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Still Accurate

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Saturday Afternoon – Wasted Day – Laundry Time

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“What If”

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New York Mom Fights Middle School That Banned Her Bike Rides With Son

A New York mother is fighting back against her school district after administrators and officials told her she and her son didn’t have the right to bike to school together — and that his safety, even beyond school walls, was out of her hands.

These people can’t be serious!

Janette Kaddo Marino said their 3-mile rides to and from school in Saratoga Springs have been met with stiff opposition from officials and even a state trooper who claimed it was unsafe — and illegal — for her 12-year-old son Adam to travel on his own pair of wheels.

Undeterred, she and her seventh-grader have continued cruising to Maple Avenue Middle School this fall in defiance of a 15-year-old school regulation that effectively forces kids to take the bus or hitch a ride in a family car.

That is absolutely insane! Oh sure….let’s push for kids to get as much exercise as possible, so they won’t have weight problem as they get older, but make sure there is no way for them to do through rules and regulations.

“They really don’t have the right to tell me how to get my kids to school,” Marino told, emphasizing that she always accompanies her son and is “very safety-oriented.”

“This just doesn’t seem right to me that the school district would have that kind of authority over a parent,” she said — noting that students have been asked not to walk to school. “We’re not hurting anyone — we’re just riding our bikes.”

Just one more example of “authorities” attempt of making parents irrelevant. And it’s WRONG WRONG WRONG!

Even though administrators have tried to stop the Marinos from biking, school officials say they don’t actually have the right to bar parents or students from walking or biking to school, and that the policy itself has been widely misunderstood.

“The existing policy is worded in such a way that it may lead one to believe that we’re prohibiting biking to school,” said Saratoga Springs superintendent Janice White.

Uh, yeah, it does appear that way, doesn’t it. When you tell a mother she can’t right a bike to school with her own child, yes, it certainly does.

The one-sentence clause in the school board handbook looks clear enough:

“The riding of bicycles by elementary pupils to and from school is prohibited.”

And just who the hell came up with that bright idea? Some “I know what’s better for you than you do” group?

She said the initial concerns raised by school officials were misplaced, including their worries that her son might be snatched by a kidnapper.

“I don’t know if the fear is warranted. It’s almost like (they’re suggesting) you stay inside, you get fat, you have heart problems when you get older because there may be a pedophile out there,” she said.

The ‘what if’ game has been played way too often, to the detriment of our children. ‘What if’ has put our kids in a bubble. What if he/she falls off the swing, and gets a scratch? What if that scratch gets infected? How about, what if you mind your own freakin’ business and let kids be kids?

A Little News From Podunk

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From our local weekly fish wrap, The Courier:

Mayor calls cutting sales tax ‘scary’ (He’s a politician, of course he thinks a tax cut is scary!  Probably a Dem?)

Hardin County residents who think a vote to reduce the local option sales tax rate is a vote to save five crumbling community schools from closure may be in for a shock.

They’ll just be shifting more of the cost of building two new larger schools already under construction to Hardin County property or vehicle owners, according to county Mayor Kevin Davis and the chairman of the county budget committee.

“It’s scary to think about the outcome if it’s successful,” Davis said of an upcoming referendum empowering voters to decide whethe to reduce the local option sales tax rate from the current 2.5 percent, to 1.5.

Now, if you live in the area, you know that there has been a battle going on to actually SAVE those ‘crumbling community schools’.  Alas, the school board folks believe they know better than the kids’ parents, who expressed the desire NOT to close those community schools, and can the idea of the ‘mega schools’.  I don’t know.  Just a thought….how about toss those mega schools out the window, save community schools, where kids tend to do a lot better, and save the residents of Hardin County money…..IF they don’t try to hike rates elsewhere to pay for something no one wants.

Davis also dismisses thought of raising the wheel tax, which currently stands at $47, most of which is going toward paying off the newly built county jail.

Wait a minute.  I thought the purpose of a wheel tax was suppose to be used for, well, where wheels actually go….the roads, as in city and county.  THAT would explain the shameful condition of our street.  Ah HA!  Instead of repairing roads, they built a real big fancy jail.  Got it.

“I think that some people would just stop buying car tags,” Davis explains.

Is he serious?  You don’t buy your tags, you get a mega fine, right?  I know we have cops around here, aren’t they suppose to deal with yahoos who don’t follow the law?

Ok, if you can actually read the whole column on The Courier’s website, have at it.  Now, right below that, on the front page was this:

Commission will decide Monday night to cut tax or have referendum

The Hardin County Commission will hold a special called meeting Monday at 6:30 p.m. to discuss a proposal to reduce the local option sales tax rate.

The meeting is being convened as a result of a successful petition drive by Concerned Citizens for Community Schools, which claims school and county officials are wrongly using sales tax proceeds to consolidate schools.

The local grassroots groups wants the county to return to a 1997 long-range school construction and upgrade plan that did not involve school closings.

Ok, they want to return to a 1.5% tax.  Personally, I like that idea.  :D  The current is 2.5%.  In this current economic environment, you’d think the county would realize when people can spend more of their own money, they tend to spend more.  How about a compromise?  2.0%?

Ok, here are a few details about our little corner of Tennessee from the 2000 census:

hardin county

So, there are about 7,000 school age kids in 577 square miles. Think about that for a while. The school board has decided to bus a whole slew a kids to the county seat to a mega school. How many buses is this going to take? What about the ‘carbon footprint’?  GASP!  How much time? How involved are the parents going to be if they have to drive many miles on back roads to get to said mega school? How much sleep are these kids going to get if they have to be up before dawn’s crack to catch a bus? When will they get home?

Now, in contrast, if the kids continued attending schools in their own communities….. Kids are closer to home, parents are able to be more involved in the school with their children. I’m wondering, is that the purpose of these mega schools? To remove parents from involvement in their children’s education?