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What a Sad Little Man

19 July 2009, 10:09 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Feckless Weasels.

Losing my religion for equality
Jimmy Carter

Women and girls have been discriminated against for too long in a twisted interpretation of the word of God.

I HAVE been a practising Christian all my life and a deacon and Bible teacher for many years. My faith is a source of strength and comfort to me, as religious beliefs are to hundreds of millions of people around the world. So my decision to sever my ties with the Southern Baptist Convention, after six decades, was painful and difficult. It was, however, an unavoidable decision when the convention’s leaders, quoting a few carefully selected Bible verses and claiming that Eve was created second to Adam and was responsible for original sin, ordained that women must be “subservient” to their husbands and prohibited from serving as deacons, pastors or chaplains in the military service.

Wait a minute. This is the same piece of crap that has been defending the Muslims, praising, sucking up, and generally all around, being a total shithead? That Jimmah Cattah? Give me a flippin’ break!  Look up the word ‘dhimmi’, and you’ll find a picture of this sleeze bag!  A “practising [sic] Christian” wouldn’t be bowing down to terrorists!  I’m not real sure what Bible that man has been reading, but nothing he does says “Christian” to me.  Christians support Israel, not her enemies.

Those Muslims he’s so buddy buddy with have a real bad habit of treating women like total garbage, beating, killing, for the slightest perceived ‘insult’, yet he makes a big deal out of the Southern Baptists not having female Deacons? Oh, and I’d suggest he read Genesis 2 for a much needed refresher course.  So, good riddance to bad rubbish!

Say Whut??

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Your tax dollars, hard at work!

Contracts – Recipient Summary

Clarification of Codes

Award Overview
Agency Name Department of Agriculture Project Location LOS ANGELES
Contract Number AG3J14120297196 Project Location – State CA
Funding Amount $1,191,200 Project Location – Zip Code 90058-1800
Completion Date 2009-06-30 Congressional District CA-34
Recipient Information (Award)
Recipient Name CLOUGHERTY PACKING, LLC Recipient Address 3049 E VERNON AVE
Recipient City LOS ANGELES Recipient State CALIFORNIA
Recipient Zip Code 90058-1800 Congressional District CALIFORNIA-34
Description of Work/Service performed


If I agree to slice a three pound frozen ham, will they pay me $2 MILLION?????

The Chadcast: The Cult of Me

19 July 2009, 9:04 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Chris From Racine, Opinion.

In this podcast, the subject is selfishness and human nature.  What exactly is selfishness? 

Chad makes the point that being selfish means putting your needs before God and others.  That is very true.  I try to put the needs of God and others before the needs of myself.   I consider myself a very generous person – I’m always ready to give someone I care about a helping hand, or the shirt off my back.  But – BUT – I’ve learned that a little bit of selfishness is okay.  That’s called taking care of myself.  If I don’t take care of myself, I can’t be the best mother I can be; I can’t be the best wife I can be; and I can’t be the best friend I can be.  The point here, my friends, is balance.  Taking care of yourself, so you CAN help others.  And yes, he touches on that as well.

Another point is the age of electronics.  With all the ways we have to communicate these days, are we or are we not ignoring our real relationships?  I’m ashamed to say that I am guilty of that.  I have a couple of friends who would go to the ends of the earth for me, as I would for them, but I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t called them in awhile.  Well, to be honest, I called one of them today.  But that’s because she reached out to me and I was there for her.  But weeks shouldn’t go by before I call my best friends.  His words made me think about that.  Don’t get me wrong – I’ve made some awesome friends as a result of the blogs, Twitter, Facebook, what have you.  But those who have been through hell and back with me?  I need to get off the damned computer and spend some time with them.

What I took from this podcast is that we need to step back, take a deep breath and consider what is REALLY important in our lives.  I know it made me think…I hope it makes you think too.

Pound Sand

19 July 2009, 8:25 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Israel, Middle East, Religion of Pieces, War on Terror.

Netanyahu: Jerusalem is Ours, Not Up for Debate

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a sharp response Sunday to United States pressure to stop Jews from building in parts of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinian Authority. Israel’s sovereignty in Jerusalem is “not up for debate,” Netanyahu said, and Jews are permitted to build in any part of the capital city, as are Arabs.

His response was a lot more polite than what mine would have been. Something to the effect of “Go pound sand!”, but in more, shall we say, colorful language?

Israel annexed Sheikh Jarrah and other Jerusalem neighborhoods following the Six Day War, in which the city was reunified after 19 years of Jordanian rule in the eastern half of the city. While Israel has maintained sovereignty in the capital city for more than 40 years, the Palestinian Authority continues to demand all areas controlled by Jordan in the 1950s.

Ok, it’s like this… lost, they won. Time to more on, and make an effort to live in peace. I know, I’m asking WAY too much, but hey, gotta try, right? Here’s a thought….be damn happy they didn’t kick your hind ends out! The Israelis are an extremely civilized people….y’all could learn a LOT from them, if you would just make the effort. :?

While Israeli leaders proclaim Jerusalem to be the unified capital of Israel, Israeli Muslim leaders teach their children that Jerusalem is rightfully Arab and Muslim. On Saturday, the Islamic Movement bussed thousands of Israeli Arab Muslim children to the Al Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount, where they heard speeches referring to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem as areas “occupied” by Israel.

Reality isn’t strong on their list of essentials for living, is it.

Joshua 1
2 Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel.

3 Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses.

4 From the wilderness and this Lebanon even unto the great river, the river Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites, and unto the great sea toward the going down of the sun, shall be your coast.

I mean, if you want to get right down to it, there are a lot of “occupiers” and it ain’t the Israelis.  Like I said before, be happy they aren’t throwing your lying asses back to Jordon.  But, oh yeah….they don’t want you, do they.

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