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7 October 2009, 8:58 pm. 5 Comments. Filed under House of Representatives.

Democrats decry Republican Party as sexist, out of touch and ‘extreme’

Democrats are seizing on a GOP press release that said Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be “put in her place” to paint Republicans as out of touch with women.

Well, she should! IMHO, ‘her place’ is behind bars! Wonder if that makes me sexist, and out of touch? We already know I’m ‘extreme’!  :P


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I reckon those fishy folks just couldn’t resist my take on their feckless behavior, eh?

Ann and More Liberal Lies

7 October 2009, 7:58 pm. 1 Comment. Filed under Opinion.

Would You or Your Company Like to Sponsor the Next Installment of ‘Liberal Lies About National Health Care’? See My Web Site for Details! Part 7
by Ann Coulter

(18) America’s lower life expectancy compared to countries with socialist health care proves that their medical systems are superior.

President Obama has too much intellectual pride to make such a specious argument, so instead we have to keep hearing it from his half-wit supporters.

These Democrats are all over the map on where precisely Americans place in the life-expectancy rankings. We’re 24th, according to Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Barbara Boxer; 42nd, according to Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell; 35th, according to Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson; and 47th, according to Rep. Dennis Kucinich. So the U.S. may have less of a “life expectancy” problem than a “Democratic math competency” problem.

But also, as described in last week’s column, the citizenry’s health is not the same thing as the citizenry’s health care system.

Read on…


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I’m surprised they didn’t all end up on their knees, praising The ONE.

Another Idjit

7 October 2009, 4:52 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Crime.

Pipe bombs, rifles found in car stopped in CT

Police in Connecticut say they have arrested two people after stopping a car full of explosives in a New Haven residential neighborhood.

New Haven Officer Joseph Avery says police don’t know if the suspects planned to use the explosives, because they’re not talking much to investigators. Police haven’t released their names yet.

Officers say they stopped the car Tuesday night and found pipe bombs, rifles and a propane tank.

Authorities closed off a four-block area, but didn’t order an evacuation. A bomb squad detonated the explosives without incident.

There were no reports of any injuries.

Y’know, I’ve been checking back all afternoon to see if there were any updates on this story, but alas….nothing, until about an hour ago.

Police charged John Iannucci, 38, of Branford, and Jessup Bollinger, 27, of New Haven with manufacture of bombs, illegal possession of explosives and other charges.

Both men, who were being held on $500,000 bond, have been arrested recently. Iannucci was previously charged with bomb making.

That’s it? I would think it would be higher.

East Haven Sgt. Bruce Scobie said Iannucci, who was unemployed at the time of his earlier arrest, told them he didn’t intend to harm anyone, but didn’t give a reason for why he had the explosives.

“I think he was experimenting with this stuff and playing with it like a kid plays with fireworks,” Scobie said.

Uh….yeah. I’m buying it, aren’t you? Does this guy have moron tattooed on his forehead?

An American City

7 October 2009, 3:35 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Economy.

Chaos, drama reign at Detroit aid event

Thousands of people swarmed Cobo Hall in chaos this morning trying to get applications for housing and utility payment assistance from the city of Detroit.

People fainted, others fought as the Detroit Police Gang Unit tried to keep people in line — some since last night — and in check.

“It’s a disaster here,” former assistant Detroit Police chief and city council candidate Gary Brown said, handing out water. “This is dangerous. Very unorganized, very dangerous.”

This is what you get in a city that has been run by leftists for decades: Chaos! In April, Forbes named Detroit as the country’s most dangerous city, with Memphis coming in second.  Both cities have one thing in common….Democrats!  From what I can tell, Detroit hasn’t had any thing other than a Democrat mayor since 1962.

I realize this is a really tough time for most folks.  The REAL unemployment rate is somewhere around 17%, and not the 9.8% that the government is feeding us.  You know, that number that Obama said would NEVER go above 8%.  Pfft! Detroit’s unemployment rate sits at about 28.9%. How did Detroit get to this point?  Detroit use to be a rather prosperous city, so what happened?

A Glimpse Into Our Future

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A Random Check

7 October 2009, 1:06 pm. 3 Comments. Filed under Health Care, Opinion.

Thanks to Miss Radish, I came across the list of doctors who attended the Obumbler’s photo op. Just out of curiosity, I decided to do a little checking on a few of these folks, randomly. Here’s what I came up with:

Dr. Alice ChenSoros Physician Advocacy Fellow based at the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum, where she focuses on improving access to quality healthcare for limited English proficiency health consumers. (Yes, THAT Soros.)

Dr. Peter Kaboli – research aims are to develop valid and reliable methods for measuring the appropriateness (?) of medication prescribing and to develop interventions to optimize medication delivery and effectiveness to vulnerable veteran populations.

Dr. Jan Sarnecki – President Barack Obama’s campaign for health care reform has found a solid ally in Dr. Jan Sarnecki, a semi-retired orthopedic surgeon from Neenah.

Dr. Arezo Fathie – received her undergraduate degree in Third World Health and Development from the University of California, Berkeley in 1987. This included one year of study at the Institute of Political Science in Paris, France.

Dr. Winfred Parnell – member of Doctors for America will be available for an informative discussion on HealthCare Reform Legislation… (from The Democratic Blog of Collins County)

Dr. Zarpash Babar – “Forty-two percent of our patients speak a language other than English, and we are the largest single provider of mental health care in the state of Massachusetts.” (Standing Up for Safety Net HospitalsSEIU Healthcare)

I suppose if I had the time, or the inclination, I could go through the entire list.  These seriously are just names I picked at random.  Interesting.

Papers Please

7 October 2009, 10:49 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Feckless Weasels.

Buried way down in the middle of this article about vaccinations is this little tidbit:

And keep track of which vaccine you’ve gotten: Recipients of the swine flu vaccine are being given “vaccination record” cards to help. Seasonal vaccine is widely available now, even through workplaces, but the lower-risk general public may not get access to the swine flu vaccine until November.

So, when will the brown shirts start asking for your proof of vaccination?  When will they be setting up the check points?

(Emphasis mine.)