitty Time

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tazz3tazz2….queen of all she surveils! tazz1

And in desparate need of a good brushing….if she’d stay still long enough.  Usually, she’s too busy hiding from Mr Spot, which is what she was doing up there on my lingerie chest.  He’s not bright enough to look up.  :D

There’s much to blog about today, but right now, I have neither the time, nor the inclination.