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Censorship in Tennessee

8 June 2010, 7:17 pm. Comments Off. Filed under 1st Amendment, Religion of Pieces.

It may not be illegal, but it reeks of censorship
by Gadi Adelman

Censorship of views which are found “offensive” to certain groups is usually found in large sprawling cities, but in Tennessee too, it seems, freedom of speech is under threat.

The Rutherford Reader is a family-owned ,family-operated weekly publication that has been in business since August 3, 2000. The Reader, as it is known, is based out of Murfreesboro, TN a city of just over 100,000 people, which is part of the Nashville, TN. metropolitan area. It is a free weekly newspaper published by Pete Doughtie.

Since The Reader is a free weekly paper they often publish articles from other sources, and lately many of my articles have been featured on the front page each week with permission.

The paper is circulated by Distributech throughout the Rutherford County, TN area to various businesses. One of the locations where Distributech has newspaper racks is Kroger, the national grocery chain.

On Monday, May 10 Pete Doughtie received a phone call from Distributech representative, Rodney Barton, informing him that as of Friday, May 14, that they were no longer going to allow The Reader to use their racks.

When Doughtie asked for what reason, Barton’s reply was “because of the hate speech stories you print about Muslims and Islam.” At that point, Barton was asked to show Doughtie one issue containing hate speech and Barton ignored the request.

Read the whole column here.

Private companies are free to do what they please, well, mostly, but if they don’t want to appear biased in their decision to remove a free paper, all due to one complaint, they should really remove ALL papers, free or not. Just sayin’. Read the column, it’s quite interesting.

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