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Weasel Time

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Not Gonna Go Away

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Force Captures Taliban Leader, Seizes Weapons

A combined Afghan and international security force captured a Taliban leader and seized multiple weapons in Afghanistan yesterday, military officials reported.

The force searched a series of compounds around the village of Saleh Kheyl in Ghazni province’s Jaghatu district after intelligence confirmed militant activity there. The force captured a Taliban sub-commander and another insurgent responsible for conducting homemade-bomb attacks and ambushes against Afghan and international troops. The force also found multiple weapons.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I get the impression that the Taliban is chuckling at Karzai after he asked them to give up murdering innocent people.  And if memory serves, he was also offering them a seat at the governing table.  Wonder how well that’s gonna work out for him?

Stealing Power

4 February 2010, 9:29 am. 2 Comments. Filed under Feckless Weasels, Opinion, Politics.

When Did the American People Elect Eric Holder Commander in Chief?
The Foundry

Following weeks of strong bipartisan criticism of their handling of terror trials and detainees, Attorney General Eric Holder released a letter yesterday defending the Obama administration’s criminal justice system approach to prosecuting the war against al-Qaeda. Defending his administration’s handling of the Flight 253 terrorist, Holder wrote: “I made the decision to charge Mr. Abdulmutallab with federal crimes, and to seek his detention in connection with those charges, the knowledge of, and with no objection from, all other relevant departments of the government.”

First, this statement directly contradicts the sworn Congressional testimony of Director of National Intelligence Adm. Dennis Blair who, when asked by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) under oath if he had been consulted about how Abdulmutallab should have been interrogated, responded: “I was not consulted.” Under intense political pressure from the White House, Blair has since said his remarks were “misconstrued.” But his politically-pressured retraction was not made under oath. His initial statement was. At the very minimum, Congress must demand that both Holder and Blair testify under oath to settle this contradiction.

Read the rest here.

It seems to me that someone is assuming that Holder would actually tell the truth.  What difference does it make if he’s ‘under oath’.  Didn’t he also take an oath to uphold the Constitution?  As did a few others who have evidently never read the document.  So, seriously, what difference does it make?  When lying comes as natural to some folks as breathing is for the rest of us, then I’d seriously question ANYTHING these people says, whether they are under oath or not.

Welp…you know what they say about assuming…..

Simple Solutions

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Invisible fence at U.S.-Mexico border in real trouble

An ambitious, $6.7 billion government project to secure nearly the entire Mexican border with a “virtual fence” of cameras, ground sensors and radar is in jeopardy after a string of technical glitches and delays.

Having spent $672 million so far with little to show for it, Washington has ordered a reassessment of the whole idea. The outlook became gloomier this week when President Barack Obama proposed cutting $189 million from the venture.

Ultimately, the project could be scaled back dramatically, with the government installing virtual fences along a few segments of the nation’s 2,000-mile southern boundary but dropping plans for any further expansion, officials said.

I could name a few folks, right off the top of my head, that could solve this problem for a lot less money, and be a WHOLE lot more effective!  I’ve been suggesting a few ways to solve the problem myself over the last few years.  Some well placed land mines, gun turrets every 50 yards or so, perhaps some gators in the Rio Grande…..viola!  Problem solved.

I have every right to protect my home from people breaking in to rob me blind.  The border is just a bigger door, being kicked in, by those who have decided we home owners (LEGAL American citizens) should hand over the keys to the house.