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ZoNation Talks Representation

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Weasel Time

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A Few Items That Caught My Attention

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No loss.

I don’t remember kids being THIS stupid:?

How long before they go beyond companies and start ‘monitoring‘ us peons?

Seriously, who cares?

BP shafting those “small people” they claim to care so much about?

Religion of peace, eh?  Having a real hard time imagining the Baptists blowing up the Pentecostals.

Is he really that stupid, or does he just play stupid on TV?  Hmm… Probably thinks WE are that stupid.

Gee, y’think?

For some reason, terrorists and Norway just don’t click.

Just because “he had a mental problem” doesn’t mean he should have been out running the streets, especially with 21 arrests!  Prayers with the family of the slain officer.

She really shouldn’t brag about wasting taxpayer money.

Nice of D’Bama to ALLOW folks to buy flood insurance.  :?

Even old folks should keep it in their pouch!

Paid MUCH More…..Worth MUCH Less

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Federal Government Overpaid $47 Billion a Year
The Foundry

Today, the White House is launching its second annual SAVE Award, which encourages federal employees to submit ideas on how to save taxpayer dollars. Federal employees will be able to rank the submissions submitted by colleagues, and then the general public will be able to vote on the top submissions later this year. Last year’s contest generated more than 38,000 submissions from government employees and more than 84,000 votes. Last year’s winner? A Department of Veterans Affairs employee from Colorado who suggested that VA medical centers should permit patients to take home extra bandages and medication when they are discharged. Estimated savings: $14.5 million by 2014. Not bad. But we have a better idea. How about paying federal employees what they would be worth in the private sector? Potential savings: $47 billion a year.

Read on…

Can I Have One?

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Can I can I can I….huh huh…..can I???? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze??

Hey….I need all the help I can get!  :P

Glenn Beck 07/07/10

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