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Ok For The Left – Not The Right

8 October 2009, 9:05 pm. 3 Comments. Filed under Opinion, Politics.

The youngest Baldwin Brother takes on an interesting challenge: Texas politics

The fracture of the Tea Party and 9/12 protest groups has begun, with some protesters following Republican Dick Armey into partisan activism and others chasing jet trails after anyone from Glenn Beck to John Birch.

Ok, if you look at the title, then you read the first paragraph, a couple of things have to be hitting your brain. First comes the obvious…..”they” STILL don’t get it! Second, what the blazes does that OPINION have to do with any Baldwin? Honestly, as you read through the rest of this….column….I’m sure you’ll come up with the same conclusion I did. Not a dadburn thing, other than the fact that Stephen Baldwin spoke at the 9/12 Rally in D.C. That’s it.

In North Texas alone, three different political factions are selling “Tea Party Training” or “Tea Party Boot Camp,” where for $25 wannabe activists can learn everything from Armey economics to conspiracy theories taught by a “birther.”

No one ever said there weren’t a few “off the deep end” types who have popped up. But again, what do those people have to do with the supposed topic?

So far, it’s been tough to tell who’s on which Republican or Libertarian team in the Tea Party protests.

Actor Stephen Baldwin, a speaker at Armey’s Sept. 12 Washington rally, leaves no doubt.

No doubt of what?  Is this guy aware there were also Democrats that voted for Obama in that crowd as well? Guess not. My suggestion to him….before making snide remarks about a very LARGE number of people who are fighting for his right to be an idjit.

“Ron Paul is nuts. And you can quote me.”

That’s how quickly the “movement” falls apart.

Where does this guy get the connection between Ron Paul and the Tea Party-9/12 folks? Yeah, there are some Paul supporters who are involved, but so what? So are former Obama supporters. :?

The column is evidently an interview, of sorts, but I still didn’t catch where Mr. Baldwin is involved in Texas politics. I dunno….maybe I’m just too stoopid.  I guess the left thinks only fellow leftists from the Hollyweird crowd can express opinions.

Note to Mr. Kennedy:  It might surprise you to know that we come from ALL walks of life.  The majority of us are just ordinary people who are fed up with a government run amok.


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We often forget just how truly lucky we are!

Friend, and fellow blogger, Texas Fred‘s family has been going through quite a time lately.  His daughter, Lisa, was extremely ill, and they almost lost her.  To complicate things even more, she was pregnant.  This evening, I got an email that made me, not only cry, but realize that God does watch over us.

You ALL know how sick my daughter Lisa was, and how her baby was delivered C-Section about 12 weeks early. You ALL also know that Lisa was in ICU for 6 weeks, and we nearly lost her. Well, she was discharged today, she is WELL, and the 1st place she went was to Women’s and Children’s Hospital to see her baby, Carson Ambrose… This is the 1st time she had actually seen him…

She told me last night, “Daddy, I went to sleep in August and when I woke up it was October, all I want is to see my baby and go home so I can take care of Keith and Cody!!” Keith is her other son and Cody in her husband.

Today, her wish, and ALL of our prayers were answered! Shew still has a dressing on her throat where her trach tube was, but that will be gone soon too, and this nightmare will become a memory…

Thanks to ALL of you for your care, your prayers, you questions and your support!

Prayers DO work!  And I, for one, will continue my prayers that Lisa will be home with BOTH of her children and husband very soon.  Hope you will too!

NO! No, He’s NOT!

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Fence Splinters

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D.C. – Weasels From Hell!

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And these are the same yahoos that want to take over the health care system!?  I’d honestly like to know through what authority do they have to use taxpayer money for purposes that were NEVER intended.

50 Examples of Government Waste

The Congressional Budget Office reported yesterday that the U.S. government ended its 2009 fiscal year with a deficit of $1.4 trillion, the biggest since 1945.


1. The federal government made at least $72 billion in improper payments in 2008.
2. Washington spends $92 billion on corporate welfare (excluding TARP) versus $71 billion on homeland security.
3. Washington spends $25 billion annually maintaining unused or vacant federal properties.
4. Government auditors spent the past five years examining all federal programs and found that 22 percent of them–costing taxpayers a total of $123 billion annually–fail to show any positive impact on the populations they serve.
5. The Congressional Budget Office published a “Budget Options” series identifying more than $100 billion in potential spending cuts.
6. Examples from multiple Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports of wasteful duplication include 342 economic development programs; 130 programs serving the disabled; 130 programs serving at-risk youth; 90 early childhood development programs; 75 programs funding international education, cultural, and training exchange activities; and 72 safe water programs.
7. Washington will spend $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job.
8. A GAO audit classified nearly half of all purchases on government credit cards as improper, fraudulent, or embezzled. Examples of taxpayer-funded purchases include gambling, mortgage payments, liquor, lingerie, iPods, Xboxes, jewelry, Internet dating services, and Hawaiian vacations. In one extraordinary example, the Postal Service spent $13,500 on one dinner at a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, including “over 200 appetizers and over $3,000 of alcohol, including more than 40 bottles of wine costing more than $50 each and brand-name liquor such as Courvoisier, Belvedere and Johnny Walker Gold.” The 81 guests consumed an average of $167 worth of food and drink apiece.
9. Federal agencies are delinquent on nearly 20 percent of employee travel charge cards, costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually.
10. The Securities and Exchange Commission spent $3.9 million rearranging desks and offices at its Washington, D.C., headquarters.
Read on…

Forced Vaccines

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Americans Forced By Their Government to Be Vaccinated?
by J. D. Longstreet

If there was any doubt in your mind that America has a government out of control, then you have only to look to what the US Department of Health and Human Services is on the cusp of doing… or TRYING to do!

We are, of course, referring to HHS’s insistence on ALL Americans being vaccinated against swine flu.Last time I looked, and that was barely a minute ago, this was still (maybe temporarily) America, and, as long as it is America, the government does not have the right to command me to have the vaccination. At least NOT YET!

THIS is the kind of thing we warned of and we were boo’ed down, told we were idiots, and didn’t know what we were talking about. It is called POWER and a LUST FOR POWER! And, frankly, some of Obama’s cabinet members and Czars seem to us to be “drunk on power” already! Obama’s Administration is rapidly reaching critical mass and if he doesn’t soon put the brakes on his over zealous henchmen, he is going to find he has an implosion on his hands — one from which his administration will not recover.

If you have gotten this far, in this piece, and STILL have no clue as to what we are making reference to — then we suggest you read the article entitled: “Sebelius: Americans must get swine flu vaccination.” You will find it HERE.

I am old enough to remember the fiasco with a swine flu vaccine back in the 1970’s. Here, in the US, we had more people die from the swine flu vaccine than actually died from the disease itself! Back in 1976, a swine flu vaccine was used to inoculate 43 million people to stop the spread of a virus that was first detected at a military base in New Jersey. Oh, and that expected swine flu outbreak, the one the government was so sure was going to absolutely swamp the medical community in America and kill so many Americans — never happened! But — hundreds of those receiving the vaccine developed a paralyzing neurological condition called Guillane-Barre Syndrome, and dozens died. For more on this go HERE.

Read the whole post here.  Seriously….read it! J.D. is one smart cookie, and tends to hit the bulls-eye.