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Best Buds

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The Bloom Off The Rose Yet?

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In Iowa, Euphoria Gives Way to Second Thoughts on Obama

Pauline McAreavy voted for President Obama. From the moment she first saw him two years ago, she was smitten by his speeches and sold on his promise of change. She switched parties to support him in the Iowa caucuses, donated money and opened her home to a pair of young campaign workers.

But by the time she received a fund-raising letter last month from the Democratic National Committee, a sense of disappointment had set in. She returned the solicitation with a handwritten note, saying: “Until I see some progress and he lives up to his promises in Iowa, we will not give one penny.”

I don’t get it. :? He’s doing pretty much what he said he would do….change the country. Ok, so he hasn’t closed Gitmo (thankfully) and there are still troops fighting two wars (neither of which he gives a flip about), but it wasn’t like people weren’t warned about him. There are many people who talked, yelled, wrote columns, and blogged till we were all blue in the face, and yet, the results are, we are now stuck with an incompetent boob in the White House.

“I’m afraid I wasn’t realistic,” Ms. McAreavy, 76, a retired school nurse, said on a recent morning on the deck of her home here in east-central Iowa.

No sh*t Sherlock!

“I really thought there would be immediate change,” she said. “Sometimes the Republicans are just as bad as Democrats. But it’s politics as usual, and that’s what I voted against.”

Well, there has been ‘change’ alright, but not exactly what a lot of folks had in mind. I don’t believe that the 52% thought they were voting for George Soros, but that’s exactly what they’re getting.

One year after winning the election, Mr. Obama has seen his pledge to transcend partisanship in Washington give way to the hardened realities of office. A campaign for the history books, filled with a sky-high sense of possibility for Mr. Obama not just among legions of loyal Democrats but also among converts from outside the party, has descended to an unfamiliar plateau for a president whose political rise was as rapid as it was charmed.

Well, that “transcending’ was a lie too. He’s shut out the Republicans, right from the get go. His rapid rise started with fraud, dirty tricks, and if this had been ancient Rome, I’m fairly sure that his original opponent, Jack Ryan, would have been found in a tub full of bloody water, with his wrists slit. For the good of the empire, no doubt. I’ll pass on that ‘charmed’ business. I still don’t understand that part.

“All my Republican friends — and independents — are sitting back saying, ‘Oh, what did we do?” Ms. McAreavy said. “I’m not to that point yet, but a lot of people are.”

If she, and her friends, had bothered to do their homework, perhaps they wouldn’t be shaking their heads in dismay right now.

Mr. Obama still has generally strong approval ratings and the opportunities that come with a Democratic majority in Congress. Public opinion about him remains in flux, particularly as he heads into the endgame of a push to overhaul the health insurance system and nears a decision about whether to expand the war in Afghanistan.

Uh….say whut? “Strong approval ratings”? On what planet?


A social studies teacher who saw Mr. Obama on his maiden trip here wonders whether momentum from the election is gone forever. A retired electrical engineer who became a Democrat to support Mr. Obama believes the president too often blames others for his troubles. And a teacher who voted for Mr. Obama because she was fed up with George W. Bush does not trust this administration any more than the previous one.

I don’t think there will be too many who disagree. After 10 months, Obama owns his own failings, and they are many. Of course, the die-hard kook-aid guzzlers will refuse to see it.

Yet a laid-off factory worker who returned to school for a degree said Mr. Obama’s support for a new economy had changed his thinking. A public relations executive who changed parties to support Mr. Obama says he saved the nation from fiscal collapse. And a nurse who believes Mr. Obama could be a transformative president, because of health care and other issues, worries the vitriol could endanger his life.

Really? Trillions more dollars in debt is considered a ‘save’? Uh huh. Got it. Oh, and since when is the truth vitriol? I don’t know of anyone who actually wants any harm to come to Obama. Heaven forbid, then we’d be stuck with Biden as POTUS, and no doubt he’d be shoved out by Pelosi in short order. No, what the majority of the people I know want is just for him to go away quietly, and leave us the hell alone.

“I’m scared,” said Chris Bollhoefer, 49, who lost his job two years ago at Maytag in Newton. “The competition right now, with all the people who have lost jobs that are highly qualified, really puts you up against the wall trying to compete.”

Mr. Bollhoefer said he approved of the job Mr. Obama was doing. “It’s inspirational to me that he’s trying to do something different,” he said.

Excuse me while I retrieve the barf bag! No, he’s not trying ‘something different’. He’s attempting what many other countries have tried, like Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. If that is the sort of government you want, then I’m sure those folks would welcome you with open arms. But don’t come back whining “It’s not what I thought it would be!”

“I think he was more presidential when he was running for office than he is now,” said Paul Johnson, 58, a student legal services lawyer at Iowa State University. “He seems more subdued, which is probably a result of having to actually deal with the issues on his plate as opposed to just rallying the troops to vote for him.”

The man has never stopped campaigning! If anyone actually think he’s running anything, they are sadly mistaken.

As Mr. Obama approaches the anniversary of his election, the sense of possibility and the dash of romance that moved many voters are no longer apparent. The challenges of governing have eaten away at the optimism. The pace of government intervention has also jarred many voters.

I’m not really sure why anyone actually believed he could do the job. He’s never had to do a real job in his entire life. Does he even know how to balance a checkbook? I’d be surprised.

Is He Kidding?

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I’d seriously like to know how this moron got my email address! I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire, much less give him a dime of the Mr’s hard earning money!


Republicans “lie, cheat and bluster”?  I’ve no doubt he was looking in the mirror when he dictated that to his flunky.

Obama Zombies

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H/T: Commenter at Jenn’s.

In Case You Missed It

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Chris Wallace interview with Rush Limbaugh.

A Blogiversary

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My favorite king of snark, Doc Dave, has been blogging a whole year!

happy blogiversary

The Foundry’s Morning Bell

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We Still Hold These Truths

A year ago this week, the American people elected a President who had promised during the campaign that he would: “cut taxes for 95% of workers and their families,” expand the Army by 65,000 and the Marines by 27,000, and enact “a net spending cut” for the federal government. Lower taxes, a strong defense and shrinking the size of government. Those are all core conservative beliefs. Accordingly, President Barack Obama entered the White House with sky high approval ratings.

But since being sworn into office, President Obama has raised taxes, weakened our defenses, and overseen arguably the largest expansion of government ever. As a result President Obama’s approval ratings have steadily declined, and the American people have only become more conservative. According to Gallup, Americans, by a 2-to-1 margin, say their political views in recent years have become more conservative. While independents and Democrats most often say their views haven’t changed, more members of all three major partisan groups indicate that their views have shifted to the right rather than to the left.

And this is before the more radical elements of the Obama agenda are to be forced on the American people. Both the cap and trade and health care legislation currently moving through Congress will transfer unprecedented power from the private sector to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in Washington. Search the texts of each bill for the phrase “shall” or “may establish.” Every time these phrases appear in these bills, the left in Congress is empowering unelected Obama Czars at the expense of your liberties. And this is not by accident. The empowerment of unelected bureaucrats is at the very core of Obama’s progressive agenda. Hillsdale College Associate Professor of Political Science Ronald Pestritto explains:

It is the Progressives’ desire to free bureaucratic agencies from the confines of politics and the law that allows us to trace the origins of the administrative state to their political thought. The idea of separating politics and administration–of grounding a significant portion of government not on the basis of popular consent but on expertise–was a fundamental aim of American Progressivism and explains the Progressives’ fierce assault on the Founders’ separation-of-powers constitutionalism.

The Heritage Foundation’s Center for American Studies Director Matthew Spalding details the rise of the progressive movement and their assault on the founding principles of our nation in his new book, We Still Hold These Truths: Rediscovering Our Principles, Reclaiming Our Future. The book is built around 10 foundational principles that created a free, prosperous and just nation unlike any other: Liberty, Equality, Natural Rights, Consent of the Governed, Religious Freedom, Private Property, The Rule of Law, Constitutionalism, Self-Government, and Independence.

The progressive movement represents a threat to these founding principles. For the left, “progress” means fundamentally transforming America with a new form of government that will engineer a “better” society by assuring equal outcomes. It would redistribute wealth through a distant, patronizing welfare state that regulates more and more of the economy, politics and society. President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society were grand steps toward achieving the progressive platform.

We Still Hold These Truths offers a different direction. Spalding makes the case that we don’t need to remake America, or discover new and untested principles. We need a great renewal of the true roots of American greatness–and a radical reapplication of America’s core principles to the great questions of our day.

These core principles can be the source of a new and unified American conservatism, one that reminds economic conser­vatives that morality and self-reliance are essential to limited govern­ment, reminds cultural conservatives that unlimited government threatens moral self-government, and reminds national-security conservatives that energetic but responsible government is the key to safety at home and prominence in the world.


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Since when is it ‘patriotic’ to hate your country so much, you work overtime to destroy it?

The Worst Bill Ever
Epic new spending and taxes, pricier insurance, rationed care, dishonest accounting: The Pelosi health bill has it all.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has reportedly told fellow Democrats that she’s prepared to lose seats in 2010 if that’s what it takes to pass ObamaCare, and little wonder. The health bill she unwrapped last Thursday, which President Obama hailed as a “critical milestone,” may well be the worst piece of post-New Deal legislation ever introduced.

In a rational political world, this 1,990-page runaway train would have been derailed months ago. With spending and debt already at record peacetime levels, the bill creates a new and probably unrepealable middle-class entitlement that is designed to expand over time. Taxes will need to rise precipitously, even as ObamaCare so dramatically expands government control of health care that eventually all medicine will be rationed via politics.

Yet at this point, Democrats have dumped any pretense of genuine bipartisan “reform” and moved into the realm of pure power politics as they race against the unpopularity of their own agenda. The goal is to ram through whatever income-redistribution scheme they can claim to be “universal coverage.” The result will be destructive on every level—for the health-care system, for the country’s fiscal condition, and ultimately for American freedom and prosperity.

Read the WSJ column here.

The most “ethical Congress ever” is morally bankrupt, and is working hard to financially bankrupt those they are sworn to serve.  What they are perpetrating on the American public is nothing short of criminal.  Perhaps it’s time to bring back good old fashioned tar and feathering?

A Nation in Distress

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The Triumvirate of DUMB!
by J. D. Longstreet

Just a snippet:

Where are the “Grown-ups” in the Obama Regime? I look around and I see emotionally immature people traipsing about in the West Wing of the White House with the blessing of the uno numero socialist in America, President Obama. Then I look up the Hill to the Congress and I see Harry Reid over in the Senate, and I see Nancy Pelosi over in the House of Representatives — and I shudder. I fear I am looking at “Dumb” and “Dumber.” It is frightening to realize that our country is in the hands of those three people: Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. You know what is even scarier? Pelosi is third in line for the Presidency should something, God forbid, happen to the President and the Vice-President.

There is a great deal of angst in the US these days. One can almost feel the tension in the air. Each day we awaken to another day of wondering what exactly the Obama regime is going to do today to strip more of our precious freedom away.

Read the whole post here.

You may, or may not, have noticed that I haven’t been doing a whole lot of posting lately.  Just how many ways can you say “Obama sucks!”?  He not only is not presidential, he’s not even close.  He’s irresponsible, and just downright BAD for this country.  With Queen Nanny pushing the agenda that would destroy the economy, remove what few freedoms we have left, and making sure we’re not only financially bankrupt, but morally as well, how will this country ever recover?  (Harry Reid, I’ve no doubt, got beat up on a regular basis, when he was in school, for being such a complete blithering idiot.)

I’m not sure how much longer we can’t sit idly by and allow this to continue.  We have Senators and Congressmen who do not listen to their employers, and do it with such blatant arrogance.  There’s a child sitting in the White House, having a high ol’ time, playing with all the buttons, bells and whistles, that come with the office, but fails to do what the office requires, and obviously does not take the oath of said office seriously.  Not only are they NOT upholding the Constitution, they are destroying it.

There is anger and frustration building.  Can we even survive, as a nation, until the 2010 elections?  Or will we be even more unrecognizable to the Founding Fathers?