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The BIG Parade

21 March 2010, 12:33 am. Comments Off. Filed under Travel.

Jackson celebrates 28th year of St. Paddy’s Parade

The 2010 edition rolled with the theme “It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green,” and boasted a 30-foot-tall inflatable Kermit the Frog as its grand marshal.

The unique event often toasts Mississippi endeavors (state native and Muppets creator Jim Henson this year) and also serves as a fun public venue for political wit and outrageous costuming.

There was a theme? Uh…. ok. :D  Being towards the end, I had no idea.  I sure didn’t see any 30 foot frog!  :?

Anyway, we headed on over to the hotel to catch a coach with THOUSANDS of other Sweet Potato Queens, “virgins”, like us, and “sluts” (repeat attendees), alike. What a hoot! I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves!

But first, this would be all of us, before we got on the coach, and long before exhaustion set in. :D

Waiting around to board the coach pics:

Yep, there he is again. What a riot! Heh!

Lining up, and waiting around:

We were all starting to get a mite tuckered. Standing around for an hour or so, waiting to walk, is quite tiring. By this time, I had my tutu clad hind end (which everyone insisted I wear again) firmly planted on the pavement.  Someone’s got a picture of it, but…

And then, the beginning of the parade passed by us.

Seems I missed the shot of the dog riding monkeys. :?

Now, while this was more fun than I imagined it would be, I have one MAJOR complaint. The same complaint as a LARGE number of the other women walking in the parade with the Sweet Potato Queens. Security…of the LACK of! While there were barriers, it seems that some folks…no…make that a LOT of people…. ignored them. Honestly, it got down right scary for all of us, at one time or another. Shouldn’t there be more than just enough room for 2 people to squeeze through on a four lane street? Well, I would have thought so. There was a great deal of alcohol being consumed on the streets, and evidently, stupidity goes right along with said consumption. Where were the cops? They sure weren’t in evidence for a great deal of the parade route. I have to tell you, it’s more than a little disconcerting when someone reaches out and grabs you! While many were quite polite, a great number were not. Some just wanted pictures taken with us, but other wanted the clothing off our backs! One male type was actually exposing himself!

On the whole, it was a lot of fun. Certain incidents SHOULD have been prevented. We’d like to do this again next year, but they damn sure better provide better security for the participants!

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