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The Most Ethical Congress….EVAH!

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Silly But Funny

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Parental Instructions

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If your young’un comes home from school, instructing YOU what to do….whack his backside, pack his/her bags, and tell him to get a job!

Homework: Get Your Parents To Fill out the Census

The U.S. Census Bureau has launched an aggressive campaign to get school children to influence their parents to participate in the 2010 Census. This is part of a $13 billion national public information effort, and will reach about 56 million students in 118,000 schools. The plan is to disseminate posters, maps, teaching guides and lesson plans to every school in the nation. Schools will have a Census Week shortly before the Census questionnaires are delivered to residential addresses this month. During Census Week, teachers will spend 15 minutes each day talking about civic participation. Extensive lesson plans for grades K-12 are designed to integrate census-related information into subjects such as history and math. The aim is to persuade children to persuade their families to be sure and fill out the census information. Teachers will emphasize the benefits of Census participation. Census population counts will determine how many Members of Congress each state will have in Congress and how much federal money each congressional District will get.

Article 1, Sec.2: (in part)

The actual Enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of ten years, in such manner as they shall by law direct.

For the ill informed, enumeration: to ascertain the number of. You know….count. Like, “Hey…how many people live in your house?”  THIRTEEN BILLION OF OUR TAX DOLLARS! Oh yeah…makes LOADS of sense, doesn’t it!

First off, considering the excessive spending of this administration, and it’s minions in Congress, is this such a wise use of OUR money? What am I saying? NOTHING the federal government does when it comes to spending is “wise”.

Second, contrary to what the liberals in education would like to believe, and are doing their best to accomplish, they are NOT our children’s parents!

The 2010 Census appears to have only 10 questions.  In reality, it only needs ONE:  How many people live in your home? Maybe ages should be included, but I don’t think that’s necessary either.  So, if there are supposedly only 10 questions, what the heck is this?  Whole lot of questions about race, don’t ya think?  (Uh…what happened to the ‘post-racial’?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.)

Housing?  Income?  What does all this have to do with how many people live in this country?  Oh, wait a minute!  There should be one specific question, right at the beginning of this so called census:  Are you a legal resident of the United States of America?  If yes, please continue.  In English.  If answer is no, get your ass back to where you came from!  Do not pass go, do not collect $200!

A Few Facts For The Factless

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I guess that would include a great many in the lame stream media?

Did you know that:


Economic War – Obama Versus The Real World

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So, How’s That Pivot to Jobs Going?
The Foundry

Last week President Barack Obama hosted a seven-and-a-half-hour televised health care summit. This week the President launched his “final” campaign for passage of his health care plan. Next week, President Obama will travel to Missouri and Pennsylvania to continue this “final” effort to jam his unpopular plan through Congress. With this all-health-care-all-the-time White House agenda it seems like eons ago that the Obama administration announced, following the complete rejection of its health care plan in the Massachusetts Senate special election,  that President Obama’s first State of the Union would mark a “pivot” from health care and to a “razor sharp focus on jobs”. So how is that pivot to jobs going? Well, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly jobs report this morning and it showed the U.S. economy shed another 36,000 net jobs last month. Our nation’s unemployment rate is still at 9.7%.

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Common Sense VS Ivory Tower Elites

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Handy Dandy Guide To Big Spending Votes

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Yep, it’s finally here.  A guide to every member of the House of Representatives’ voting record on HUGE spending bills.  Take a look at how your state’s rep is voting on the bills a vast majority of folks have decried for the past two years.

Since we live in Tennessee, I have a screen shot of those from our state.  (Go look up your own state. :P )

I found this useful little guide through this story from World Net Daily.

You asked for it! The big-spender scorecard
Find out right now which ‘bums’ supported bailouts, cap and trade, health ‘reform’

Tea partiers now have a new, simple guide for when they have questions about how their lawmakers voted on controversial measures such as the TARP bill, auto bailout, cap and trade, food regulations and health-care reform bill.

A new congressional scorecard details votes by House members on key measures, many of which have been cited by the tea-party movement as evidence of growing federal government control and excessive spending.

The scorecard, created by Army Reserve veteran Dave Kittley using information from, also features a red label next to each member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, or CPC, the largest caucus within the Democratic caucus in Congress.

I, for one, appreciate all the work that must have gone into pulling this chart together.  Puts thing is a much clearer perspective, IMHO.

CPC was set up in 1991 by then-Rep. Bernie Sanders, in conjunction with Democratic Socialists of America and the far left Institute for Policy Studies. Its statement of purpose reads:

“The Progressive Caucus is organized around the principles of social and economic justice, a non-discriminatory society and national priorities which represent the interests of all people, not just the wealthy and the powerful.

Our purpose is to present thoughtful, practical solutions to the economic and social problems facing America. Our people-based agenda extends from job creation to job training, to economic conversion, to single payer healthcare reform, to adequate funding for the AIDS crisis, to environmental reform, and to women’s rights. …”

The CPC promotes a strong “progressive agenda,” what it calls “The Progressive Promise – Fairness for All.”

So, what we have here is a “congress” inside the Congress, pushing socialist agendas?  Note that “in conjunction with Democratic Socialists of America” part.  Want a REAL “education, check out their ‘youth’ newsletter, THE RED LETTER.  And these are the people PUSHING the agenda?  Anyone else want to tell me there is no socialist take over going on???  Lock and load!

You can read the rest of the piece here, and come to your own conclusions.  There is a pretty good round up, touching on what each of the bills in question covers.

Some Things Are NOT “Right”

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A College Degree Is Not A Human Right!
by J. D. Longstreet

Whether you want to admit it or not, there are some people who have absolutely no business going to college.

Back in the day, there were “trade schools.” There were schools where certain trades were taught. If a young person wanted to be, oh, say, an auto mechanic, the school would teach them the fundamentals and depending upon the school, much, much, more. It set the student on a path, in his or her young life that would ensure them a trade from which they could make a living, support a family, and contribute to their community. Trade schools were GOOD things.

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A Quiet Moment, In the Middle Of The Night

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We must be hurt in order to grow,
We must fail in order to know,
We must lose in order to gain.
Some Lessons are learned best only through pain.

Our vision clears only after our eyes are washed with tears.
We have to be broken, so we can be tender,
We are sick so we can rest and think better on things more important than
work or fun,
We are taken for trip near death, so we can assess how we’ve run.

We have to suffer lack, so we can know God’s provision,
We have to feel anothers pain, so we can have a sense of mission.
So take heart, if you don’t understand today,
Instead of grumbling, ask God what He means to say,
In order to learn you must endure, and learn to see the bigger picture.
In order to grow, you must stand and look beyond the hurt,
Trust in God’s loving hand that takes what is Good, and gives what is Best,
And on this blessed thought, rest your anxious heart with all the questions,
God’s hand only gives what his loving heart dictates,

The Lord calms the storm,

He lets the storm rage… and calms His child…
Better go through the storm with Him,
Than smooth waters without Him…

Thinking of the family of Texas Fred, and offering prayers for Brook.

Shared by Jerry.