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Has The Flood Gate Been Opened?

8 April 2010, 5:54 pm. 2 Comments. Filed under ACLU, Crime, Opinion, Religion of Pieces, The ONE.

Muslim scholar visits U.S. after travel ban lifted

A leading Muslim scholar, in the United States for the first time in six years after the Obama administration lifted a travel ban on him, says he will not shy away from criticizing the president whose policies finally allowed him to visit.

Gracious sakes. A travel ban on a “muslim scholar”. What could that be all about? Better question: Who would lift such a ban?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lifted the ban on Ramadan in January.

I’m sure she did this all on her own, right? And D’Bama had nothing to do with it, what so ever!  Wonder when they are going take the bounty off Osama/Usama bin Laden’s head?

So, what’s the big deal about this guy? Danial Pipes clued us in back in 2004:

He is Islamist royalty – his maternal grandfather, Hasan al-Banna, founded the Muslim Brotherhood, probably the single most powerful Islamist institution of the twentieth century, in Egypt in 1928.

Ok, but just because your grandfather was fairly evil, does that mean you followed in his footsteps?

A DHS spokesman, Russ Knocke, later explained this had been done in accord with a law that denies entry to aliens who have used a “position of prominence within any country to endorse or espouse terrorist activity.”

What would make the Bush administration think this guy would have anything to do with terrorism? Perhaps it had something to do with his donations to a group called Association de Secours Palestinien? Do a Google search on this organization and you’ll come up with an entry from the U.S. Treasury – Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence.

Background: Commite de Bienfaisance et de Secours aux Palestiniens (CBSP) and Association de Secours Palestinien (ASP) are primary fundraisers for HAMAS in France and Switzerland, respectively. Founded in France in the late 80s/early 90s, like other HAMAS-affiliated charities, CBSP acts in collaboration with more than a dozen humanitarian organizations based in different towns in the West Bank and Gaza and in Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. ASP, a subsidiary of CBSP, was founded in Switzerland in 1994. The group has collected large amounts of money from mosques and Islamic centers, which it then transfers to sub-organizations of HAMAS. Khalid Al-Shuli (designated under Executive Order 13224 on August 22, 2003) is the president of CBSP and ASP.

Association for Palestinian Aid
Palestine Relief Committee
Palestinian Aid Council
Palestinian Aid Organization
Palestinian Relief Society
Relief Association for Palestine

I’m a little confused. Although, perhaps, I shouldn’t be, considering who is in the White House now.  The man contributed to a front group for terrorists, and everything is honky dory now?

“I have been in a peaceful mind for the last six years because I knew my record was clear,” Ramadan said. “Now this story is over. The Bush administration is over, so is my case.”

Yep.  Now that Bush is out of office, no doubt, we’ll be seeing all kinds of terror supporters just invited right on in.

“In the United States of America, I’m an academic. I shouldn’t have to say who I am going to speak to and what I am going to speak about,” he said.

‘Academic’ these days doesn’t mean a whole lot, IMHO. It just means that someone can go make a speech at some so called institution of higher learning, and spew the most vile condemnation of the U.S., and the young minds, full of mush, will cheer.

The American Civil Liberties Union championed Ramadan’s case as part of a pattern of scholars being excluded due to unwarranted or unspecified U.S. national security grounds.

What a shocker! The ACLU, completely misnamed, works real hard to undermine the security of the nation. Seriously, why would an organization, supposedly working for AMERICAN’S civil liberties, be so concerned with a terror supporter?


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  1. Patrick Dorwin. 9 April 2010, 5:09 am

    They let him in, but Israeli scientists? Not so much

  2. olbroad. 9 April 2010, 9:13 am

    Yeah, we’ve got a real prize on our hands, don’t we.  Instead of kids saying “are we there yet…are we there yet….are we there yet?”,  it’s the grownups asking “is he gone yet….is he gone yet….is he gone yet????”