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Back on the Road!

3 January 2010, 11:20 am. Comments Off. Filed under Friends & Family, Travel.

Yep!  It’s time for the ol’ broad and Mr to head back home.  While we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of weeks, I miss my kitties, my bathroom, my bed, and my non flooded driveway!  This was a great 2 weeks, with the exception of my annual Christmas crud.  sigh….

I hope Ick and Brat know how much we appreciate NOT having to stay in a motel!!!!!  :D  Now, when they build their new house, they’ll just have to make sure they have the required in-law suite, complete with private balcony, small kitchen, sitting area, large flat screen TV with ALL channels, and the biggest king size bed known to man!  Heh.  Oh, and don’t forget the CHOCOLATE mints on the pillows next time.  I like the puff balls and all, but seriously, for a class establishment, it’s gotta be chocolate.  :P

Ok, I’ll shut up now.  I’m dreamin’ big here….kind of like that 34 days cruise the brat keeps bringing up.  Heh.

Seriously, thanks y’all!

So, since the hotel where we are staying tonight has no internet access in the rooms (really?  What’s up with that?) and odds are, they won’t let me wander around the lobby in my jammies and bunny slippers, y’all probably won’t hear from me till tomorrow night….or maybe even Tuesday morning.  After that, send out the National Guard, cuz we’re lost!  Heh!