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Booze and Food

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New TN law expected to ease food mandate for bars

A decades-old law meant to discourage bars in Tennessee may quietly fall by the wayside, as Gov. Phil Bredesen is set to sign legislation that reduces how much food restaurants have to sell to get a liquor license.

When we first moved to Tennessee, I found this one of the more odd laws in the state.

The measure sets the minimum amount of food they have to sell to qualify for a liquor license to at least 15 percent of their revenues. Existing law doesn’t have a numerical standard, but says selling food has to be primary purpose of an establishment. State law does recognize bars.

In other words, there are no bars in the state, just restaurants that serve booze. Where’s the logic in that?

“It’s a step in the right direction,” said Ruble Sanderson, co-owner of The Stage, Legends Corner and two other downtown music venues. “The whole thing has been absurd for years.”

Ditto. AND…on the plus side….perhaps more of these places will be ONLY 21 and up so the grown ups can smoke. :D

The measure centers on a clause in the 1967 law that authorized sales of liquor by the drink in Tennessee for the first time since Prohibition. It says serving meals must be “the principal business conducted each day the restaurant is open.”

Talk about serious delayed reaction. This is a terrific state, but some of the laws are, shall we say, a bit out dated? Well, it might have something to do with the strong Southern Baptist influence, but still….that was over 40 years ago. There are a LOT of college students in Nashville, along with all those tourists.

Many Nashville bars and clubs routinely run afoul of the requirement, paying a fine of about $1,500 a month to stay in business.

You can’t force people to buy food if they don’t want it!

Earlier this year, the ABC appeared to clamp down on the food-service requirement more firmly, voting to suspend the license of one Second Avenue bar, Buck Wild Saloon, for 90 days for repeated violations. ABC also stepped up audits, telling establishments that they needed to derive at least half of their income from food sales to meet the law, according to some owners.

I repeat…. You can NOT force people to buy food, if the reason they are in the place is to get soused!  Punishing a business for not being able to push food on people who don’t want it, is just plain silly.

I Miss That Hair

24 June 2010, 2:18 pm. 6 Comments. Filed under Friends & Family, Just Cuz.

Was in Thailand at an elephant soccer game.  Had a big butt even back then.  sigh…

Come to think of it, I’ve been missing that bod for quite a few years….er decades. :(

Yes, that is a commie flag on the wall.  It was NOT my house!

(Ok, I’ve got to get better cuz I’m making up ways to stay occupied!  The finger is working ok, but the brain just can’t get into current events.  It all sucks.  :? )

Brat is not happy I’m posting pictures on her Facebook page!  heh heh heh

And here is our dance recital in kindergarten.  I think we were four or five?

Good grief!  What our mothers did to our hair!  Don’t miss THAT ‘do!

And oh yes, mustn’t forget this picture of the Mr and me in Jamaica I finally got around to scanning.  :D

Very Scary

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Hey….I was 3! Gimme a break! :P

REAL Bad Idea, Obama!

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Obama to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Aliens by Executive Order?
by J. D. Longstreet

A snippet:

Rumors are flying and tempers are flaring in Washington, DC as rumors that President Obama intends to grant amnesty to nearly 20 million illegal aliens, already residing within the United States, with the stroke of his pen. It would take the form of a Presidential Executive Order. Outrage is spreading among the legal citizens of the US with the rapidity of a prairie fire in August.

Read the whole post here.

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Barack Hussein Obama.  I was willing to give him a chance.  I did my best to remain open minded.  Well, he shut it pretty quick, and did not merit a ‘chance’.  I’ve never seen such an incompetent, totally lacking in common sense, or any leadership skills whatsoever.  The health care fiasco, the numerous ‘stimulus’, the push to socialism is not the “change” the majority of Americans thought they would be getting.  Oh, he’s changed the country alright…into something those of us who are long past generation X don’t recognize.

Since the majority of Americans do NOT want amnesty for millions of criminals, and Congress knows their jobs are at stake, Obama decides to sidestep the political process, again, and shove it down our throats.  He refuses to enforce the federal law and is planning on suing a state over the law that would do the job the feds won’t do.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Well, this child has NOT upheld this oath. He’s turned the Constitution into toilet paper, and at every turn, thumbed his nose at WE, The People. In the 18 months he’s been the occupant of the Oval Office, he has decided the American people mean nothing, and the security of this nation is irrelevant. We aren’t compatible with Obama’s political agenda.

He’s giving the American people reason to seek impeachment.

Glenn Beck 06/23/10 – History of Unions

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