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TSA Training Video

28 February 2010, 8:51 pm. 6 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz, video.

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Democrats, Unions, and The Economy

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Political Litmus Test: Bluest States Spilling The Most Red Ink

Want to know which states are in the worst financial condition? One telling indicator that might not immediately come to mind is whether most of its citizens identify themselves as Democrats.

The five states in the worst financial condition–Illinois, New York, Connecticut, California and New Jersey–are all among the bluest of blue states. The five most fiscally fit states are more of a mix. Three–Utah, Nebraska and Texas–boast Republican majorities and two–New Hampshire and Virginia–skew Democratic.

The financial ranking of the states is part of a recent Forbes report on the Global Debt Bomb. The political affiliation data was compiled in a 2009 poll of 350,000 adults by Gallup Daily.

Tennessee is ranked #13.  I’m hoping we’ll at least head into the top 10 in the not too distant future.  An FYI for my Wisconsin friends, that state is ranked #41.  I’m surprised the state actually ranks that high considering it’s wholly owned by some fairly powerful unions. :?

Why do Democratic states appear to be struggling more than Republican ones? It comes down to stronger unions and a larger appetite for public programs, according to Kent Redfield, professor emeritus of political studies and public affairs at the University of Illinois’ Center for State Policy and Leadership.

For those of you who still don’t get it, unions are screwing up, not just the states, but the whole flippin’ country!

“Because workers of the world unite, it’s not just a slogan anymore.” – Andy Stern, SEIU President

One of Obama’s best buddies quoting Karl Marx. Isn’t that nice. And quite telling, don’t you think?

Read on…

New Test At NFL Combine…

28 February 2010, 11:41 am. 8 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

So the wife turns on the TV this morning and found that I  left it on the NFL Channel last night, since I was catching up on some of the combine coverage for the day.  She has never actually watched any of the combine so she was kind of curious to see what it was all about. We were talking and I was explaining some things to her, when she burst into laughter.  Now I’m not talking about a chuckle, I’m talking a side splitting hysteria.  With a confused look on my face she tells me to look at the ticker on the bottom of the screen.  PRICELESS!  Apparently  jumping the Ol  Broad has become an official test at the NFL Scouting Combine!

Now that’s high quality comedy right there!!

Dissolving Association With The Oath Keepers

28 February 2010, 8:42 am. 47 Comments. Filed under 1st Amendment, Moonbats & Other Animals, Opinion.

Yesterday, I put up on a blog post on the Oath Keepers site.  As is the norm with all such sites, blog posts must be approved by the moderator.  I logged into the site this morning to find my post had been deleted, no explanation forthcoming.  Considering the content of my post, I suppose I really don’t need one.

Since the moderator of the Oath Keepers .ning site has forgotten that he swore to uphold ALL of the U.S. Constitution, which includes the 1st Amendment, I am reposting the entire thing here.

Deleted post:

I was quite dismayed when I received an email from a friend this morning, linking to a post on a site I am quite fond of, and link to on my site.

Mother Jones on Oathkeepers

February 24th, 2010

In the comments, BOHICATwentyTwo left this link to a Mother Jones article about the Oathkeepers. It was written by Justine Sharrock who visited us last year when she erred in writing an article about Adam Kokesh. Sharrock quotes folks like Glen Beck and Lou Dobbs as they praise the Oathkeepers, but I think Beck and Dobbs don’t know Oathkeepers like we know Oathkeepers. In fact, in a companion photo essay of the Oathkeepers, Mother Jones calls them “The Tea Party’s Military Wing” and they tout the participation in the Tea Partys. But on the last last page of the article, she quotes founder Stuart Rhodes, former Ron Paul
Congressional staffer on the IVAW;

After an Oath Keeper who is also a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War touted IVAW repeatedly on Oath Keepers’ Web forum, Rhodes deleted the guy’s online testimonial. “The IVAW have their own totalitarian mindset,” he told me. “I don’t like communists any more than I like Nazis.”

Yeah, Rhodes didn’t delete the online testimonial voluntarily. It took four days for members of This Ain’t Hell to convince Rhodes to take the testimonial down. It began here and ended here. What hasn’t ended, however is Oathkeepers’ support of Adam Kokesh which Bev Perlson told us earlier today. So, apparently Rhodes gets his marching orders from Ron Paul…still.

When the Oathkeepers first came to my attention, right after the 2008 election, it smelled a little fishy to me. All of the American servicemembers I know don’t need a group to tell them to uphold their oath – in fact, I take offense that Stuart Rhodes thinks they will not. Supposedly Rhodes was a member of the military – does he honestly think that the mothers’ sons with whom he served needed a boy scout troop to tell them to obey the law?

Maybe some of the assclowns who Sharrock interviewed in that article need adult supervision, but they are the exception, not the rule.

The bottom line is this; the Tea Party Movement, Glen Beck, Lou Dobbs, Dick Armey and any other Conservative group needs to back away from the Oathkeepers and their secret alliance with IVAW unless they want to be tainted by that special brand of crazy that comes with being a paulian.

The Tea Party’s military wing? IVAW? Supporters of 9/11 Troofer, Ron Paul? I’ve never even heard of Adam Kokesh.

Needless to say, I am concerned. While Ron Paul is dead on when it comes to most fiscal issues, when it comes to national security, the only way I can put it, politely…..sheets without a mattress.

I find the Mother Jones rag to be offensive to a thinking, rational person’s intelligence, but I have a lot of respect for the people at This Ain’t Hell.

If this organization is, in fact, strong backers of the Paulista types, I will have no choice but to remove myself. I stood with many others on 9/12 in Nashville, and took a very important oath. The same oath our brave military men and women have taken. It was one of the proudest moments in my life, second only to being washed in the Blood of Christ in the Jordon River. I will continue to uphold that oath.

If I am mistaken in my concerns, please let me know.

Thank you.

Since obviously, they will not allow me to ask my questions, I will be leaving the group. I, however, will continue to hold dear the oath I took, to uphold and defend the WHOLE Constitution, not just the parts that suit my whims.

How the world works lately…

27 February 2010, 9:53 pm. 38 Comments. Filed under Just Cuz.

(Oldie but goodie.)

If a man cuts his finger off while Slicing salami at work, he blames the restaurant.

If you smoke three packs a day for 40 years and die of lung cancer, your family blames the Tobacco company.

If your neighbor crashes into a tree while driving home drunk, he blames the bartender.

If your grandchildren are brats without manners, you blame television.

If your friend is shot by a deranged madman, you blame the gun manufacturer…

And if a crazed person breaks into the cockpit and tries to kill the pilot at 35,000 feet, and the passengers kill him instead, the mother of the crazed deceased blames the airline.

I must have lived too long to understand the world as it is anymore.

So, if I die while my OLD WRINKLED Butt is parked in front of this computer, I want all of you to Blame Bill Gates.

Shared by Cindy.  I think she’s trying to tell me something. :?

The Liberal Brain

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Saturday Afternoon – Never Ending – Laundry Time

27 February 2010, 5:10 pm. 3 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

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Once Upon A Time…

27 February 2010, 1:38 pm. 6 Comments. Filed under Economy, Feckless Weasels.

….the United States of America was the wealthiest nation on the planet, through hard work, dedication and innovation.  Now?

Swiped from The Cutting Edge.

One Cockroach At A Time

27 February 2010, 11:56 am. 3 Comments. Filed under Middle East, Opinion, Pond Scum, War on Terror.

Assassination works; keep it up
Killing terrorists is a necessary undertaking

Washington Times

Israel is facing uncomfortable questions regarding senior Hamas military commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who was found dead in a Dubai hotel room on Jan. 20. Dubai police say al-Mabhouh was assassinated, but in his chosen profession, his fate really was the result of workplace-related injuries.

Heh.  I like that. “Workplace related injuries.”

Definition: as·sas·sin (? sas??n) noun

1. a member of a secret terrorist sect of Muslims of the 11th-13th cent., who killed their political enemies as a religious duty, allegedly while under the influence of hashish
2. a murderer who strikes suddenly and by surprise: now generally used of the killer of a politically important or prominent person

Plus, a little history on the word and it’s origins here.

There certainly is no reason to mourn al-Mabhouh, a longtime terrorist with a track record including arms smuggling, kidnapping and murder. Most recently, he was suspected of being a primary link between Hamas and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, both of which the United States identifies as terrorist organizations. Al-Mabhouh had survived several assassination attempts, but this time his luck ran out. Fortunes of war.

As a Christian, should I morn the loss of a murderer? Actually, I am instructed, basically, to morn the loss of his soul, because I’ve no doubt, there is much innocent blood, shed by his hand, crying out for justice. And justice is exactly what he will receive. He was sent to his maker, who IMHO, is not the same as his Creator.

The open season on terrorists is not limited to Israel. Russia has ruthlessly and effectively hunted Chechen terrorist leaders at home and abroad, such as killing rebel leader Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev in Doha, Qatar, in February 2004. In 2008, Colombia sent a team into neighboring Ecuador that took out Raul Reyes, deputy commander of the anti-government FARC guerrillas.

Terrorists are murderers. Without compunction, they slaughter innocent men, women, and children. These actions are not limited to Muslims, but they sure are at the top of the list.

The United States is the global leader in what is euphemistically called “targeted killing.” Manned and unmanned aircraft have rained death on terrorists in (at least) Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yemen. In his Valentine’s Day interview on “Meet the Press,” Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. bragged that the Obama administration is pursuing terrorists “with a vigor like it’s never been seen before. We’ve eliminated 12 of their top 20 people. We have taken out 100 of their associates. . . We’ve sent them underground. They are, in fact, not able to do anything remotely like they were in the past. They are on the run.”

If, on the other hand, we had been allowed to take them out, one by one, many innocent lives could have been saved. Not to mention the numerical cost. One bullet, a really good sniper….BAM! Problem solved!

Some argue that it is useless to target terrorist leaders because there is always another waiting in the wings. Experience, however, has demonstrated that there are substantial benefits in taking out leaders. It disrupts networks, hampers operations and may deter others considering careers as violent extremists. The effects can be dramatic. When Abu Musab Zarqawi was liquidated by an air strike in June 2006, it was the beginning of the end for al Qaeda in Iraq.

Useless? That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve heard, and there have been a LOT of really stupid statements made in recent years. You want to kill the cockroaches. Do you squash one, in hopes it will make the rest of them go away? No, you keep squashing them, until each and every one of them are nothing more than a messy spot to be wiped up with a paper towel. In the meantime, you do NOT stomp on your pet’s head while taking out the roaches! Take out the head, every time it pops up, no matter where it is! You set off a bug bomb in your house, are you going to leave your critters in there? Of course not! Same with this scum. Don’t kill the innocent. Slaughter the evil!

Whoever was behind al-Mabhouh’s killing may draw some lessons about tradecraft and covering their tracks more effectively. But they successfully eliminated an important terrorist and threat to peace, and for that they deserve thanks.

Ditto! One cockroach at a time!

Then, And Now

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H/T: Your Political News Group dot COM

Earth Shaking

27 February 2010, 1:50 am. 6 Comments. Filed under General News.

It’s nearly two in the morning, and I’m awake. This does not make me happy. When I gave up, and crawled out of bed, I noticed that the moon is really bright! I stumbled into the living room, peaked out the window, and I’ll be darned if the thing isn’t bright enough to make the brown grass look like snow. Thankfully, it’s not….just brown grass, but in my state of semi sleep and not going full time with it, it kind of shook me there for a minute. Or, was that the earthquake?

Massive Magnitude 8.5 Quake Hits Chile

A massive magnitude-8.5 earthquake struck near Concepcion, Chile, early on Saturday, the USGS reported, shaking buildings and causing blackouts in parts of the capital of Santiago.

A Reuters witness reported shaking buildings and loss of electricity in Santiago, which is north of the epicenter.

The earthquake struck 56 miles northeast of Concepcion at a depth of 34 miles at 3:34 a.m./1:34 EST/0643 GMT. The quake was initially reported at a magnitude of 8.3.

The Reuters witness reported a very strong shaking lasted for 10 to 30 seconds.

A tsunami warning was issued early on Saturday for Chile and Peru and a tsunami watch was issued for Ecuador, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reported.

The center said: “An earthquake of this size has the potential to generate a destructive tsunami that can strike coastlines near the epicenter within minutes and more distant coastlines within hours.

Naw, probably not. Had an ex that worked out of Concepcion, out on a rig.  He said it was a real interesting place.  I wouldn’t know, because he refused to let me go down there, even when there was an offer from the company to fly me down to visit.  Hmm….  Notice, I said EX.  But that’s neither here, nor there.

This report doesn’t mention any injuries, and I pray it stays that way, but…  Buildings can be rebuilt, electricity can be restored, aid can be rendered, wounds can be healed and broken bones set, but lives cannot be replaced.  Keep the folks down there in your prayers.

Weasel Time

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Dr Dud

26 February 2010, 5:52 pm. 4 Comments. Filed under Feckless Weasels.

UT to give honorary degree to Gore

Former vice president and Nobel Peach Prize winner Al Gore will receive an honorary doctoral degree from the University of Tennessee.

The degree – an Honorary Doctor of Laws and Humane Letters in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology – will be given to Gore at the spring commencement exercises of the College of Arts and Sciences on May 14, where he will be the featured speaker.

Have they lost their minds? No offense to UT-Knoxville fans, but if they go through with this sham, I sincerely hope they never win another football, basketball, baseball, or any other sort of contest, sports or academic, until they yank that honorary degree out of the Great Boracle’s mits!

“Vice President Gore’s career has been marked by visionary leadership, and his work has quite literally changed our planet for the better,” UT Knoxville Chancellor Jimmy G. Cheek said in a statement. “He is among the most accomplished and respected Tennesseans in history, and it is fitting that he should be honored by the flagship education institution of his home state.”

Did this guy really say this??? Really? Honestly, this clown needs to get off the campus a LOT more often!  I’ve yet to speak to one single Tennessean who has a bit of respect for that rip off artist!

Entertainer and philanthropist Dolly Parton and former Sen. Howard H. Baker Jr. are the only other recipients of honorary degrees from UT Knoxville.

At least those two have actually ACCOMPLISHED something honorable!

While discussing the proposal this morning, some trustees expressed concern about whether Gore is too controversial for the university to award an honorary degree to him.

“I know we’re expected to push the envelope … but should we be concerned as a board about awarding degrees to controversial advocacies?” asked trustee Crawford Gallimore.

They should have listened to Gallimore!

Trustee Doug Horne said Gore, a native of Carthage, Tenn., “has been a leader and a courageous Tennesseean.”

“I can’t think of anyone … who is more deserving,” Horne said. “We need to realize that we have recognized other public leaders … every leader deserves more praise than they get.”

Gore is NOT a leader. He’s a sore loser, and a major phony! I’ve seen alley cats with more honor!

Board vice chairman Jim Murphy encouraged trustees not to view the honorary degree as an endorsement of Gore’s advocacy areas or political beliefs but as a way to recognize Gore as an accomplished Tennesseean who has received national acclaim. By shying away from awarding honorary degrees to people who are deemed too controversial, “more people would be disqualified from receiving honorary degrees,” Murphy said.

“Not many Tennesseans have received the Nobel Prize – that alone distinguishes Al Gore from many other folks,” Murphy said. “The area of his current advocacy is an area UT and Oak Ridge National Lab have a significant area of expertise, and it’s an area where we need to promote that expertise across the globe. Nothing will do that more than (presenting the honorary degree to Gore).”

And Gore didn’t do a damn thing to earn that gold wrapped chocolate, unless of course, you forget all the lies, cheating, and fudging. He started out sucking off the public teat, and nothing has changed!

See the results, an take the poll here.

Plus, get a handy dandy worthless piece of paper from a university.

Lamar Alexander Can Not Be Trusted!

26 February 2010, 10:35 am. 4 Comments. Filed under Health Care.

I’d say this was a ‘guest post’, but in reality, it’s a copy and paste from Paula, posted on Smart Girl Politics.  :D

The Bill has been referred to Committee.  Is this the plan that they will implement when Obama care fails??  Is this a back up plan?  Why did LAMAR Co-Sponsor a Bill that REQUIRES you to purchase insurance?  That states specifically : Sets forth penalties for failure to enroll?  WE need to Flood his office with Calls – Letters – and Faxes.

S.391 is a Bill introduced by Sen Wyden, Ron [OR] on February 5, last year.  This is a Summary of the Bill:

Title: A bill to provide affordable, guaranteed private health coverage that will make Americans healthier and can never be taken away.

Healthy Americans Act – Requires each adult individual to have the opportunity to purchase a Healthy Americans Private Insurance Plan (HAPI), which is: (1) a plan offered by a state; or (2) an employer-sponsored health coverage plan. Makes individuals who are not enrolled in another specified health plan and who are not opposed to coverage for religious reasons responsible for enrolling themselves and their dependent children in a HAPI plan offered through their state of residence. Sets forth penalties for failure to enroll.

Establishes standardized coverage and state options for HAPI plans. Requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to promulgate guidelines concerning the benefits, items, and services to be covered. Sets forth requirements for setting premiums. Requires the Secretary to establish the Healthy America Advisory Committee to provide annual recommendations concerning modifications to the benefits, items, and services required.

Provides for school-based health centers.

Authorizes states to establish and operate a State Choices for Long-Term Care Program.

Requires the Secretary to establish Chronic Care Education Centers.

Requires states to establish or designate a state Health Help Agency to carry out the administration of HAPI plans and to promote prevention and wellness for residents.

Amends the Internal Revenue Code to require employers and individuals to each make shared responsibility payments for HAPI plan premiums.

Sets forth requirements for health insurance issuers offering a HAPI plan.

Establishes the Healthy Americans Public Health Trust Fund for the payment of: (1) premium subsidies; and (2) bonuses to states for implementing medical malpractice reform.

Terminates federal health benefits coverage, including coverage provided under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

Check out Smart Girl Politics.  There really ARE a lot of ‘smart girls’!

Once Again, Tingles Gets It Wrong

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No, Chris, what it did was make Obama look like a petulant child. Anyone who speaks of that clown in chief, using the words “like God”, isn’t dealing with reality.