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Government Flow Chart

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Weasel Time

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Should Unions Be Dictating The Health Care Debate?

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Tentative deal reached on health insurance tax

The White House reached a tentative agreement with union leaders early Thursday to tax high-cost insurance plans, officials said, removing one of the major stumbling blocks in the way of a final compromise on comprehensive health care legislation sought by President Barack Obama.

Here is an obvious question that should be asked: What the hell are the unions doing negotiating agreements on HEALTH CARE?? It is NONE of their freakin’ business to be butting into anything coming out of D.C. They have absolutely NO say in how people get health care, pay their insurance premiums, or whether or not they even HAVE insurance. NONE! ZIP! ZILCH!

Under the tentative compromise, a family’s health insurance plan would be subject to a hefty 40 percent tax if it costs over $24,000 per year, an increase from the $23,000 annual threshold in a previous version of the legislation. The cost of dental and vision care would be subtracted from the calculation yielding the total cost of a family’s plan.

Where, pray tell, does it say in the Constitution that the U.S. government has the right to dictate to their BOSSES anything to do with health care, much less a socialist bunch like unions?  To tax a person’s health care is reprehensible.

Additionally, union members and state and local government employees with high-end insurance plans would not have to pay the tax until 2017.

If you had any doubts about the ulterior motives of this administration, perhaps this little tidbit will snap you out of your stupor! 15% of the working population are union members. A good number of those members are forced into the union thanks, in large part, to states who do not have ‘right to work’ laws.

Union officials are also pushing to provide that anyone who makes $200,000 or less would be excluded from the health plan benefits tax, a concession that would also benefit employees who are not unionized.

For anyone to be TAXED on their health benefits, no matter how much they earn, is insanity! Pure and simple. It is NOT the job of the government to provide health care for anyone! It is NONE of the union’s business who gets what, when, or for how much.

To say I’m angry right now, would be a massive understatement!

Perv Busted

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Former Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter Nabbed in Teen Sex Sting

Former chief United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter was arrested in a Pennsylvania sex sting in November on a litany of charges involving a lewd Internet conversation with a person he thought was a 15-year-old girl.

Ritter, 48, allegedly masturbated in front of a Web camera while he was engaged in conversation in an Internet chat room with an undercover cop posing as the teenage girl.

I won’t be posting any of the rest of the article. Needless to say, it gets pretty graphic. I have to ask….what is it with the UN and pervs?

They Win, We Lose

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Why is it that only approximately 15% of the working population are members of unions, the remaining 85% are going to get screwed royally. Isn’t there a name for that? And don’t tell me it’s Democracy, because nothing could be further from the truth. We were not founded as a democracy, we were founded as a Republic. I’d very much like to see a return to our foundations, and get these power hungry, controlling sons of b*tches OUT of our lives!

Behind Closed Doors, Unions Win, You Lose
The Foundry

Yesterday, President Barack Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and nine other lawmakers met face-to-face for seven hours to resolve differences between the House and Senate health care bills. At the same time these talks were going on, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Service Employees International Union President Andy Stern and United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger met with other Obama administration officials in a separate room in the White House. This all comes after these same labor leaders met personally with Speaker Pelosi yesterday, and after they met face-to-face with President Obama in the White House on Monday. Despite then-candidate Barack Obama’s explicit promises to the American people, absolutely none of these meetings were open to the public or televised on C-SPAN. In fact, Politico reports: “Those involved in the talks sought to keep details of their progress under wraps.”

And just what deals were Big Labor, the leftist majorities in Congress and the Obama administration making behind closed doors? How to pay for President Obama’s likely $1 trillion health care plan without raising taxes on one of the President’s most loyal constituencies: labor unions. Specifically, Big Labor reportedly has struck a deal with health care negotiators to exempt union members from the 40% excise tax on high-priced health insurance premiums. By some estimates, the tax would hit one in four union members. Now Big Labor will get all of the big government health care spending they always wanted, but they will not have to pay for it.

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