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Saturday Afternoon – Mini Version

13 June 2009, 5:58 pm. 5 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

Due to continuing issues with the non toolbar on my post page….this is it for today. Sorry. Good thing I started early yesterday, eh? :)

No. 2 House Republican compares Obama to Putin – Texas Fred’s

Obama Fires IG Who Investigated Supporter – Support Your Local Gunfighter

Liberal douChe’ at the Washington Post calls for new National Anthem – This Ain’t Hell

Liberals And Supposed Conservatives Keep Attacking Freedoms – Blue Collar Republican

That Was the Week That Was – The Expected, the Unexpected – Freedom’s Cost

Uncle Sam’s First Name Isn’t ‘Daddy’ – Skip Press (Big Hollywood)

Hope – Mike Slater

Obama “Saves” Jobs – Again – The Black Sphere

Today’s Tidbits (Friday) – Basti Says

Jim Doyle, liar. – Real Debate Wisconsin

Ahmadinejad’s TelePrompter Returns – Barack Obama’s Teleprompter

Tatoo of the year (imo) – Get Stewed

Will Netanyahu Crack Under Obama Pressure? – The Liberty Sphere

Requiem – Newscoma (an extremely moving tribute to a friend’s passing)

Union Jack Banned – The Political Jungle

Iranians Choose Terror Over Peace, Time For US & Israel To Act, No More Capitulation – Chicago Ray

A junker of an idea – No Runny Eggs

Why The Left Loves To Hate Sarah Palin – Flopping Aces

Muslim forces NY Harley Davidson dealer to take down sign – creeping sharia

Holocaust Museum Shooting: Still Trying to Shut Us Up! – Lloyd Marcus

Barack Obama Wants to Increase Your Taxable Income By Taxing Your Phone Usage – RedState

Letterman Vs. Imus – The Underground Conservative

Has the Government Just declared War Upon its Citizenry? – Traction Control

The False Choice versus The Patients’ Choice – Stepping Right Up!

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  1. chicagoray. 14 June 2009, 2:22 am

    Thanks Kate, I appreciate the link and have a great weekend :>) I forget to come here because of our Facebook banter, sorry
    I kinda hate that part of  fBook as the people there seem to blow off blog links and yet they post msm links we blogged about days before. go figger’

  2. olbroad. 14 June 2009, 7:50 am

    Yes sir, I do believe that is one of the problems with traffic, and lack of comments.  I don’t mind responding on FB, but it would be nice to get a dialog going here.  I reckon I’m just one of those folks that actually likes to read the whole thing before I make a comment.  Had an issue with the the title of the post, but it was evident the person didn’t bother reading it.  Sheesh!

    Oh, and yer welcome.  :D

  3. ChicagoRay. 14 June 2009, 10:15 am

    Your exactly right, I like my folks but many just look at the headline and repeat stuff I say in the post like it’s not even there. Then I tweak wm in a follow up and they don’t even bother to answer back so I know they’re link farmers.
    I even stopped my posts from auto posting on facebook, there’s really no point to it because no one visits the site, they read whats there and that’s it. I get more hits from the twitter twits than Facebook snots.

  4. olbroad. 14 June 2009, 10:24 am

    Oh yeah….Twitter definitely does have some serious perks.  Heh.  FB can be a great took for finding information occasionally, and it has produced a good post or two here, but if people don’t even bother reading them….  Pfft!

  5. Eunice. 18 June 2009, 6:19 pm

    God Bless Brother Lloyd Marcus!! I hope your patriotic song is on youtube so that I can hear and learn to sing it. I too am an African American who is a patriotic conservative. I totally agree with Rush Limbaugh concerning the Obama Regime. Obama and his entourage are daily chipping away at all our freedoms to speak out against their socialist ideas that will set in motion a personal dictatorial takeover of our country and the American people. If we, who are conservative, do not take action today to fight against the Obama python, then tomorrow we will find ourselves and all our freedoms suffocated and devoured by self-centered: leftists, a.c.l.u., and liberals who think it is perfectly righteous to take away ALL Americans’ rights who do not agree with their backward ways and ideas. I agree that the coservatives MUST be bold and fearless and continue not only with prayer, but “MOVEMENTS” of protests against the Obama klan. Sing on brother Lloyd!