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30 July 2009, 10:16 am. Comments Off. Filed under Environment, Feckless Weasels, Travel.

I was standing there, looking out the window at this view – look to the left, ya get the gulf, but straight down is what use to be a parking lot.


No, it’s not a terribly attractive view, but it got me to thinking. No, didn’t get a headache this time. :P

I have no idea what those parking lots were attached to….obviously whatever it was, isn’t there anymore….one more victim of Katrina. But y’know, it says something. It says that nature will ALWAYS make a come back. We can rebuild things, but only nature will take care of it’s own. We don’t have ANY control over nature what so ever! I wonder when folks will finally get the picture? Well, with the moonbats blabbing about “climate change” and other ridiculous blather, probably never. I wonder when man decided he (she) had so much power as to control nature? Look at a forest after a devastating fire! It may take a while, but that sucker grows back without any intervention from people!

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