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No Way To Run A War!

30 November 2009, 11:00 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Heroes, War on Terror.

Save the SEALs
A serious nation doesn’t prosecute its heroes

In the latest absurdity in the war on terrorism, Petty Officers Matthew McCabe, Jonathan Keefe and Julio Huertas face charges related to the apprehension of Ahmed Hashim Abed, alleged mastermind of the murder and mutilation of four American security contractors in Fallujah, Iraq, in 2004. The “war crime” at issue is a punch in the gut.

Mr. Abed, code named “Objective Amber,” claims he was roughed up when the SEALs nabbed him on Sept. 3, specifically that Petty Officer McCabe punched him in the stomach. Petty Officers Keefe and Huertas are charged with offenses related to the investigation. The facts are as yet unclear – another report was that Petty Officer McCabe gave Mr. Abed a bloody lip – but nothing we have heard yet implies an injury that could not easily have been sustained in the legitimate process of apprehending a known terrorist in wartime conditions.

Mr. Abed is purportedly a dangerous customer who has no problem inflicting gruesome violence. It is painful to recall the security guards’ macabre death scene, during which the blackened, mutilated torsos of Americans were strung up on a box-girder bridge in Fallujah, surrounded by smiling, cheering insurgents. We doubt that the covert mission to apprehend the one responsible for those crimes presented the opportunity for the SEALs to just slap the cuffs on Mr. Abed and read him his rights.

Read the whole column here.

I’ll be perfectly honest.  I don’t give a flip if this garbage was black, blue and bleeding buckets.  Considering what the pig scrotum did to those men, he’s damn lucky he’s still drawing breath!

Fund For Slain Officers Families

30 November 2009, 8:56 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Crime, Heroes.

A big H/T to The Other McCain for this information:

Lakewood Police Benevolent Fund
PO Box 99579
Lakewood, WA 98499


From the president of the Lakewood Police Independent Guild:

This morning a complete coward and threat upon all of society took the lives of four of my Guild members and your sworn protectors in a cold blooded assassination. As I write this I am numb. We were dealt a nasty blow, good men and women I have had the honor of knowing for years are senselessly gone. There is no way to comprehend it, to validate it, or to make sense of any of it. You cannot understand evil like this, as a community we must form a solid bond against criminals and hold them accountable. I know my members and can say with certainty that as a group we will remain professional and will continue to work to protect those of you we have taken an oath to protect.

When you are saying your nightly prayers, please remember to add a special word for these officers, their families, and ALL law enforcement officers that serve so bravely.

Several Thousand VS Thirty One Thousand

30 November 2009, 7:32 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Environment, Feckless Weasels, video.

I’m much more inclined to believe the 31,000 as opposed to several thousand who have been ‘cooking the books’!

Help Needed

30 November 2009, 6:33 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Blog Stuff, Friends & Family, Life.

If you are a reader of really GOOD conservative blogs, you’ll be aware of the loss of one of the good guys, David Hinz of The Minority Report, last Friday morning in a car accident.  Arraignments have been made for services in Michigan. The family is asking, in lieu of flowers, that a donation be made to help with the financial end of things. We all know that funerals, etc., have become so expensive, sometimes it’s difficult to provide for loved ones.  I pray, if at all possible, that my readers will help out with a donation, large or small, at this difficult time for the Hinz family.  If you are so inclined, you can also leave a message of condolence here.

The Praying Hands

Weasel Time

30 November 2009, 1:04 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Cartoon.

debateno brainsshoppinginconvient

bumpy trip

The Scam Continues

30 November 2009, 10:17 am. Comments Off. Filed under Environment, Moonbats & Other Animals, Opinion, Pond Scum, Socialism, UN.

Document Reveals U.N.’s Goal of Becoming Rule-Maker in Global Environmental Talks

Environmentalism should be regarded on the same level with religion “as the only compelling, value-based narrative available to humanity,” according to a paper written two years ago to influence the future strategy of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), the world’s would-be environmental watchdog.

Uh….I beg your pardon???? I don’t bloody well think so!

The purpose of the paper, put together after an unpublicized day-long session in Switzerland by some of the world’s top environmental bureaucrats: to argue for a new and unprecedented effort to move environmental concerns to “the center of political and economic decision-making” around the world — and perhaps not coincidentally, expand the influence and reach of UNEP at the tables of world power, as a rule-maker and potential supervisor of the New Environmental Order.

One of the most useless, corrupt, and feckless organizations on the planet wants control of world political decisions? Once again, I don’t bloody well think so!

Read the report here, and read the whole article.   The idea that there are so many ignorant people willing to continue to follow along blindly, even though there is a great deal of evidence to prove the farce, is disconcerting, to say the least.  I’m not too sure how many Americans are willing to give up their freedom to the “One World” fascists, but they’re going to have to shoot my sagging old ass, because I will NOT submit.



30 November 2009, 9:41 am. Comments Off. Filed under Opinion.

Sheriff’s Office Says Washington State Police Shooting Suspect Not in Seattle Home

Death Knell?

30 November 2009, 9:36 am. 21 Comments. Filed under Opinion, Politics.

So, Face The Nation’s fill in host, Harry Smith, is worried about the GOP?

CBS devoted half of Sunday’s Face the Nation to the pressing question of “divisions within the Republican Party: Is there room for moderates?”

Not that anyone actually gives a flip what I think, I must toss in my 2 cents.

The GOP started the slow process of committing suicide when the moderates took over. You see, we are mostly a conservative country, with serious conservative values. Little things like, oh say, LIFE, the sanctity of marriage, small government, strong defense, personal responsibility, just to name a few. When the ‘moderates’ started running the show, they became nothing more than Democrats with a different name. THAT is what is killing the GOP. When they snap out of their stupor, return to REAL principles, and take a firm stand, then people like me will return to the fold.  Until then, the party can flounder as far as I’m concerned.  I’ll be voting my faith and conscience, NOT the Party.


Shooter Update

30 November 2009, 9:07 am. Comments Off. Filed under Crime, Pond Scum.

Washington shootings suspect killed, say reports

Detectives hunting the killer of four police officers who were shot dead yesterday in a suburban US coffee shop think their suspect may have died from gunshot wounds.

Officers searching for Maurice Clemmons, a 37-year-old convicted criminal, swooped on a house in Seattle early this morning. Witnesses heard explosions, shots and glass breaking as police negotiators urged Clemmons to give himself up.

Ed Troyer, a spokesman for the Pierce county sheriff, later told reporters: “We have determined that in fact he has been shot. He may be deceased from his gunshot wound.”

I just can’t wish him rest. I’ve no doubt he will find none throughout eternity.

Seattle Times has a bit of history.

His criminal history includes at least five felony convictions in Arkansas and at least eight felony charges in Washington. That record also stands out for the number of times Clemmons has been released from custody despite questions about the danger he posed.

I have to ask….what kind of judge keeps releasing someone that has a total of FIVE felony convictions and EIGHT felony charges?  Why was this animal even out on the streets?  You don’t release trash like this and expect them to become model citizens.  There is evil in this world, and this POS is such an example.

May They Rest

29 November 2009, 10:24 pm. 8 Comments. Filed under Crime, Heroes, Pond Scum.

4 cops

4 Police Officers Shot Dead in Washington State; Person of Interest Named

Investigators identified a man with an extensive criminal past as a “person of interest” in the ambush on four police officers, who were shot to death Sunday morning at a coffee shop.

Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer told reporters that Maurice Clemmons, 37, was one of several people investigators want to talk to and that he could not be called a suspect at this point.

WA Officers Shot

The four officers were with the 100-member police department of Lakewood, which adjoins the unincorporated area of Parkland, where the shootings took place. The city identified the victims as Sgt. Mark Renninger, 39; Ronald Owens, 37; Tina Griswold, 40; and Greg Richards 42.

Troyer said one of those officers fought with the gunman and may have wounded him before the officer died just outside the doorway. He told reporters that investigators were asking area medical providers to report any people wounded by gunshots.

I know I’m not suppose to hope this bottom feeder is seriously wounded, but I am human, and I do not always control over my emotions.

My most sincere prayers are with the families, friends and fellow law enforcement.

Public Education Fails Our Children

29 November 2009, 10:40 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Education.

The American Public School System is a Failure
by J.D. Longstreet

I was en route to someplace, or other, a few mornings ago, when I had to stop my truck for a school bus to load some reluctant students.

As I sat, waiting on those youngsters to board, I thought how unfortunate they are. They were being transported, “free”, to a “free” public school for a “free” education. Of course, that depends on how, exactly, you define “free”. But a “free education” is for another article another time. I am more interested… no… maybe the word should be… “concerned”, or even”troubled”… by the quality of the education or children are receiving in our existing school public school system today in America.

For the few short minutes I sat there, I thought back to an article I wrote some years ago about this very thing. Later, when I returned to my office, I rambled through my files until I discovered it, read it through, and saw that nothing much had changed. So, I have decided to post it here today.

This piece was written back in March of 2005. Now that I have two grand kids in the system I speak of here, believe me when I tell you I am very troubled by the quality of the education I am afraid they will receive.

Here is what I wrote back in 2005:

Read the entire post here.

I’ve made no bones how I feel about the current public education system.  I don’t see a need to stop now.  One of the worst things that ever happened to the entire system was being take over by socialistic unions.  Now, teachers don’t have to actually teach to get paid.  They just need to promote an agenda, and they’re set for life.

When you stop and think about it, it’s rather mind boggling that I got a better education that those who graduated from high school even 10 years after me.  (Yes, I went to college, but didn’t finish.)  It’s also rather disconcerting that I know more about many things than today’s college graduates (The future of our country?  God help us!).  I was taught the importance of being able to spell and to read, with comprehension.  I was taught grammar, punctuation, etc.  I know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide, without a calculator.  I learned the history of our nation, an the history of the world, without the “America is evil” commentary.  We learned the good, and the bad.

Please, go read J.D.’s post.  He’s got some REAL good ideas.  No, the answer is NOT to throw more money at the problem.  We’ve seen how well that works with lower and lower test scores.  Ask yourself why home schooled kids do better than those in the public system.  Wonder why the majority of them are better behaved, more mature, and coherent when they speak.

3 Questions for a Redneck Engineer

28 November 2009, 5:47 pm. 13 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz.

Question # 1:
How much does a house weigh?


Question # 2:
How much weight can a rural two-lane bridge hold???


Question # 3:


Shared by John.

Saturday Afternoon – Battling Kittens – Laundry Time

28 November 2009, 5:25 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

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28 November 2009, 4:01 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Crime, Environment, Friends & Family.

Indoctrinating the Indoctrinators

28 November 2009, 12:07 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Education, Feckless Weasels, Moonbats & Other Animals, Opinion.

Teaching plan: America ‘an oppressive hellhole’
University outlines ‘re-education’ for those who hold ‘wrong’ views

A program proposed at the University of Minnesota would result in required examinations of teacher candidates on “white privilege” as well as “remedial re-education” for those who hold the “wrong” views, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

And what exactly are the “wrong views”?

“The university’s general counsel should be asked to comment as soon as possible,” said the letter from Adam Kissel, an officer with The FIRE. “If the Race, Culture, Class, and Gender Task Group achieves its stated goals, the result will be political and ideological screening of applicants, remedial re-education for those with the ‘wrong’ views and values, [and] withholding of degrees from those upon whom the university’s political reeducation efforts proved ineffective.”

Don’t the Chinese have “reeducation” camps?  Anyone remember “The Killing Fields“?  Obviously, I’m not suggesting that such a scenario could ever happen in the USA……………..yet.

Kissel wrote that it appears that the university “intends to redesign its admissions process so that it screens out people with the ‘wrong’ beliefs and values – those who either do not have sufficient ‘cultural competence’ or those who the college judges will not be able to be converted to the ‘correct’ beliefs and values even after remedial re-education.”

I’m going to take a wild stab and say those who hold the the incorrect views would be those who believe that America is NOT an oppressive society, homosexuality is a sin, that not all white people are racists, that the Bible is a higher authority than some brain dead ‘educator’, and similar views?

Among the issues discussed in the plans are requirements that teachers would be able to instruct students on the “myth of meritocracy” in the United States, “the history of demands for assimilation to white, middle-class, Christian meanings and values,” and the “history of white racism.”

Perhaps this is going to be required reading?

Minneapolis Star-Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten said the developing Minnesota plan would require teachers to “embrace – and be prepared to teach our state’s kids – the task force’s own vision of America as an oppressive hellhole: racist, sexist and homophobic.”

I hate to break it to the U of M, but a large majority of U.S. parents would prefer their kids to be taught facts and figures, not ideology of socialism.  Unfortunately, many parents had no idea this sort of thing was going on in the schools they pay for with their hard earned dollars, and so it has grown to the point the only thing that will stop it, is to completely start from scratch.

“The first step toward ‘cultural competence,’ says the task group, is for future teachers to recognize – and confess – their own bigotry. Anyone familiar with the reeducation camps of China’s Cultural Revolution will recognize the modus operandi,” she said.

What the hell is ‘cultural competence’?  I’m not a teaching candidate, but I’ll confess my bigotry…..towards stupidity.  Yep, ignorance is one of my pet peeves, and we sure are seeing a LOT of that lately.  The oh so tolerant (pardon me while I puke) left are proving their utter lack of understanding of factual history, and not the absurd rewrite they are spewing.

The plan asks: “How can we be sure that teaching supervisors are themselves developed and equipped in cultural competence outcomes in order to supervise beginning teachers around issues of race, class, culture, and gender?”

How about they treat everyone the same?  Judge them on merit, and NOT how well they are being indoctrinated?  Ooops.  Silly me.  That’s the entire purpose, isn’t it.  To make sure future “educators” are properly trained in the methods and ideology of the indoctrination.

Further, the letter noted, “the college in its proposal promises to start screening its applicants to make sure they have the proper ‘commitments’ and ‘dispositions.’”

Now, to me, commitment would be the desire to teach, factually, and ‘disposition’ would be a great deal of patience.  Of course, I’m a bit more logical in my manner of thinking that these folks are.

Writing for the court, Justice Robert H. Jackson declared: “Freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much. That would be a mere shadow of freedom. The test of its substance is the right to differ as to things that touch the heart of the existing order. If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein. “

The idea of our ability to think and question is being destroyed by political correctness.  Is it politically correct to allow a student, because of race/gender/sexual orientation to be treated differently from other students?  The answer seems to be ‘yes’.  Is it good for society as a whole?  The obvious answer would be NO.  Yet, this is what future teachers are being forced into, whether or not it causes a complete disruption of the whole educational process or not.