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Less Than 4 Weeks Later

28 May 2010, 7:48 pm. Comments Off. Filed under Tennessee.

The Mr and I decided to go to downtown to have dinner.  Wasn’t really sure what to expect after the devastation less than a month ago.

See that brick building on the right, with the green roof?  We were standing on the other side of it when I took this picture:

Imagine our surprise to find, even though a great many businesses and restaurants were flooded, darn near every single one of them were open for business.  This is how it works!  Bad things happen, people pull together, and problems are solved.  No one is sitting on their thumbs waiting, expecting someone to ‘take care of them’!  No one is blaming anyone for the results of a weather related disaster.  They are getting their act together, and moving forward.

There is still much to do in the area.  People are still hurting, and will be for a long time.  Homes destroyed, everything lost, but people all across Tennessee haven’t forgotten.  Churches across the state are still collecting clothing and household goods to give aid.

A tough breed, these Tennesseans!

Oh…… by the way, we’re in Nashville.  :D  Get your tickets, then get your hinder here, and join us for a great evening!

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