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That looks REALLY yellow, doesn’t it.  Crap!  EVERYTHING looks yellow in this pic.  Gotta be the camera!  Luckily, it’s not that yellow in real life!  Looks pretty good actually and brightens up the room, even makes it look bigger, believe it or not, but needs a second coat, and then there’s the trim stuff.  Oh yippee!  Well, that’s going to have to wait till tomorrow.  Taping, primer, first coat…..that is ENOUGH for one night, don’t ya think?


I’ve got some hurts in places I had forgotten were even part of my anatomy. Hope I’ll be able to get out of bed in the morning. Oh….wait a minute….it IS morning, isn’t it. Well, how ’bout when the sun is up….about 4 hours!

Sure hope Ick wasn’t serious when he said he’d be up and ready to go at it around 7:30.  Insanity doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Update: Mid Hurricane

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Well, work is progressing along nicely.  I know it doesn’t look like it right now, but believe me, the walls were in bad shape under all that wallpaper, holes, some gaping…odd things.


Yeah, it’s a mess, but I’m thinking it’s gonna be pretty nifty when it’s all said and done. Next step, priming the walls, then the paint, then the trim. Sounds like LOADS of fun, doesn’t it. The Ick has been working his hinder off. Me? I typically just get in the way, but, it’s always good to have a second pair of eyes to point any missed spots, right? Heh.

Tangled Web Being Woven…Deception Around The Corner!

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Confused yet? Well, that’s the whole idea, isn’t it! You aren’t suppose to know the rules of the game until the players are already on the field, and it’s the 2 minute warning.

If??? IF???

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No way…I cannot believe this(warning – kind of graphic)

WESTWEGO, La. — A 3-month-old suburban New Orleans girl whose body was covered with rodent bites bled to death before she was found in her crib, according to an autopsy released Wednesday.

Westwego Police Chief Dwayne Munch said Natalie Hill had severe wounds on her nose and leg along with more than 100 suspected rat bites when her parents found her body last Thursday in her crib, which was stained with bloody rodent footprints.

The cause of death was preliminary and more tests were planned, said Elizabeth Evans, an investigator for the Jefferson Parish coroner’s office.

The chief said the autopsy results “tell us what we had suspected already.”

“We were all hoping that we were wrong. It’s just horrifying to think of the baby being bitten and all this trauma happening while she was alive,” he said.

No charges have been filed, but Munch said police are still investigating.

The child’s parents told police the girl was fine when her mother fed her several hours before her body was discovered. When police arrived at the house, the girl’s father was in the front yard shouting that his baby was dead.

Investigators are awaiting the results of drug and alcohol tests that the parents submitted to last week, the chief said.

“It’s just to make sure we cover all the bases,” Munch said of the tests. “If we find neglect, we’ll pursue charges … It’s too early to tell right now.”
Much had said earlier that the girl’s parents had set traps out for rodents.

In Ohio, three people have been accused of letting rats bite a 6-week-old girl and chew off several of her toes at a cluttered mobile home. The girl was reported in fair condition at a Columbus hospital after losing the toes on one foot.

IF we find neglect? Are you effing kidding me??? How in God’s name can there NOT be neglect? Do you think that child just lay there and let a rat bite her over 100 times without screaming bloody murder?? Good grief – she bled to death from rat bites – that doesn’t happen in an instant. Where were her parents?? Where was anyone?

IF??? Have mercy.

Obummer’s “Ten Commandments”

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I. Thou shalt have no God in America, except for me. For we are no longer a Christian nation and, after all, I am the chosen One. (And like God, I do not have a birth certificate.) SOURCE

II. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, unless it is my face carved on Mt. Rushmore. SOURCE

III. Thou shalt not utter my middle name in vain (or in public). Only I can say Barack Hussein Obama. SOURCE

IV. Remember tax day, April 15th, to keep it holy. SOURCE

V. Honour thy father and thy mother until they are too old and sick to care for. They will cost our public-funded health-care system too much money.SOURCE

VI. Thou shalt not kill, unless you have an unwanted, unborn baby. For it would be an abomination to punish your daughter with a baby. SOURCE

VII. Thou shalt not commit adultery if you are conservative or a Republican. Liberals and Democrats are hereby forgiven for all of their infidelity and immorality, but the careers of conservatives will be forever destroyed. SOURCE

VIII. Thou shalt not steal, until you’ve been elected to public office. Only then is it acceptable to take money from hard-working, successful citizens and give it to those who do not work, illegal immigrants, or those who do not have the motivation to better their own lives. SOURCE

IX. Thou shalt not discriminate against thy neighbor unless they are conservative, Caucasian, or Christian. SOURCE

X. Thou shalt not covet because it is simply unnecessary. I will place such a heavy tax burden on those that have achieved the American Dream that, by the end of my term as President, nobody will have any wealth or material goods left for you to covet. SOURCE


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Wonder how many attempts this took?

Totally swiped from Fred

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!

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Buying More Votes With ObamaCare!
by J.D. Longtreet

Just a snippet:

A number of years ago Ronald Reagan said the following:

“As if we’re not already overextended enough financially, the issue of National Health Care is now on the table once more vote. Here’s some perspective you might find interesting.

Now back in 1927 an American socialist, Norman Thomas, six times candidate for president on the Socialist Party ticket, said the American people would never vote for socialism. But he said under the name of liberalism the American people will adopt every fragment of the socialist program.

One of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine. It’s very easy to disguise a medical program as a humanitarian project. Most people are a little reluctant to oppose anything that suggests medical care for people who possibly can’t afford it.

Read the whole post here!  Seriously…..go read it!

I am more and more disappointed in a large number of American people.  I’m not sure when it really started, perhaps in the 60s?  More likely, when the Federal Reserve was created, but it’s more obvious since the radicals of the ‘free love’ generation starting taking office in recent years.  Seems they never grew up, and have been working to create an America they envisioned during their drug induced stupor.  Whatever.  We began a major decline at some point, and the effects have been devastating, not only on our freedoms, but for the freedoms of all future generations.

I watched the majority of that “I am wonderful, LOVE me” fest, labeled as a ‘news conference’.  There were some quite lively discussions in our living room, after some of the most outrageous of The ONE’s comments.  Even the Ick in law, who is not much of a political junkie, was appalled at some of the blatant lies, and the fantasies of B. Hussein.

If he mentioned providing health care for illegals, I missed it during our heated discussions.  However, evidently, that’s one of the many provisions of this feckless piece of crap.  Just one more reason for our country to be invaded from the southern border?  Sure.  Why not!  After all, it’s not his money that will be supporting these people.

And let’s not forget, the food police will be out in full force:

Americans know Obama is not telling the truth and that fact was crystallized in this exchange from last night’s press conference:

JAKE TAPPER ABC NEWS: You said earlier that you wanted to tell the American people what’s in it for them, how will their family benefit from health-care reform. But experts say that in addition to the benefits that you’re pushing, there is going to have to be some sacrifice in order for there to be true cost-cutting measures, such as Americans giving up tests, referrals, choice, end-of-life care.

When you describe health-care reform, you don’t — understandably, you don’t talk about the sacrifices that Americans might have to make. Do you think — do you accept the premise that other than some tax increases, on the wealthiest Americans, the American people are going to have to give anything up in order for this to happen?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: They’re going to have to give up paying for things that don’t make them healthier. And I — speaking as an American, I think that’s the kind of change you want.

NO, MR Obama….that is NOT the change we want.  We don’t want you telling us what’s best for us.  If I want that second cookie, that’s MY choice, not yours.  You worry about your sorry skinny ass, and I’ll worry about my large one, ok?  And considering it’s NOT your money, you don’t have a say in what I spend it on, do you!  Although, I’m pretty sure that’s what you are aiming towards.  In reality, the only change I want right now, is YOUR change of address!

Narcissistic personality disorder


Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance and a deep need for admiration. They believe that they’re superior to others and have little regard for other people’s feelings. But behind this mask of ultra-confidence lies a fragile self-esteem, vulnerable to the slightest criticism.


Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:

  • Believing that you’re better than others
  • Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness
  • Exaggerating your achievements or talents
  • Expecting constant praise and admiration
  • Believing that you’re special
  • Failing to recognize other people’s emotions and feelings
  • Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans
  • Taking advantage of others
  • Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior
  • Being jealous of others
  • Believing that others are jealous of you
  • Trouble keeping healthy relationships
  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Being easily hurt and rejected
  • Having a fragile self-esteem
  • Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional

Although some features of narcissistic personality disorder may seem like having confidence or strong self-esteem, it’s not the same. Narcissistic personality disorder crosses the border of healthy confidence and self-esteem into thinking so highly of yourself that you put yourself on a pedestal. In contrast, people who have healthy confidence and self-esteem don’t value themselves more than they value others.

Oh, and let’s not forget this little tidbit:

The version of President Obama’s universal health care plan pending in the U.S. House would require “end-of-life” counseling for senior citizens, and the former lieutenant governor for the state of New York is warning people to “protect their parents” from the measure.

I’ll go when the Good Lord takes me, and not a minute sooner!


Utterly Preventable

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Sometimes I’ve just gotta shake my head…it prevents me from screaming or crying.  Which is what I did when I read this.

The boy being held in his mother’s lap was killed when the SUV they were riding in collided head-on with a semi-truck on Badger Road just before 10:20 p.m. Tuesday, July 21.

Three-month-old Angel Mendoza Garcia was thrown from the SUV and died at the scene, according to Washington State Patrol Trooper Keith Leary.

A child’s car seat was in the back seat, but it was not secured.

Excuse me? Okay, let’s see here…you have a car seat in the car, yet you CHOOSE to hold a 3 MONTH OLD in your lap? Are you insane???

The mother, 25-year-old Luciana Garcia Silva of Sumas, suffered internal injuries and was taken to St. Joseph Hospital and then airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. She was in critical condition in the intensive care unit Wednesday, according to a hospital spokeswoman.

They were in the front passenger seat of a 1997 Ford Explorer going east on Badger near Northwood Road when the SUV crossed the center line and collided with a westbound semi-truck, Leary said. It was obvious to state troopers that the SUV went well into the wrong lane of traffic because the passenger side of the vehicle where the mother and son sat took the most impact, he said.

The SUV driver ran from the scene. Leary would not say how they linked Lopez to the crash.

The driver, once found, will likely be charged with vehicular homicide and felony hit-and-run, Leary said. Garcia Silva could be charged with reckless endangerment, he said.

Could be? COULD BE?? This woman should be charged with the death of this baby. But for the fact that she, for whatever reason, bypassed the carseat, and CHOSE to hold that precious baby in her lap, that baby might be alive. Maybe not, but his chances would have been greatly improved.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…people should be temporarily sterilized at puberty and not be able to have it reversed unless and until they pass a rigorous parenting test.