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Gee, Y’mean He LIED?

20 July 2010, 9:48 am. 8 Comments. Filed under Opinion.

White House Admits Obamacare’s Individual Mandate is a Tax
The Foundry

Throughout his presidential campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama promised the American people: “If you’re a family that’s making $250,000 a year or less, you will see no increase in your taxes.” After he became President, Barack Obama reiterated that pledge, promising the American people in his September 9th health care press conference: “The middle-class will realize greater security, not higher taxes.” But Obamacare does contain tax hikes. Tons of them. From taxes on tanning beds to taxes on employment and investments, Obamacare is a certified job-killing machine.

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Glenn Beck 07/19/10

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